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ROMsorter is basically capable of organizing and renaming either ROMs or games. While, it mainly supports Windows, it does have a Librarian for other platforms. It can also detect duplicates for removal, catalog files into folders, interact with ZIP and handle CHD formats.


All OSes require NET 6 to be installed before running.


  • New Feature: generates M3U playlists from disc formats (CHD, BIN/CUE, ISO) . Code contributed by neoKushan, thanks for this one!

  • New Feature: Includes several NoIntro Parent/Clone dat files (NES/SNES/N64, GB/GBC/GBA, MS/GEN/32X, TG16, NGPC) that are all loaded on startup IF you do not select your own dat file for processing. I changed my mind on this after all, on grounds that I want ROMSorter to be the simplest, easiest ROM manager option. This should take out several steps for users that would otherwise give up when the instructions get to "go to another website and download more files", and more experienced users shouldn't have any issues getting their own files and using them as before anyways. This file is available to Librarian users by adding '-defaultDat' to their command instead of '-datFile:'

  • New Feature: Checkbox allows you to operate most commands on all sub-folders. (CHD commands already work this way all the time). ROMSorter only.

  • New Feature: Batch-apply IPS/BPS patches. Put the ROM to be patched in a folder, put all the patches you want to apply to it in the same folder, and click the button. Do NOT include any non-patch files in this folder except the base ROM, and don't use sequential patches for this.

  • NOTE: Flips is used under terms of the GPL 3.0, and as such the source code is now included in the ROMSorter distribution. ROMSorter remains MIT licensed, as it only communicates with Flips via standard cross-app channels and does not use any of its code. Librarian users may need to provide their own build of flips or compile their own if they want to use the batch-patch command.
    *Fixes: ROMSorter defaults to its directory as the working path if the last used folder no longer exists.


  • Requested improvement: CHD buttons now recurse over subfolders. Other buttons retain the original, single-folder behavior.

  • Bugfix: CHD creation now removes the existing bin/cue files once the CHD is created.


New major feature: 1G1R (1 Game, 1 ROM) sorting! Requires a Parent/Clone DAT file to work as expected (The P/C XML options on Dat-O-Matic are probably what you're looking for in order to use this feature). Regular DAT files will have an error box pop up telling you it's not going to work for 1G1R.

New feature: Everdrive Sort. Creates a sub-folder for each letter, and moves games into the appropriate folder based on the first letter in the filename. Designed for devices like the Everdrive where there's a low limit on the number of files that can be in 1 folder.


  • 1 Game 1 ROM (1G1R) sorting available! A dialog box will pop up asking you to set the priority order of regions present in the DAT file. Entries on top will be taken over entries on the bottom.

  • Everdrive sorting available with the -everdrive command.


  • 1 Game 1 ROM (1G1R) sorting available! Pass in the regions you want in priority order with the -regionOrder: argument. Default is "-regionOrder:USA,EUR,JPN," if you don't.

  • Everdrive sorting available on a new button. Does not require any other command to be run first, but you should unzip and rename your files before this for best results.


  • Uses universal path separator when creating file paths

  • Librarian now waits to finish loading the DAT file before processing files.


Release 3 only affects ROMSorter. 

Librarian remains unchanged, check Release 2 for binaries.


  • Crash loops around bad/invalid DATs should be resolved.

NEW APP: Librarian

  • Librarian is the command-line version of ROMSorter. It supports all of the commands the GUI app does, but runs on all platforms.

  • Librarian on Linux/Mac will require you to provide an appropriate build of chdman from MAME in order to use the chd commands. The executable should be in the same folder as Librarian. The Windows version includes a working chdman.exe.

  • Librarian has been tested less than ROMSorter, but the core logic is shared. Please report any issues here on github.

New Features

  • chd command support brought in via chdman application from MAME.
    ** Create CHDs from all .cue and .iso files in a folder
    ** Extract CHD files back to .bin/.cue files

  • Make a DAT file from a folder, if you want to use other ROM managers on your folder for some reason.

  • Supports MAME export.xml files now as a DAT file (but may not work correctly on single-file renaming)


  • ROMSorter buttons now lock out during operations and unlock once completed.

  • No longer throws errors working on files over 2GB

  • Catalog files now includes a header row

  • Should keep file extension when renaming single-file games now.

  • Should be significantly faster at identifying files than before, though it may be hard to tell on small files.


  • Zips everything in the selected folder

  • Unzips everything in selected folder

  • Identifies and renames single-file entries in the folder if supplied a dat file

  • Detects duplicate entries in a folder

  • Catalogs files in a folder by their hashes to a tab-separated values file

  • Reads that catalog later to confirm files have not changed.

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