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460 / 07-06-2023


069d7e6 android: audio_core: sink_stream: Remove unnecessary check. ----- cb95d7f Merge pull request #10508 from yuzu-emu/lime ----- 0369964 Merge pull request #10633 from t895/variable-surface-ratio ----- dc2a0b2 Merge pull request #10578 from PabloG02/lime-firmware&logs ----- e1078ec android: HomeSettingsFragment: Use string resource for -Share log-. ----- c8b91b3 android: Use a custom view for changing emulation aspect ratio ----- db7b106 Merge pull request #10611 from liamwhite/audio-deadlock ----- 71766f3 Merge pull request #10618 from t895/licenses ----- 409ff26 Address feedback ----- cba5865 android: Create licenses page ----- ----- ----- See More ----- 2f7658b Merge pull request #10613 from t895/settings-changes ----- 7831943 Merge pull request #10622 from t895/load-settings ----- 5e58af0 android: Move settings to debug submenu ----- 0078f97 android: Load settings at the start of each activity ----- e6fce1c Merge pull request #10594 from liamwhite/double-patch ----- 3733187 Attempt to move the unzip coroutine to a ViewModel ----- 72597b8 android: update strings ----- 8713c44 android: add option to share log ----- 5435f0b android: add option to install firmware ----- 19674ec android: move unzip function to FileUtil and use SecurityException ----- 5de8c5b android: Several string changes ----- e96a3a1 audio_renderer: resolve adsp thread deadlock shutdown ----- e804f24 Merge pull request #10605 from 8bitDream/kotlin ----- 00a391c android: Resolve a couple Gradle warnings ----- 42074dc Merge pull request #10595 from 8bitDream/deprecated ----- cfa8bec android: Add support f


0.0.28-15143 / 07-06-2023


input: fix pad profile override with existing custom pad configs


7268ca8 / 07-06-2023


modules/sceJpegUser: Improved YUV format compatibility


PEA-3645 / 07-06-2023


fsp-srv: avoid patching romfs multiple times ----- vfs: add vfs_cached for romfs build ----- host_memory: merge adjacent placeholder mappings on Linux ----- Fix incorrect syncpt id bounds check and potential out of bounds lookup ----- CopyFFmpegDeps: Update variable name ----- yuzu: Disable game list while game is ru


5.0-19552 / 07-06-2023


Remove old GCC version workarounds (PR #11081 from Minty-Meeo)


1.0.1700 / 07-06-2023


Merge branch 'master' of


cbd4214 / 07-06-2023


Commits. Fix visible tile check for alternate tilemap lines [ywy] (dinkc64)

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