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10.33 / 04-16-2024





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Playnite is an open source video game library manager with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG, Origin, and Uplay. While providing one unified interface for your games, it includes game emulation support, fullscreen mode, themes and much more.


Requires Windows 7+ and .NET Framework 4.6 


Playnite v10.30+ no longer work on Windows 7 and Windows 8. All add-ons will report that they are not compatible with current version after the update to Playnite 9. This is intentional since all built-in extensions are no longer included in Playnite's base installation package. You will need to navigate to new Add-ons menu and update them from there (there's Update section that will update all extensions automatically in bulk). Downgrade to Playnite 8 is not possible. Playnite 9 changes format of game library, which can't be loaded in Playnite 8. This list is not fully exhaustive, there are many more smaller fixes and improvements in this release. Breaking

Most Recent Changes



  • Updated web view library

  • Updated controller input and audio playback (SDL) libraries

  • Play time not being counted properly if system is suspended during gameplay

  • Shutting down system from Playnite causes application exit script not work properly sometimes

  • List of disabled controllers is sometimes erased after disabling new devices

  • Background music starts from scratch instead of resuming when exiting a game

  • Updated emulator profiles

  • "Hide imported" option on scan folder dialog doesn't prevent games from being imported

  • Crash in Fullscreen mode after library update

  • Crash when shutting down Playnite while also connecting/disconnecting controller devices

  • Crash when parsing release dates on specific Windows locale settings



  • Extra selection sound played on startup in Fullscreen mode

  • Some controller buttons do not work after restoring system from hibernation



  • Crash on startup in Desktop mode



  • Controller input handling switched to SDL library (supports DirectInput controllers) more info

  • Audio handling switched to SDL library

  • Option to customize folder tracking timings

  • Software tools can execute scripts

  • Option to restore Playnite window only when game was launched from UI

  • Added option to completely disable program and addon update checks

  • Install size is automatically calculated after game finishes installing

  • Emulation scanner exclusions now support relative definitions and regular expressions

  • Options to add system lock and logout actions to Fullscreen main menu

  • {ReleaseYear} variable can be used in web image search string

  • Installation status added to the explorer panel

  • Statistics view allows filtering by installed state


  • Updated web view component

  • Multi game edit dialog shows warning about unsaved changes even if no changes have been made

  • Some windows fail to properly restore saved size

  • Settings window doesn't remember size and position

  • Changing Desktop mode settings that require restart no longer switches to Fullscreen mode after restart

  • Emulation scanner importing duplicates if assigned roms are missing names

  • Adding new game doesn't properly set modified date as well

  • Game selection is not remember on app restart

  • Game menu showing some items incorrectly



  • Global search result order rankinng improvements (by darklinkpower)

  • Data editing dialogs now show warning about unsaved changes when closing

  • {PlayniteDir} variable can be used in software tools paths

  • Crashes related to lack of disk space are reported as such

  • Ruffle emulator profile

  • Added chd support to PPSSPP profiles


  • ScummVM game import script updated to support portable install and relative paths (by mobeck1)

  • "Match all filters" option doesn't properly filter lists when "None" field state is selected

  • Some windows do not fit properly on 768p screens

  • Cancelling game startup from a script or an extension doesn't set UI state properly in Fullscreen mode

  • Emulation scanner exclusions don't work properly on nested folders

  • Crash when shutting down Playnite related to Discord integration

  • Crash when assigning new category

  • Localized strings not displaying properly under certain Windows language settings



  • Option to control SafeSearch settings when using web image search

  • Long running global searches no longer prevent from typing new requests

  • Double click on global search results invokes primary action

  • Added profile for QT6 based RPCS3 versions


  • UI freezes for a long time when downloading unavailable image via web search

  • Cancelling metadata download stuck on long timeout doesn't work properly

  • Games imported via .lnk files are sometimes wrongly named

  • Crash when tracking games with invalid installation data

  • Fullscreen crash with invalid view settings

  • Crash when launching Fullscreen exe first after fresh installation



  • Crash when an extension is fetching selected games



  • Added BigPEmu emulator profile


  • Crash when installing a game via SDK

  • Metadata plugins being incorrectly disposed during bulk metadata download



  • Desktop mode window state issues introduced with 10.15 update



  • Distinct options to remove or keep completion untouched after playing a game for the first time


