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0.0.3 / 13-04-2024





average rating is 3.2 out of 5
average rating is 3.3 out of 5
average rating is 3.1 out of 5

Suyu originates from Yuzu (EA 4176) and resumes development at the pace of its predecessor. As such, it is open-source and written in C++ with portability in mind. Its compatibility, speed, features are pretty much on par with when Yuzu was shut down. As such, most commercial games are fully playable, albeit not without glitches or slowdowns. 

Note: Suyu requires all keys to be user provided, along with the firmware...


Windows: 64-bit only

Linux: 64-bit only

Mac OS: ARM only (for Suyu)


  • Preliminary fix for fw 18.0.0

  • Preliminary fix for Princess Peach: Showtime

  • Fix NROs crashing and loading infinitely

  • Fix issue #94

  • Increase Limit ( FSR Sharp , AUDIO ) Android


  • Full rebrand

  • ICNS Icon generation

  • Error handling

  • Qlaunch initial integration(buggy/requires further testing; requires V17.0.0 firmware or newer)

  • Gitlab ci for automated builds

  • Require all keys to be user provided, along with firmware

  • Improved Addons Manager

  • Various crash fixes

  • Initial work for MacOS support

  • Fix for video playback AMD devices

  • Enabled more features on AMD proprietary drivers

  • Multiplayer API re-implemented

  • Removed all telemetry

  • New UI options/improvements

  • QOL changes

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