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3.7.1 / 11-05-2024





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RomVault is a GUI-based rom management tool and can be seen as an alternative to Clrmame Pro with additional features at managing large numbers of DAT and/or Roms in a more streamlined process. 


With the release of ROMVault V3.4.1 DatVault has been updated with a new UI to enable updating many of your Dats with just a couple of clicks. (DatVault helps support the development of ROMVault by being available through a Patron subscription.) A couple of other Bugs have also been fixed in V3.4.1 the 7z cache has been improved, and a couple of UI crashes have been resolved.

Most Recent Changes


Feature Updates

  • Added support for using Category subdirectories in combination with Single Archive

  • Added an option to opt out of crash reporting in global settings

  • Enhanced the fixing logic for renames to avoid potential race conditions with case sensitive filesystems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occured when Single Archive option was used with DATs that contained CHDs

  • Fixed a crash due to processing corrupt 7z archives in ToSort

  • Fixed a startup crash when more than 32 CPU cores are detected

  • Fixed a bug that caused the status log to close after a fix was complete when using the “scan, find, fix” shortcut

  • Updated the default setting for Max ZSTD Workers to “Auto”

  • Added a missing status when a file needs to be deleted but its flagged as MIA in the DAT


Feature Updates

  • Added new structured archive formats for zstd Zip/7z and TDC (Total DOS Collection) Zip

  • Added the ability to raw copy zstd compressed files between archives

  • Added raw copy functionality to and from 7z archives

  • Added decompression support for several 7z compression filters

  • Added support for DATs with timestamps (E.g. TDC)

  • Added modified Date/Time to the Game List grid

  • Added new graphics for the Game List grid to show current and preferred storage type

  • Added multithreaded zstd compression options to Global Settings

  • Added a Dark Mode toggle in Global Settings

  • Enhanced ZipMove to work with zstd zip and 7z archives

  • Enhanced ZipMove to work with TDC zip archives

  • Enhanced archive fixing logic to use a priority system to pick the most efficient source for a fix

  • Enhanced archive fixing logic so that 0-byte files are not prematurely deleted which would prevent ZipMove

  • Improved performance of handling 0-byte files

  • Improved error reporting

  • Rebranded trrntzipUI to SAM (Structured Archive Maker) and added new zstd archive options

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the DatRoot folder was missing and you attempted to add a directory from the DatVault UI

  • Fixed a crash when ZipMove was wused on a set with NotCollected ROMs

  • Fixed a crash related to the category reorder buttons

  • Fixed a crash when loading old ROM Center DATs

  • Fixed an issue related codepage 437 to better support lower ASCII values (lower than 32)

  • Fixed an issue with reading some DATs generated by FB Alpha

  • Fixed an issue that could result in duplicate directory rules in the cache file

  • Fixed an issue where repacking zips in a ToSort would modify the timestamps of the contents


Quick bug fix release: Stopped rv7z files recompressing for no good reason, and added some missing icons in the rom grid


Feature Updates

  • Enhanced the Directory Mapping window to highlight non-existent directories in red

Bug Fixes

  • Added checks to ensure directory exists while creating a directory mapping

  • Fixed the DAT XML loader to load non-standard characters in XML

  • Fixed a DatVault crash that could occur on startup

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding directory mappings


Feature Updates

  • Split Directory Settings into Directory Mappings and DAT Rules for greater flexibility

  • Added a new Single Archive directory setting to use subdirectories only if a set contains multiple roms or a rom/set name mismatch (Great for archiving TOSEC with shorter paths)

  • Added a new DAT Rule to use category tag values as subdirectories (Most useful for Redump DATs)

  • Added the ability to prioritize categories for subdirectories in case the DAT contains multiple for a partiular set (Common with No-Intro)

  • Added a global setting to delete previous cue packs downloaded by DatVault

  • Added a Modified Date column to the Game List and ROM Details grids

  • Added a context menu to the Game List grid (Shift + Right-click) which includes re-scanning options and opening a directory, archive, or No-Intro game details webpage

  • Added support for new CHD compression codecs, ZSTD and CDZS

  • Updated the Game List grid to hide the Description column if there is nothing to display

  • Updated the “old DAT cleanup” function to also remove empty directories in the DATRoot

  • Updated the layout of the global settings section

  • Improved performance of deleting cue files downloaded from DatVault

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to path and filename lengths

  • Fixed an issue with scanning archives with the Shrink compression method

  • Fixed an issue where corrupt CHDs would freeze the scanning process

  • Fixed an issue where corrupt CHDs could be marked as good after a Level 1 then Level 2 scan

  • Fixed a scanning performance issue with v1 CHDs

  • Fixed an issue where MIA status was not reflected when using the “Merged” merge type

  • Fixed an issue where Tree Presets could cause a crash

  • Fixed an issue where directories created by RomVault during a fix did not have modified time stored in the cache


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak issue that could occur when scanning CHDs with a large cache

  • Fixed a CHD scanning performance issue which increased CHD verification speed by 3-4x compared to chdman.exe

  • Fixed an error due to a missing status combination involving the “keep only complete sets” feature


Feature Updates

  • Added a new directory setting for “Only keep complete sets” which will prevent incomplete sets from being stored in your RomRoot (No more cue-only sets!)

  • Added a new directory setting for “Use ID for numbered DAT names” which will prefix the set name with the release ID (Primarily used for No-Intro DATs)

  • Added a new default fix status icon for “Rename”

  • Enhanced CHD verification by removing the chdman.exe dependency and increasing verification speed by 3-4x

  • Enhanced ZipMove functionality so that the best partially complete archive is used if there is no complete archive

  • Enhanced the scanning logic so some errors are logged without halting the scanning process (E.g. locked files)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a threading issue where loading the DATVault UI could crash RomVault on Linux

  • Fixed the display of DATVault checkboxes on Linux

  • Fixed several missing text issues on Linux

  • Fixed an issue where header skipper definitions for lynx.xml and a7800.xml were not recognized

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate directories could be stored in the cache due to case sensitivity mismatches

  • Fixed an issue where MIA flags were missing from fixDATs

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from being able to re-add the default relative ToSort directory if deleted

  • Fixed a “HDERR_READ_ERROR” crash that could occur when a corrupt CHD is scanned

  • Fixed a “Missing files cannot have alt values” crash that could occur if a CHD has incompatible permissions

  • Fixed a “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” error that could occur with DATVault if the user had an unusual combination of the system date format and region

  • Fixed a “Unknown Tree settings in DisplayTree” error which would prevent the user from being able to update DATs without a full refresh


New Features

  • Add a way to purge old DATs

  • Filter for MIA ROMs

  • Create default directories for new setups (DatRoot, RomRoot, ToSort)

  • Handle locked files better during scanning

Bug Fixes

  • Empty directories and 0 byte files are deleted from locked branches and ToSorts

  • DatVault can throw invalid JSON error

  • Missing status for "In DAT merged, delete" in ROM details grid

  • FixDATs are missing MIA flags

  • CMP DATs are interpreted with incorrect character encoding

  • Crash occurs if a RV temp archive cannot be deleted

  • Crash occurs when generating Fix DATs for directories using Single Archive

  • Cache can become unstable and trigger errors on every change

  • Corrupt CHDs lose their corrupt status

  • Some edge case statuses are missing images

  • DATs with single archive directory settings are reprocessed on every DAT update

