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Development Build Releases

These are experimental and mainly intended for testing

Avocado, Dolphin, DuckStation, FBNeo, Higan, JPCSP, mGBA, PCSX2, Play!, RPCS3, Ryujinx, VICE, Vita3K, Xenia, xemu, Yuzu

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Latest Official Releases

These stable releases are intended for everyday usage


0.18b3 WIP2 / 24-11-2020

DSP is an open-source emulator which emulates multiple arcade machines, Spectrum, Phoenix, CPC, Colecovision and more..


4.5.0 beta11 / 23-11-2020

WinUAE is a Commodore emulator for Windows covering A500, A500+, A600, A1000, A2000, A1200, CD32, CDTV, A3000, A3000T, A4000 and A4000T...


4.0 test-21 / 23-11-2020

Altirra is a full cycle-exact emulation of all documented hardware features for the Atari 400/800, 1200XL, 600/800XL, 130XE, XEGS, and 5200 systems...


2.0dev / 22-11-2020

Z64K runs on any platform with an updated Java Runtime Environment installed. It runs multiple computing devices such as Atari 2600, Commodore 64, CIA 6522/6522a, Commodore 128, Z80 processor emulation though not 100% cycle accurate, VIC 20...

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