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0.12 Preview R33 / 06-06-2024





average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 3.8 out of 5
average rating is 3.1 out of 5

SSF is a closed-source emulator known for its high compatibility and considered to be superior to Yabause and Mednafen. It's able to run most Saturn games without issues, but requires mounting ISO files in a virtual drive. To raise compatibility, you can try with "No Bios" enabled or disabled, and you'll want to start with the MaxCompatibility (slow) option, then try with the faster options (which doesn't always work).

SSF requires either an external virtual drive or a specific loader to read disc images. Close and restart the emulator (as it says in the Japanese dialogue popup appearing) whenever you modify the options for them to take effect. There also exist a Drag & Drop Loader made by a third-party which can be found here.

Even though it has a "No Bios" option, you'll sometimes need the BIOS files, of course specifying the correct region in the options.The emulator has a certain amount of input lag, though suggested solutions are to disable V-sync (emulator settings, causes tearing) and enable "VDP2 RAM write timing".


Windows: XP+ & 64-bit

GPU:  Direct X 9.0c+

Most Recent Changes


  • Somes fixes (translated)



  • Bitmap processing of rotating surfaces has been corrected.

  • Solvais loading screens etc. are now normal.

  • SH2 process has been corrected.

  • X-MEN VS STREETFIGHTER no longer crashes.

  • Bus weight processing has been fixed.

  • The phenomenon that sometimes caused processing crashes in YUMIMIMIX REMIX etc. has been fixed.

  • Somes fixes


  • Additional Fixes (translated)


  • More Fixes (translated)


  • Some Fixes (translated)


  • Fixed a bug around the shader

  • I tried not to kill it even if the mouse cooperation level could not be set. The mouse coordination level seems to be the cause of an error on the UMPC, so if an error occurs, the mouse is disabled.


  • Somes fixes


  • Fixed drawing bug I tried to use VFW for recording

  • Additional bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug in sound recording


  • After fixing the sprite drawing, there was a problem with the drawing of the rotating surface in GPU rendering, so it has been fixed.

  • It was inconvenient not to be able to set SSF.ini (default value) when starting the game, so I provided an option. If you check it, it will also be saved in SSF.ini.


  • Added Restart to modification menu and function keys around drawing

  • Also, Drag & Drop is also implemented casually. If you insert the CUE file into the window, it will restart. This operation is a little subtle..


The minor changes are that if you change the CD image as an option, it will restart automatically ...


I've removed the full screen and you can use the borderless window instead  Switch to borderless window with F12


Only fix fatal bugs and change default settings


Default is GPU rendering. If you get an error related to D3D11, [Program1] in SSF.ini-> Try setting GPU Rendering to 

I made GPU rendering the default  Since the number of software whose drawing is suspicious in GPU rendering has become very small ...  Only some software, such as The Tower, requires software rendering

Show Previous Changes


- Fixed the problem of noise during single sample decoding of PCM

- Since the drawing clock has been adjusted, please delete the setting file at once or delete the Program5 item in the file.

= Android version update ver.0.20 is the same as R18 v8.

Somes fixes

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