  • Registration window uses default icon in task bar

  • Elevated RAM usage after refreshing all DATs

  • Files can be stuck in a "cyan" state until rescan

  • Crash occurs when moving a file open by another process

  • Readable corrupt zips that require fixes cause repeated errors

  • DatVault can load with no Groups displayed, refresh causes crash

  • Missing ROMs from "Single Archives" are included as orphaned ROMs in the wrong FixDAT

  • The "In DAT merged, move to ToSort" scenario displays a broken image in ROM details grid

  • Crash occurs if a RV temp archive is open by another process during a rename

  • Crash occurs during Full DAT creation if DAT has missing rom names

  • Crash can occur during a cache backup if not enough space

  • ZipMove is sometimes not used if the archive to be moved contains a 0 byte file

  • Fixes from 7z archives to Uncompressed sets do not use the 7z cache

  • The Compress action is missing the filesize in the fixing status log

  • The “_0” is inserted into the incorrect place to avoid naming conflicts if the set name contains periods

  • Ampersand characters in the directory settings Dir Location are not displayed

  • Recompressing to RV7Z shows a status of TrrntZipping in the status log

  • An unaccounted for combination of ROM statuses can occur during a fix and throw an error

  • A filesystem error occurs if RomVault tries to ZipMove an archive while it is open in another application


Feature Updates

  • Added experimental support for Dark Mode, enabled with a RomVault3cfg.xml flag (<Darkness>true</Darkness>)

  • Added TorrentZipUI into the RomVault interface, accessible via the Help menu

  • Added the ability for anyone (not just DatVault users) to submit “MIA Found” info to DatVault

  • Added a new setting to send “MIA Found” information anonymously

  • Added artwork support in the for the C64 DAT

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced the scanning progress window to show the file currently being processed

  • Enhanced the MIA submission functionality to support CHDs

  • Enhanced the Game Info panel by adding the Category value

  • Enhanced the Game List grid filter to clarify merged and deduped

  • Fix for a bug where CHDs were incorrectly merged if the DAT contains CHDs with a .chd extension

  • Fix for a bug that could cause CHD files to be incorrectly named with an extra .chd extension

  • Fix for a crash if RomVault is launched without a DatRoot directory

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when an MIA file is found but DatVault is unreachable or times out

  • Fix for a crash due to “Incorrect Extraction size found 0 expected X” while scanning a corrupt archive with Shrink compression

  • Fix for incorrectly reporting ZIP files as corrupt that used Deflate64

  • Removed unnecessary Console.Write lines that could slow down scanning / fixing using Linux


Feature Updates

  • Added a new ROM status for MIA (Missing in Action)

  • Added the ability for select DatVault users to submit MIA information directly from RomVault

  • Added automated MIA flagging into DatVault DATs based on user submissions

  • Added the ability to opt-in/out of sending found MIA notifications back to DatVault

  • Added a way to prevent the scanning engine from scanning specific files by prefixing “ignore:” to any ignore rule in global settings

  • Added the ability to override any of RomVault's default images with graphics packs

  • Added the ability to provide unique images for each of the four tree presets

  • Added a new “ZipMove” fix action which greatly speeds up certain types of fixes (E.g. Rearranging your DatRoot)

  • Enhanced the DAT Info and tree panels to display MIA information where applicable

  • Enhanced the tree icons to better visualize completion less MIA

  • Enhanced the DAT creation feature from the tree context menu

  • Upgraded the cache version from 3_1 to 3_2 due to structural changes to support the new MIA feature

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for an issue where the rootdir tag of a SuperDAT could take precedence over the directory name containing the SuperDAT

  • Fix for a cached notification message after deleting discontinued DatVault DATs

  • Fix to prevent a crash when trying to use a ToSort directory that is no longer accessible

  • Fix for a logic error related to dedupe DATs and the Unneeded ROM status

  • Fix for a display issue with the DatVault DAT location column which could occur if you add new JSONs without automatically downloading the associated DATs

  • Fix for an issue where a directory rule for a specific DAT did not work unless the DAT was in its own directory

  • Fix for 7z files being flagged with a header type of “Nothing” if the 7z was packed in a ZIP archive

  • Fix for a crash that could occur if you clicked slightly outside the DatVault “select all” checkbox

  • Fix for a an issue related to zero byte files stored uncompressed without size or hash data in the DAT (E.g. HTGDB)


Feature Updates

  • Added a new feature to DATVault where cue packs are automatically scanned when downloaded

  • Added support for a new dedupe status flag. This flag is used in the “DeDupe” DATVault DATs which allow users to save disk space on large sets with common files across TOSEC-ISO and Redump.

  • Added a link to the RomVault wiki from the Help menu

  • Added a link to check for updates from the Help menu

  • Added a check for available updates during application launch which allows the user to upgrade with one click

  • Added experimental support for ZSTD compression using zstd.dll when present in the RomVault executable directory

  • Enhanced the right click copy to clipboard functionality in the game list and rom details grids so that individual field values are copied

  • Enhanced the DatVault progress bar to indicate the current operation

  • Enhanced the DatVault add new DATs UI checkboxes so your previous selections are remembered

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a scenario where name conflicts can occur when using the single archive setting

  • Fix to prevent invalid directories and filenames on Windows (E.g. directory cannot end in a period)

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when attempting to launch a game from a ToSort directory

  • Fix for a cached warning message when attemping to update DATs after deleting discontinued DATs with DATVault

  • Fix to prevent a scan and fix operation from running simultaneously if keyboard shortcuts are used

  • Fix for a logic error that was erasing CHD version tags during a scan


Feature Updates

  • Added a new directory setting for “Header Type” which can be used to enforce headered or headerless ROMs

  • Added a new DATVault option to immediately download DATs after selecting a directory

  • Enhanced native CHD verification by adding support for deflate V4 CHD without chdman.exe

  • Enhanced the Quick Scan (Level 1) to also calculate MD5 or SHA1 for uncompressed files

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a crash when initially updating DATs with DATVault if the DATRoot is not in the default location of the RomVault exe

  • Fix for incorrect Linux path separators when saving DATs with DATVault

  • Fix for a Linux display issue where the side buttons could appear missing

  • Fix to calculate and store the AltCRC32 of headered ROMs

  • Fixes related to the D,F,V flags not being properly assigned


Feature Updates

  • Added a progress bar for DATVault initial data load

  • Added a new sortable DATVault column for uncompressed size of DAT contents

  • Added a new default DAT directory feature to DATVault to help people quickly add new DATs using the most common organization approaches

  • Added Windows long path support to DATVault operations (to coincide with supporting TOSEC DATs)

  • Enhanced DATVault performance by compressing server to client payloads with ZSTD

  • Changed the Update DATs shortcuts for consistency

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when double clicking an archive in a ToSort directory from the game grid

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when both discontinued and new DATs in DatVault are selected then clicking the Add button

  • Fix to disable saving/applying tree presets during scanning/fixing

  • Fix to better handle case sensitive renames by waiting before attempting to reference files from a newly renamed archive


Feature Updates

  • Added a new tree pre-set feature to allow the user to save different tree selection/expansion favorites

