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1.1 / 17-11-2022

Scanlines for Windows




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S4W is an open source small app that works as an overlay and allows you to add scanlines on PC games, emulators, frontends in a unified way. It should work regardless if the program offer scanlines or not. It's recommended to watch this video to understanding how to set it up.


Most Recent Changes


1/ Layer system

(Add Bezel/CRT + Scanlines or combine two scanlines files)

2/ Antialiasing

3/ Delete Button

Press button to delete a saved profile

You also can use "save.txt" to do it.

Just delete the line you need except default profile or you'll get an error message too.

To reset default profile Copy and Replace first line by: " Default?||None|None|10|10| "  inside "save.txt"

Remove "save.txt" file to fix error message, this will completely reset S4W but you'll lost all your saved profiles

4/ Shortcuts :

(switch png's and set opacity for both layer directly when S4W is applied)


- Switch png (Layer 1)

- Switch png (Layer 2)

- Adjust Opacity (Layer 1)

- Adjust Opacity (Layer 2)

- Save Changes

- Replace keys by using .ini Keys list link

5/ Bug Fix

- Several S4W.exe processes in the task manager

- You can no longer launch and accumulate S4W several times

- Message boxes languages were inverted


  • Initial Release

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