Development Builds

265 / 25-05-2020


​It's an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra. Yuzu has an impressive development pace and certain games are even fully playable, albeit not without glitches or slowdowns.

#280 / 25-05-2020


XQEMU is an open-source, cross-platform, low-level system emulator for the original Xbox and Sega Chihiro, forked from QEMU project. Its still in experimental state, a such audio does not work, graphics are slow and buggy...

1.0.2168 / 25-05-2020


Xenia is an open source research project for emulating Xbox 360 games on modern PCs.Its progressing well and being developed actively...

4233-3541 / 25-05-2020


Vita3K is an open-source writing in in C++ emulator which is still in experimental state. It can run a very limited amount of commercial games and homebrews, but not yet perfectly...

37886 / 25-05-2020


VICE is a multi-platform, open-source program that emulates the C64, C64DTV, C128, VIC20, practically all PET models, PLUS4 and CBM-II (aka C610/C510)...

1.0.4623 / 25-05-2020


Its an experimental open-source Nintendo Switch emulator/debugger programmed in C#. It aims to offer good performance, a friendly interface, and consistent development build releases. Due to its early development state, it has not yet had a stable release. 

0.0.10-10428 / 25-05-2020


RPCS3 is an experimental open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger. It began development in 2011 using C++ programming language while rendering with OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX 12.

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