  • Added a progress bar for DATVault updates

  • Added a dupe count column to the ROM details grid

  • Added a popup to show a dupe occurrences list on click of a dupe count value

  • Added the ability to read -listroms output from the RAINE executable

  • Added an ESC keyboard shortcut to close dialog windows

  • Added the ability to sort any of the columns in the ROM details grid

  • Enhanced the DATVault groups filter to a redesigned and categorized tree

  • Enhanced the Directory Rules window to be more intuitive with reorganized settings and additional tooltip content

  • Enhanced the directory rule application so only relevant DATs are reprocessed upon update

  • Enhanced the display of ROM sizes by using separator characters and right justified values in the fixing log and ROM details grid

  • Changed the default directory rule to use “Nothing” as the merge type instead of “Split”

  • Changed the filename cleansing to be less aggressive and only trim whitespace (requires a full DAT refresh)

  • Changed the tree behavior so that updated DATs are no longer auto-selected in the tree

  • Changed the menu bar order and keyboard shortcuts for consistency with the left buttons

  • Removed the ability to cancel a DAT update/refresh

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when selecting the “Show Merged ROMs” filter

  • Fix to make the gray merged ROM status show properly for split sets

  • Fix for a display issue where corrupt archive icons are only displayed at levels above the directory where the corrupt archive resides

  • Fix to prevent DATs with no ROMs from being auto-expanded and auto-selected in the tree

  • Fix to the missing counts in the tree and summary panes to exclude ROMs with a blue status

  • Fix for launching ROMs directly from the game list grid

  • Fix to prevent the ROM details grid from auto-scrolling back to the top of the list every few seconds during a fix

  • Fix to properly handle case sensitive directory renames during a fix

  • Fix to prevent a “Rescan needed” error if the only fix is to correct the character case of the ROM and source of the fix was in the same archive

  • Fix for a scenario that could cause a scan to silently end early and erase subsequent items in that directory from the cache

  • Fix to properly scan files with invalid timestamps

  • Fix to properly handle scanning files with incompatible permissions, which were previously skipped with no indication

  • Fix to prevent a crash and cache out-of-sync scenario if a file is in use by another process during a fix

  • Fix to prevent a “Zip64EndOfCentralDirError” if the total number of disks is equal to zero in the central directory of the ZIP archive (Invalid… but extractable)

  • Fix to prevent a “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values” error which could sometimes occur during a fix

  • Fix so that Single Archive settings work properly if the DAT is not in its own folder

  • Fix to make Single Archive settings work properly with ROMs that have a double extension (E.g *.iso.dec)

  • Fix to use a move operation instead of copy/delete when uncompressed sets are renamed using the Single Archive option

  • Fix to properly save and read DatVault login information on Linux

  • Fix to make the side icons visible on Linux


Time to automate your DAT downloading with: DatVault


  • Cache write to a full disk does not corrupt the cache. (just leaves the old cache, so it will be out of date, just not corrupt.)

  • Better double check delete checking to try and stop the case where people have mapped the same directory to two different parts of the tree. (PS. Don't do that.)

  • The Dat info is more in sync when clicking around the tree, and game grid.

  • Global file ignore has been replaced with ToSort file ignore.

  • Directory rules now contain the file ignore lists (At the directory level.)

  • The file ignore lists now work with wide cards and regex.

  • Reporting the correct rule if you hit the reset all rules button.

  • Shift click the check boxes in the tree does not set all the child tree nodes.

  • zSTD read support is now built in for zip and 7z. (does not need the external .dll)

  • reworked/cleaned up the 7z writing code. (should not see any external different.) But getting ready for future plans.

  • Pressing the Cancel button while fixing cancels immediately instead of waiting until the end of the current fix.


Big Updates!

  • The RV UI can still be used will Scanning/Fixing

  • Added in most ZIP de-compression methods (all that I have ever actually see in the wild.)
    0 - The file is stored (no compression)
    1 - The file is Shrunk
    2 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 1
    3 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 2
    4 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 3
    5 - The file is Reduced with compression factor 4
    6 - The file is Imploded
    8 - The file is Deflated
    9 - Enhanced Deflating using Deflate64(tm)
    12 - File is compressed using BZIP2 algorithm
    14 - LZMA
    20,93 - (Supported, with external DLL) Zstandard (zstd) de-compression
    98 - PPMd version I, Rev 1

  • I do not belive there is any other C# library anywhere that supports this many ZIP compression methods, I hand coded a number of these more obscure de-compression methods myself from scratch!

  • V1,2,3,4 (Compression method <3) CHD's are now supported/scanned internally within RV's own code. (latest ChdMan does not read V1 CHD files.)

  • Scanning level 2 is now the default scanning level, you can Scan at level 1 & 3 from right click menu on the tree

  • Now using a nice new cleaner looking RomVault Logo.

Other Fixes

  • Can now sort on more columns in the game lists

  • Worked on Case Sensitivity issues while fixing files.

  • Fixed a t7zip checking bug for bigger that 32bit t7zip files

  • Re-worked Checking for Fixes with Zero Length files, so fixing workes faster with zero length files.

  • Fixed: If an archive contains all the correct files, and then there is a DAT update that changes only the character case of any of these files, then the archive is still marked as good and the files are not renamed to the proper case.

  • Fixed: If a set needs a fix from an archived file with the “incorrect character case” issue above, then a file system error is thrown when that fix is attempted.

  • DAT's that named the CHD's with the extention are no longer named file.chd.chd

  • Cleaned up the Color Key Help Form


One bug leads to another… so while deep testing the V3.2.4 version I found a different logic problem going on while fixing. (This one have been around for about 5 months.) And while talking to some others on Discorde another problem with case sensitive file systems showed up, so that also got a fix. So go grab V3.2.5

Show Previous Changes

April 23th, 2021

Another edge case bug squashed (Unknown status in double check delete.), and a nice little speed up while fixing (Found a way to get the code a little more parallel). Both added to this release. V3.2.4

April 8th, 2021

Found a small edge case crash when fixing 7z files, thanks go out to the user over in my Discord Server for setting me up with an example of the crash. It always makes it so much easier when I can see a reproducable crash setup. So go grab 3.2.3

January 26th, 2021

Somewhere in the last few releases a bug crept in causing zipped file to not be fixed if only the case of the rom name in the DAT set was changed. This has now been fixed in release 3.2.2

After you install this version you should 'Shift/Right Click' on the Update DATs button to fully reload your DATs, doing this will make RV find any incorrectly cased zip files. If RV finds any you can then 'Find Fixes' & 'Fix ROMs' to correct these Zip Files.

To read more about 'Shift/Right click' please see this Wiki page: Wiki Side Buttons

December 24th, 2020, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, and to celebrate here is an update with some nice bugs fixed.

  • RomVault      will no longer overwrite unknown (unscanned) files while fixing

  • .7z      caching does not make multiple cache files any more, and cache fixing .7z files      in ToSort now works.

  • Full      report crash bug fixed

  • Dats      containing zero files now show as green.

And a fun version number to… V3.2.1 , Download link over on the left, and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

November 26th, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…. here is a new release V3.2 with a lot of nice updates and fixes, many thanks to all that gave great feedback and help track down bugs with me. If you have any questions about this update, head on over to our very active Discord Channel, for help and answers to your questions.

RomVault 3.2.0

Added new Single Archive Dropdown settings to add Single Archive Types:

  • Add      SubDirs

  • No      SubDirs

  • Add      SubDirs if conflicts

  • Add      SubDirs if multiple roms

Switched to a faster un-Deflate Stream so de-compressing zip files is now faster.

Big speedup to the fixing report window.

Stopped RV from trying to use chdman.exe on V1 CHD's (as chdman.exe no longer supports reading them.)

Fixed a bug where locked (read only) directory did not set files to read only, (just the zips.)

Fixed a bug where not all zipped files where being deleted in a fix, and a second fix was needed to delete them. Fixed a bug reading unicode names from zip file Fix a bug of DOSCenter Dat File Reader where the filename contained the word size. Added a try catch to Get Directory Info, to stop RomVault from crashing out if the Directory could not be accessed. Fix a dat reader bug where un-needed directory enteries where not correctly being removed from the DAT's while loading.

There is also a matching update to match this release. Command line versions will also follow soon.

And as always if you enjoy these updates please concider hitting the Donate button, or even better become Patron.

September 9th, 2020

Introducing RomVaults brand new Wiki!!

It has been a long time coming but finally RomVault is getting some good documentation. (Thanks also to #Johnsanc, for helping with content.) There are still more pages to complete, but it is a great start. Romvault Wiki

September 2nd, 2020

Here is a page explaining how to build your own mame Split/Merged DAT sets from the mame listxml export. Click here

August 4th, 2020

Releasing V3.1.4. This is a small but important bug fix release. I discovered a bug that was preventing RomVault from correctly reading some ZIP files with unicode file name and instead reporting them as bad zip files, this has been fixed in this release.

July 20th, 2020

Here is a bug fix update with a bunch of crashes fixed, lots of good user feedback helped in tracking down and fixing crashes in this release .


Fixed a bug if no ToSort directory exists, or if there is already a files with the same name in tosort. No longer load DAT if the DAT contains no files. Changed the encoding used for ZIP filenames and now only using unicode zip filenames if the filename does not fit the encoding 437.(Original IBM PC encoding.) Using a newer .net version that permits ?/, so can add ?/ and call the .net function now, instead of having to call the file kernel dll's. Switch from ILMerge to ILRepack to make the single .exe files for the releases. ILMerge does not work with .net core, which I plan to try using at some point. Fixed a crash bug in 7z files when there is a zero byte file by itself in a 7z file.

March 13th, 2020

I just found a very edge case bug in the ZIP64 writing code. If RV made a zip file smaller than 4Gb, but that had more the 65536 files in it then the ZIP64 headers where not being written correctly to the file. Strange thing was that WINRAR did not even report this as a bad zip. But RomVault itself would read this back as a corrupt zip.

All projects using ZIP have been updated to resolve this bug. (RomVault, RVCmdLine, Trrntzip.UI & Trrntzip.Exe)

March 11th, 2020

RV 3.1.1 has just been released, In V3.1.0 I removed the ability to set Directory settings on DAT's, as it could cause some config issues, I have now fixed these issues and added the ability back again. Also removed illegal characters from extra directory names. (This was becoming a problem when using description as directory name.)

February 25th, 2020

RomVault development has been very active lately, and there have been some big UI performance improvements added in the last month. So with that it is time to do a .1 version update… So today I am releasing RomVault V3.1.0

Also there is a new link over on the left for RVCmd!! This is something a few people have been asking for. If you have any questions about how to use this (or anything else) you can find me in theDiscord Channel Here.

And finally: Please remember this is a personal project I probably spend way to much of my own personal time developing. Please show your appreciation for these efforts by using any of the buttons on the bottom left. (Thank You)

I know some of you are probably looking for a what's new list.. Well the closest thing I have to that is right Here

January 24th, 2020

RomVault 3.0.49, bug fix Release. Biggest change is 7z extract caching is now always on, and a cache bug was fixed in that code. Fixed a reporting directory name bug, in unzipped files with directories in the filename. (was just a UI thing.) Fix DAT's now do not add a description if there was no description in the original DAT. And you can now make a Fix DAT from any level in the tree by right clicking on the Tree.

Also one other thing. This website is now using https, so happy safe browsing.

January 5nd, 2020

Just put together RomVault 3.0.48. Fixed some new UI Issues, with reporting un-need stats in the ToSort Dirs. Also have done some internal work on the DAT readers so that this version will produce Compatible MAME DAT sets for the -listXML output from a Mame.exe I am planning on making a new Video or two in the next couple of days to explain this a little more.

January 2nd, 2020

Happy New Year everybody. Here is a shiny new 2020 build of RomVault 3.0.47. Fixed some UI Issues. Fixed the 'Don't Add Multi DAT DIRs' as I added the button but never added the code to use it. Woops. Also Re-structured some 7zip code, ready for some future development.

December 12th, 2019

RomVault V3.0.44, if you are using Directory mapping you should switch to this version, as there was a bug in previous version that could screw these up.

November 26th, 2019

RomVault V3.0.43, a few more bug fixes, mostly to do with level 1 scanning and fixing, plus corrupt 7zip's are dealt with better.

November 10th, 2019

RomVault V3.0.42, a few quick fixes, fixed a UI crash when scanning DAT's, also made it so that you can copy and paste from the UI info boxes, you can also now map directories to network paths.

November 9th, 2019

RomVault 3 official Release is Here!! V3.0.41, is now official. Happy rom sorting everybody! This release contains a couple of bug fixes when the files are changed while fixing and so should not crash because of this now, and stores the chkboxes in the UI in the settings file.

Please note this updates represents 100's of hours of personal work over several years of development, please consider hitting the donate button over on the left at the bottom.

October 18th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 10, Bug fixing release, handles corrupt 7z files better now, and also corrected a couple of data issues with header dat sets.

September 30th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 9, Return on Linux / Mono support, fixed a couple of directory separator issues, so that Mono RV should now work again, please let me know if it is working again mono users.

September 24th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 8, Added back support for DAT that have rom files and CHD files, and CHD in the mame software list dats, There is a new dropdown in the directory settings where you can choose which type of file you want to keep from the DATs.

September 19th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 7, Some more bug fixes and code cleanup. I am now on a missing to fix the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object , when reading in DAT files. If you have seen this, could you please let me know which DAT's you are reading and what merge/compression settings if any you have set for these DATs, Thanks I am trying out a new way for people to get in contact with me, I have started up a discord server you can join it right Here.

September 17th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 6, should have both the bugs from September 11th squashed now! Also some more drive mapping compress rules bugs has also been fixed. Please do report anything you find, none of these bugs would have been fixed if it was not for your feedback guiding me into the cause of the bugs. So Thank you to all that have emailed and helped out.

September 12th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 5 With bug #2 from yesterday squashed. Now please send me you logs and lets see what else shows up to get fixed.

September 11th, 2019 Small bug fix setting compression rules in DAT files was fixed in RC4. Please help report bugs There are a couple of crashes I am trying to track down that I cannot reproduce but I see them coming in from the error logs. 1: __RomVault.tmp tempZipOut was left open 2: Source and destination Size does not match. Logic Error.

If you are seeing either of these errors happing, or anything else that is repeatable. I need your help to fix them… Please upgrade to RC4, so I am getting the full log reporting and then also click on 'Settings' in the top menu bar, then 'RomVault Settings' in the dropdown menu and then in the dialog screen check that 'Debug Log Enabled' is ticked on.

'Settings'—>'RomVault Settings'—>'Debug Log Enabled = Checked'

Then run a fix again to reproduce the error you are getting, and then you should see a 'Logs' directory created in the same direction as the RomVault.exe, please send me the log that was datestamped to be the error you just captured, and send (email) this log report. Thank you.

PS. Bug 2: size does not match, has already been reported….bug found… and fixed… will be releasing a fix soon. Nice when the system works.!!

September 7th, 2019

RomVault 3 RC 3 is now ready for download, I believe I have the drive re-mapping working correctly again now.

September 5th, 2019

Version3 RC2 released. Quick UI update and bug fixes for setting directory options. A major bug was found in RC2, it has been taken down until the problem has been resolved, please use RC1 until problem is fixed.

August 31st, 2019

Over the last 2 or 3 years Romvault has been developing into what is now RomVault 3. It started of with the want to include file header detection and fixing. (as used in No-Intro DAT's) and developed into a major core re-work also pulling the core apart into cleaner libraries. Any time you pull some code apart and add a bunch of new features lots of new bugs tend to creep in along the way, which is why it has been the length of development it has been. So now I believe V3 has got to a point where it very much more stable again with a ton of new features over V2. Now there are a few things still being cleaned up, and also a big list of future development, but I wanted to get V3 out to a larger user base, so here it is!!! In the next day or so I will probably also work on a what's new list for V3. So please try it (Yes it will make a new cache file and so a full rescan will be required if you are switching from V2.) And as always most of the bug fixes come from the userbase reporting errors to me, so please keep them coming!!!

Also the RC version does still ask you to register your email at the startup this is because V3 reports crashes back to me with your email, So if I see an interesting crash I can then contact you to try and understand what cause the crash, so we can work together to resolve the bugs.

June 11th, 2019

Looking for more RomVault 3 Beta testers, if you would like to give it a try and help out the development effors please head over to the Beta Website to give it a try. I am now in a phase of bug fixing it as much as I can, so I can go fully public with it, so your help really does make a difference.

May 7th, 2019

So with the Beta version of RomVault 3 getting closer each day to being the official build, I thought it was a little over due to put out the source code for RV2.6.3 (I had not update the public RV2 code for over 2 years.) So head over to GitHub if compiling your own RV2.6.3 is your thing, and also become a beta tester of RV3 and report bug back to me. (Oh Yes… and support on going open source development…. Become a patron, link over on the left.)

April 11th, 2019

I have a quick question for all you RomVault users out there: Please complete my 1 question survey Thanks.

July 26th, 2018

There was a very edge case bug reported in the zip compression with files right around 4Gb's in size, and it was corrupting these zips. So I have fixed the problem, and released a bug fix update. So Romvault 2.6.3 is released.

Also I have added a new page for the trrntzip utils, it is located here

July 5th, 2018

Things are still moving along over on the RomVault Beta Page. I am hoping to get a beta release out again soon. If you would like early access to the next beta release, you can head on over here:

March 10th, 2017

A very big 'Thank You' to all who have donated to RomVault over to the last couple of months. Your support is amazing, and really motivating me to keep on with RV development. Also this may interest you just to know what 'could' be coming to RomVault as my development continues. RomVault Beta Page

February 9th, 2017

There was an error in my 2.6 releases of RomVault that stopped it working using Linux (Mono), so here is RomVault (2.6.2) which should work again in Linux. This version also contains Delta Filter for 7z files, fixing decompression on .wav files. (Thanks for all the feedback, that has helped track down these problems.).

Also on another note… I have added a running total for how much has been donated, via the donate button. Yes, it was just $30 for all of last year, kind of makes me a little sad.

January 30th, 2017

Turns out there was a error in my 7z code when working with non-compressed files inside of 7z files, this is now fixed and here is the quick update. RomVault (2.6.1) So also: To go along with this bug fix there is a new version of Trrntzip.NET (2.5.1) with the same fixes in the compression code.

January 28th, 2017

Today I am releasing RomVault (2.6), RomVault now has the ability to read .7z files in the ToSort directory, I have spent a lot of effort writing a .7z reader in C# to get this working. I have looked around the web, and belive I have now coded into RV the most complete C# only .7z reader that exists, there are others that are close but none that I have found are as complete as I now have coded up for RV. (I guess I should release this .7z C# library as others would probably find it usefull.)

Also I have reworked the mame listxml dat reader to make it work correctly again, please let me know how it goes, and if you find it usefull Click my donate button.

So just to be clear, RV still stores its files in the RomRoot directory as .Zip files, so if you wanted to convert you .7z library for MAME into a .Zip library simply put you .7z files into ToSort, then scan and fix, and your files will be converted over to trrntzip .zip files in RomRoot. I have compiled this release using .NET 4.5.2, so please be sure you have that available on your machine.

November 25th, 2016

I just added a beta release of RV 2.5, I have spent some time restructuring and cleaning up the code, and added some beta test code in the background. So if you want to download this version and test it, please do, but don't go crazy running this version on your main sets, until I get some good feed back, and I make an official release.

June 27th, 2016

Had some good code feedback, big thanks to LnmVolbo on Github, so here are those fixes to rom reporting, fix reporting, and sorting by filesize, plus a small bug fix to the multi threaded file checking V2.2.7.

May 19th, 2016

The Multi threaded checking is now getting to a good stable point so I have put out a new full release V2.2.6.

February 12th, 2016

Finally got around to catching up a little on some other peoples fixes and improvements to RomVault. So here is a test build V2.2.5 it has a few small bug fixes, and the big new changes thanks to edc's input is some multi-threading file hashing, which should give a new speed boost to scanning your files. If this version looks good, I will promote it to the official version in the next few days.

To keep up with all the changes you can head over to the source code on GitHub

January 3rd, 2016

Happy New Year

January 27th, 2015, ROMVault 2.2.1, Linux Compatible Release So RomVault development had gone quiet for a while, but during this time some good things have happened, the first thing is that for a while now ROMVault has become an open source project. You can now keep up with the latest code at: GitHub RomVault Repository

And with it now being open source a big thanks goes out to my friend Ack for picking up the code and working on making the needed changes to get ROMVault running on Linux, You need to be running 'mono 3.10+' for it to work. I hope it will not be to long before more good things happen with ROMVault development.

Just so there is no confusion: This is a standard Windows .NET release of ROMVault, compiled to run on your Windows PC just the same as any previouse release. The difference is that this same .exe file will also run on Linux using Mono to run a .NET exe file in a linux OS, There are some code changes in the .exe that detect if you are running Windows or Linux, and then some alternative internal functions are used depending on which OS you are running.

April 22th, 2014

ROMVault 2.1.24

Quick update today, Fixed a couple of bugs in DAT loading, and added a couple of new Meta Data Items for Trurip DATs

March 4th, 2014

ROMVault 2.1.23

Happy Fat Tuesday, and here is a quick bug fix update, fixed a couple of bug that caused the fix engine to crash when fixing files. Fixed renaming a file if it was needing the case of some characters changed. Fixed moving files out to ToSort

January 27th, 2014

ROMVault 2.1.22

Update1: Fixed a couple of Bugs. Corrupt CHD's where missing some fix cases, so these should be handled correctly. Also speeded up rescanning directories that contain a lot of files. (not zips). Update2: So it turned out that after fixing the CHD bugs in 2.1.21, I looked a little further into the code and fixed a couple more CHD fixing related issues. So here is the next update.

January 7th, 2014

ROMVault 2.1.20

HAPPY NEW YEAR. And after much searching and trouble I believe I have finally tracked down 'comparing null ulong?' error. You had to have: a) a missing CHD file that did not give a SIZE in the CHD DAT b) a missing ROM file that was zero length and so no CRC supplied in the DAT c) have a fix for the CHD d) have the order of things so that the CHD would be fixed before the ZERO length file.

And then you got the ulong? error message. Anyway finally tracked that one down, and put the correct checks in place to handle missing Size/CRC information better. So go grab 2.1.20, and keep on fixing.

December 23th, 2013

ROMVault 2.1.19

A few more bugs have been coming in with the new version, so a new fix release is already here. Fixes: Handles Missing DATRoot directory cleanly now. Added some better error handling to find the ulong null problem Ignored files being set to incorrect status on Cache Load Error opening CHD file (<FileName>): decompression error

Please update asap.

December 20th, 2013

ROMVault 2.1.18

Already fixed one bug caused by not having a ROMRoot directory setup when you try and run RV, and trying to track down another bug. If you have been getting the error message 'comparing null ulong?' please download and run this version. I do not understand what logic is leading to the reason this message is being displayed. So this version will send me a more detailed message about it. If you are at the point where you can reproduce this error repeatedly, please get a hold of me, I would really like to get to the bottom of this one ASAP.

December 19th, 2013

ROMVault 2.1 Release

Merry Christmas After a lot of work and testing over the last few months I have decided it is time to release 2.1 of ROMVault. The big new feature of 2.1 is CHD file support. You will need to have chdman.exe in the same directory as RomVault21.exe for the full CHD support to work. But there have been many more smaller fixes and improvements made, such as continuing to scan passed locked files. (Files locked by other applications accessing them.) There is also improvements made to the ZIP reading code, that should be compatible with a few more rare zip formats.

What is NOT yet in ROMVault 2.1 is 7Z support, I started adding 7Z support and got a long way into it, but then started running into problems with the way the fixing core was working with 7Z. So for now the 7Z code is not in this release, I instead worked a lot on trying to get the existing code as stable as I could.

So before I get into another big development cycle to rework the core for 7Z I wanted to get a release out now as I believe it is a lot better than the current 2.0.10 code. There are a couple of strange crashes I see once in a while, and so this version has some improved error logging so I hope to get these tracked down soon.

A few other notes: The cache file has changed in this release, so your old cache files will not work!! You will have to re-scan all of your files with this release!! ROMVault 2.1 will make a new cache file called: RomVault2_7.Cache (This is actually my internal version 7 of this cache file, so that explains the 2_7)

If ROMVault does crash is does send me a log of the crash report, this has helped me track down many bugs in the past, this is also why I ask you to enter your name and email before using ROMVault for the first time. This way I can contact you back to try and find out more details about crashes I see.

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May 23th, 2013

ROMVault 2.1

Been a while since my last update so I thought it is about time I checked in with an update as to what I am working on.

The 2 main things I am focusing on are 7Z and CHD support, and the good news is both are coming along well, and both work to a degree.

It has been interesting developing ROMVault now that I have publicly released it, in that I can many times get a version of RomVault together that works well for my own use and as I know the limits of what it can do and what will break it, it works well for my needs, the thing is taking ROMVault to the next level were it will keep working with everything that anybody else can throw at it is another completely different level of developmental robustness and sometime that part of developing is not much fun and not the rewarding part.

So as this is at the end of the day just a 'fun' personal project of mine, sometimes I need to take a break and just work on it for me and keep it fun, which is kind of where I have been for the last couple of months.

So like I said 7Z and CHD support are kind of working, and I will be spending the next while here getting it as robust and possible more efficient before the next public release of ROMVault.

Here is a screen shot of the latest code, converting zip files to torrent7zip files.

romvault2.1 Click on the image for full screen version

February 23th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.10

Fixed one new bug introduced by the addittion of the <clrmamepro forcepacking=“unzip”> code, that was causing an error when trying to fix a zero length file.

February 7th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.9

Couple more bug fixes. Bugfixed: Fixed the 'Unknown double check delete status MoveToSort' bug. Bugfixed: Fixed the negative totals being reported in the ToSort directory. New: Added support for <clrmamepro forcepacking=“unzip”>

January 26th 2013

ROMVault 2.0.8

Just a couple of small bug fixes today.

January 19th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.7

Lots of things new and improved in this release. Read the what's new to see. I have now released an file that if left in the same directory as RomVault2.exe will be used to supply the images to RV. This means that if somebody would like to pick these up and work with them and make me a set of Color Blind friendly version of these icons, that would be great.

January 14th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.5 So in 2.0.3 I fixed the code so you could be offline with RV2, but it looks like there was still a problem if my update server is offline, so 2.0.5 should just keep on going either way, also fixed a bug in the miss-list reporting that was crashing RV.

January 11th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.4 Woops let a new bad bug slip into 2.0.3, so is fixed now in 2.0.4, you should now not get the “Could not find self” error message while deleting empty directories.

January 10th, 2013

Again, ROMVault 2.0.3 Bug Fix Release So you may have noticed that ROMVault 2.0 now asks you for your name and email address, (If you did not fill this in please go to Help→Registration and fill it on.)

The reason is that ROMVault 2.0 now automatically sends me a report any time an error message or crash occurs, it also sends a message if there is a problem reading a DAT file. So I have already been getting plenty of good crash reports, and emailing people to find out what there where doing to make them happen, and so thanks go out to all those who are already helping make ROMVault 2.0 Better.

This also explains the reason why so many quick fixes can be made right now. So here is another update with a few more fixed, check the whats new doc to see what has changed in 2.0.3

January 10th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.2 Bug Fix Release Fixed a bug where a zero length file would match a No-Dump file and cause pop-up error messages. If you have been seeing an error that looks like “, ZipFile , InDatBad , Got from: Error to: Error”, then get this update, and re-scan your roms.

January 9th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.1 Bug Fix Release As I like to say… Another day another set of bugs, so here is 2.0.1, fixes and add a few things. I am going to try and maintain the whats new doc, but I am not very good at keeping these things up to date. Also another new feature in RV2 is unicode support.

January 8th, 2013

ROMVault 2.0.0 Officially Released Hi, So around August time of 2011, I was working with the code of RomVault 1.7 and was starting to get frustrated with the direction it was heading. The biggest problem was that the core data structured used internally by RV1.7 was based around trying to look like the list of DAT that it scanned in from DATRoot. This sounds correct but I was running into problems like this: where do I store the information about any files I find in a directory that is not in one of the DAT directories. The scanning code was starting to do more and more fixing, so that it could complete a scan, like copying unknown directories and files over to ToSort. Also as I am sure all you RV1.7 users know, there was no clean way in the data structure to store the status of the Tree of DATs as displayed in the UI, so it kept on resetting itself, as it was not really a tree structure at all, just a list of DATs displayed as a tree. This was all heading in the wrong direction fast.

So I realized I had the change the core data structure, as what I am really working with is actually not DATs, I am really processing a structure of Files and Directories. (The DATs are just a way of representing the list of files you want to collect.) So I started to rework the core data structure to be a structure that would hold a tree of Files and Directories, and at that time back in August 2011, I figured a couple of months of work, build the new core structure, put all the old scanning and fixing code back on top of it and RomVault 2.0 would be ready to go.

The new core data structure was made, and then I converted over the DAT loader, and then got the File scanner going, and everything was going along good and then I started working on the Finding Fixes code, and then got into a world of CRC's, SHA1's and MD5's, it was probably around 10 months ago we (that’s me and my great Beta testers) realized that just fixing on CRC’s and file size alone was not going to cut it. So after a couple more month Levels of scanning and fixing where born, and then after a few more months Levels of scanning and fixing where about working, and then the improved DAT loader was developed, and oh yes, the Missing report code was never converted over, and then the idea of supporting filenames greater than 260 characters came along, and fast Zip processing was added………..

You get the idea, the project just kept on snowballing. So here we are today around 16 months later, with what is RomVault 2.0.0, with 40'ish private Beta version being tested, about 300 check-ins to the source control. (So that works out at about one check-in every 1.5 days for over 18 months!!!,You did already click on that Donate button over there of the left, I hope.)

Is RomVault 2.0.0 finished? No, nothing is ever finished, there is a great big list of things still to be added to it, but it is a great big step up from 1.7. So before you ask there are 2 things still at the top of the to-do list, so Sorry, there is still no 7z support, and still no CHD support. But I will put this another way, neither of those 2 features would ever have fitted into the 1.7 data structure, and so also look out for the 2.1 development cycle starting. (As I actually already have a private test version of RomVault that does to a limit degree support 7z.)

So you need now to know a little about scanning levels, and how RV works. First you need to know what a CRC32 is, and to put this as simply as possible it is a 4 byte, 8 digit (in hex) hash of your file, ZIP uses and stores the CRC32 of your file when you put a file into a ZIP, this way when it extracts your file it rechecks the CRC32 to see that your file did not become corrupt.

And here is an old DAT file game description, showing the crc values of the files needed for this game..

So this CRC32 numbers become a finger print of your file, and RV1.7 used the CRC32 it found in the zip file header and file size to identify your files, so if you have a file in ToSort RomVault would look at the header of the zip file and read all the CRC’s and Sizes from that zip file and if a DAT requires a file that matches that CRC32 and size, then RomVault would move that file from ToSort to the correct zip file as described by the dat.

This is all super-fast an easy as the CRC32 was right there waiting for me to look at in the zip file information.

But here started the problem, the more files you start to compare this way you realize that CRC32 is really not enough, which brings us right up to date with the very latest TOSEC dat sets...

Two files from the Commodore C64 set, and as you can see they both have CRC of 298CAA9C!!! Our system fails, CRC is not enough, and so bring on SHA1 & MD5 two other hashing methods, and as you can see much bigger longer hash values with an almost infinitely small chance now of the SHA1 checksum failing to be the correct file finger print.

So now back to RomVault 2.0 Level 1 scanning: still just scans the CRC/Size right out of the headers of the ZIP files, this is super fast, and if you just want to fix a mame set as quick as you can and are about to join the next mame torrent which will fixing anything that may be wrong anyway, then this is still probably enough for you.

Level 3 scanning: this then gets the full set of CRC,Size,SHA1 & MD5 of every file it scans which is unfortunately much much much slower that the quick Level 1 scan, as is has to fully extract every file out of every zip file and perform all of the checksums on every file. (RomVault 2.0.0 does do all of this in memory, so it tries to be as fast as it can.) But does of course guaranty all your files are truly correct.

And then the better Option: Level 2 scanning: (USE THIS ONE) Level 2 scans every file just the same as Level3, getting and checking the full set of CRC, SHA1 & MD5, and the first time you run a Level 2 scan it will take a very long time, but it also stores the file time stamp of your zip files, and so the second time you run a scan it checks the file time stamp, and if the file has not changed then it does not recheck it, so the second time around it actually goes super fast again, only slowing down to read any new or changed files.

There is also Level 1,2 & 3 fixing, which sort of works the same as scanning. Level 1 fixing, only fixes comparing Size and CRC. Level 2 fixing, compares size,CRC,SHA1 & MD5, but will still copy the raw uncompressed data from one zip to another, for speed if it can. Level 3 fixing, compares size,CRC,SHA1 & MD5, but will uncompress and recompress every file every time.

So with all that said, use LEVEL 2 Scanning, and LEVEL 2 Fixing, and your future should be good.

That’s enough I am done with the introduction, download it, have fun, and I will probably try and make some new videos before to long.

November 13nd, 2012

It may not feel like much is going on with RomVault these days, but I want to let you all know I have been very hard at work on RomVault 2.0 and it is coming along very well, so stay tuned. Also please check out our new page over at

September 2nd, 2012

I have created a how to use RomVault to join a pleasuredome mame torrent video:

Please email me if you watch these videos and find them usefull

July 19th, 2012

Big THANKS go out to emuDrache for him offering to host, These pages should be faster loading and more available now. (Thanks again)

June 8th, 2012

Just updated RomVault to Version 1.7.1, it fixes the bug where the first character of the directory and filenames are being lost in the ToSort Directory if you have set your ToSort Directory to point at a root directory (Like D:\) Also, I know I have been quiet for a while, but I am still working hard on RomVault 2.0, but still need to find time to get this to a point where I can get a beta version out to some people. (If you want to be a 2.0 beta tester let me know.)

February 7th, 2012

Here is a new release of RomVault (Version 1.7) It adds larger file support. Using Zip64 You can now store files bigger that 4Gb. It also fixes a DAT scanning issue where .DAT files are being release with a .XML extentions. The link for this download is over on the left.

January 21st, 2012

For anybody interested in the inner workings of a Torrentzip file I have written a document explaining the torrentzip standards. You can download it here.

December 3rd, 2011

Had a couple of bugs show up in the last few days, so here is a quick bug fix release. Please update to version 1.6.6 using the link on the left. Fixed a problem scanning MESSXML DATs and Fixed a problem fixing files if the zip was in a sub directory in ToSort.

December 2nd, 2011

I have created a how to use RomVault Video:

November 11th, 2011

Welcome to 11-11-11, and welcome to TOSEC's newest update. I have updated the TOSEC links on the left with the newest DAT's structured ready to be dropped into your RomVault DatRoot Directory.

May 10, 2011

There was a bug in 1.6.4 that was giving a “Can not create a file when that file already exist” error when moving files out to the ToSort directory. I have fixed this bug in 1.6.5

April 27, 2011

Turns out there where still some problems with the file copy/move code across drives. So 1.6.4 should now fixed this. (What does this mean.?) It means you can now right click on the ToSort directory (in the Dat tree) and set it to a location on a different drive, and things should all keep working.

April 25, 2011

Another day, another update. Thanks to everybody who has ever sent me crash reports. I do look at them, and here is an update directly as a result of them. This version 'should' be a lot more stable when fixing roms. I have added a lot of file checking, and handle unexpected results much better now. Also I fixed the problems of moving unknown directory if the Tosort directory is on a different volume from the RomRoot directory. So go download 1.6.3 and let me know how it goes.

April 24, 2011

Updated my TOSEC DATS to the current 2011-04-07 sets.

April 23, 2011

Fixed a couple of bugs:

Was ignoring Character Case's when scanning, So if you had the correct file but the filenames case was wrong like 'fr' instead of 'FR' it would report this as correct.

Removed extra spaces and the '.' character from the end of rom filenames.

Go grab 1.6.1 from the link on the left.

Feb 25, 2011

So here is a big update. Version 1.6 now supports TorrentZip files. What this means, is that every Zip file that RomVault makes will already be TorrentZipped. There are some other options added if you are not needing TorrentZip support. Click on Settings and you will see a new dropdown:

1) TorrentZip all files (Default): This will make all new files TorrentZip'ed. 2) Fastest: When moving a file from one Zip to another, it just copies the compressed raw data, which is very fast, but if you source zip is not compressed the destination file will also not be compressed. 3) Highest: This re-compresses every file that is moved using slightly different compression from torrentzip which in many cases compresses just a little higher.

new icon

The other little icon to know about is the TZ ZIP icon in the Game List, This lets you know if your Zip file is TorrentZip File. You can click on 'TorrentZip ROMs' in the top menu, this will TorrentZip all ROM's in the selected DATs. (You should Scan your roms first, so that RomVault knows which ROMs need to be TorrentZip'ed)

There are still a number of other features I could add, such as just TorrentZipping any selected Directory (to fully replace trrntzip.exe) Please do send me your feedback, comments and ideas. Contact Me and of coarse that Donate button is still sitting there over on the left of your screen. (Thanks)

Feb 17, 2011

Fixed a bug today that was making corrupt ZIP files if the rom filenames had characters greater than ASCII 127. So everybody should update to 1.5.5 as soon as possible. Also it is possible for me to recover the files out of these corrupt ZIPs, so please contact me if you need help with this. (I will probably put up a link here soon with some fixed zip files.)

Jan 28, 2011

There was still a bug in reading HEX values from DAT files, I was chopping off one to many characters, so I was converting 0x2000 to 000 instead of 2000, which made the size values come back as 0 instead of 8192 Anyway it should be fixed now. So go get 1.5.4.

Jan 23, 2011

Bug Fixed: “Index was out of range” Please download version 1.5.3

A bug has surfaced with the latest RomVault 1.5.2. The error message contains the text “Index was out of range”. I am testing a fix right now, and should have 1.5.3 released before the end of the day.

Jan 17, 2011

Just put together build 1.5.2, it fixes a small bug in the MESS xml loader so that HEX numbers can be used. This fixes c64_cart.xml. (Thanks go out to Philippe for pointing out this bug.)

Sept 12, 2010

I updated my Tosec-iso set to match the current tosec iso sets.

July 8, 2010

Just added a quick bugfix update (1.5.1): Corrupt zips are now correctly moved out to the ToSort/Corrupt directory. The zip scanning code now cleanly handels zip files that are open by another application and just marks them as unknown status. Fixed the MESS XML Dat reader to load the latest NES dat (size no longer needs to be suppied if the status=“nodump”).

June 28, 2010

So I added another update to RomVault (1.5), the main changes are: Fixed an error on the MESS XML Dat reader. (loadflag=“continue” is working in the aes.xml dat) It now deletes zips out of ToSort as soon as it has finished with them. (Saves a lot of HD space while fixing.)

June 24, 2010

Updated the Tosec-ISO set to include the latest Dreamcast updated.

June 04, 2010

Just to let you all know, I have not disappeared completely, I am working hard on adding Non-Zipped directory support, this turned out to be a bigger deal than I had at first imagined, but it is all good I have really been working on separating out the file handling from the ROM Database Sorting Code, so that the Sorting Codes does not have to know the difference between a ZIP and a Directory. It is developing into an interesting exercise in writing the ROM Sorting Class, and a File/Zip Handling Class, and really separating these 2 classes correctly. Along the way I have found and fixed a couple of bug, and probably will introduce a couple more before this is all done. So more work to be done, but it should be a nice update when it is all done.

May 25, 2010

Thanks to the feedback from emuLOAD on the RomVault Pleasuredome forum, it was pointed out that I missed a couple of things with the new MESS XML Dats, so they are fixed now, and here is 1.4.1.

May 22, 2010

Two new features have been added to V1.4, First RomVault now supports the MESS XML Dat lists. And then secondly I now permit more than one DAT file to exists in the same DATRoot sub-directory, so now (for example) you can just put all of the MESS XML files into one directory and it will create all of the sub directories needed. (using the 'Name' value from the DAT file.) Because of the changes to support the different dats the Cache store has changed so if you are upgrading you will have to fully rescan your DAT's and ROM's.

May 13, 2010

Turns out there was a bug in 1.2 that meant it would not fix files if they are in a sub directories in the tosort directory. So here is 1.3

May 12, 2010

Here is version 1.2.

I fixed the tree view to work a little better And worked a little more on trapping too long filenames

I want to start working on Non-Zipped files and maybe supporting some of No-Intro files that have HeaderBlocks, so it may be a while before my next update, but it should be a good one when it arrives.

April 25, 2010

I have put together version 1.1 with the following fixes:

Added WildCards to the Exclude File List. Replaced the TreeView control, so that I can add Disabled DATs (if the filenames get to long.) Added Yes, No options to the unknown File and Directory moving code. Fixed a couple of crashed.

Download it from the link of the left. (I have changed the cache file format a little. so you will have to rescan all of your DATs and ROMs with this new version)

April 15, 2010

Thanks to my good friends over at Pleasuredome, RomVault now has its very own forum. RomVault Forum Please go and visit and leave any comment, bug reports, suggestions.

April 12, 2010

I have decided it is about time I went public with a release!! Please download Romvault from the link on the left.

Here is a very quick get going instructions for RomVault. Download from the link on the left (RomVault Full DIR's), Make a directory called RomVault and extract the zip into it. You should now have:

DatRoot This is where you DAT structure will live, I have supplied a few DATs just to get you going, I will update these as time goes by. RomRoot This is where your ROMS will start collecting. ToSort you should put ROM zip files in here that you want to sort out.

RomVault.exe Now run this.

To use RomVault you will just click down the big Icons on the Left hand side.

Update DATs Click this first this will read the DAT files in your DATRoot directory, next to try everything out put some test roms into the ToSort directory and then click on:

Scan ROMs This will scan the ROM zips in the ROMRoot directories to see what you have. It also scans the ToSort directory.

Find Fixes Looks at all the ROM Zips you have to find out what need moved where.

Fix ROMs will then make the changes found by the Find Fixes Button.

I have included on the left DAT Zips for the TOSEC sets, you should extract these files into your DATRoot directory, and then click the 'Update DATs' Button, so that RomVault finds them. Then click on down the buttons to scan and fix all of your TOSEC sets.

The rest is up to you.

Please contact me I am very much looking for feedback, I do have a TODO list so please check this out but I also very much want your feedback to make this program as useful to people as possible.

I started working on an early version of this program probably 4 or 5 years ago, trying to fill my own personal need for a program that could handle many DAT files at the same time.

About 2 years ago I started over making a version that I would plan to release at some point, I guess that point has just arrived.

A Final note: If you find this program useful please use it and have fun. If you would like to help me make it better please contact me with suggestions. If you don't like this program then that is fine keep using your other favorite Rom Management program.

If you find this program really useful then please donate, I have already spent many 100's of hours writing this code, and will probably spend 100's more. But life is a balance between Family and Work and RomVault Programming time. And knowing there is a little support coming in for RomVault will enable me to justify spending a lot more time developing it into the future.



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