  • Application/window restore issues in Fullscreen mode

  • MS Store apps and games not showing up on manual scan dialog sometimes

  • Random crash when closing a window

  • Games imported via folder scan dialog have empty GameId field

  • Plugin settings opened in a dedicated window can display incorrectly

  • Search term exclusions can't be used on web image search dialog

  • Updated Bizhawk and MelonDS emulator profiles (by Coloradohusky)



  • Crash when editing filter presets via library manager

  • "Xinput Device Support" setting reverts to its default behavior upon losing and regaining window focus



  • Updated PCSX2 emulator profile

  • Filter preset order doesn't properly update on explorer panel

  • Better name handling of gzip ROM files

  • Crash in Fullscreen mode with some custom themes

  • Metadata download sometimes failing on game edit dialog

  • Future release dates get day-of-week display values (by Jeshibu)

  • Install size on stats view is calculated incorrectly

  • Theme previews not working in Blend



  • Possible company duplication when downloading metadata via game edit dialog

  • Creating new fields from game edit dialog is not working properly

  • Compatibility issues with some existing themes

  • Filter presets name changes not saving upon restart (by darklinkpower)

  • Add m3u format to Nintendo Gamecube profile of Dolphin emulator (by darklinkpower)



  • Crash on startup with eMixedNite theme



  • Option to indicate number of days played in game time played format (by darklinkpower)

  • Support to display total install size in statistics view (by darklinkpower)

  • Option to change filter preset sort order in library manager (by darklinkpower)

  • Add support to display game Added Date in game details (by darklinkpower)

  • Option to switch to Fullscreen mode from taskbar jump list (by Rioluuu)

  • Per game option to activate system HDR when a game launches (by lscholte)

  • Option to hide already imported games on folder scan dialog

  • Added support for playnite://playnite/search URI to open global search

  • Option to choose tracking mode for emulators

  • Option to control whether related ROM files should be merged during emulation scan

  • Backup configurations now support additional OutputDir variable to set target backup folder instead of just OutputFile

  • Fuzzy matching support in name filter

  • Option to show assigned ROMs on List view

  • Option to minimize Fullscreen mode from main menu


  • Updates to built-in platforms list and emulation profiles (by darklinkpower)

  • RMG emulator profile updated (by Rosalie241)

  • Proton existing in Steam library causes install size scan error (by NekuSoul)

  • Zoom steps are different when zooming in and out in grid view with the arrow keys

  • $StartedProcessId variable not available to emulator scripts

  • $SourceAction variable not available in post scripts

  • Toolbox theme packaging includes some VS related files that should be excluded

  • Various fixes to manual metadata download

  • Metadata priority settings not working properly with some plugins

  • Name field is overwritten during metadata download even if download of missing fields is enabled

  • Games can't be relaunched from tray menu if game tracking bugs out

  • Close to tray on startup not working if backup is also performed on startup

  • Lag when selecting game with long description text



  • Acronyms search support in name filter and global search (by darklinkpower)

  • Added main menu entry to restart Playnite (by darklinkpower)

  • Added support to show favorite games in tray (by darklinkpower)


  • Fixes to software tools configuration view

  • Updated several emulation profiles

  • Better error reporting for failures related to emulation scanner settings

  • Crash when setting sorting names during library update

  • Games not being detected during emulation scan due to ROM file extension case sensitivity



  • Some windows don't remember last position and size

  • Various issues related to metadata download from game edit dialog

  • Crash when importing non-exe file as software tool

  • Safe mode is not carried over when switching application modes

  • View settings not being saved during system shutdown

  • Some emulated games won't start properly if {EmulatorDir} variable is used as game installation folder

  • Opening game's installation folder doesn't work if {EmulatorDir} variable is used as game installation folder



  • Automatic install size scan overwrites manually set values

  • Some theme styles can't be previewed in Blend

  • Crash when importing emulated games after splitting them



  • Global search sometimes closes prematurely



  • Some Fullscreen themes causing crash on startup



  • Some Fullscreen themes causing crash on startup



  • Option to specify partial release date display format


  • Daily update triggers don't work properly

  • Can't confirm changes when editing game field with a controller in Fullscreen mode

  • Performance regression with some themes

  • "Start minimized" option not working

  • Various issues related to install size calculation (by darklinkpower)



  • Play time data being lost in some cases if automatic time import is set to "Always"


Some extensions by Lacro59 have been known to have compatibility issues with Playnite 10. If you depend on their extensions, consider not updating before affected extensions are fixed.


  • Global search view

  • Library backup and restore

  • Smooth scrolling for game lists

  • Ability to auto-fill the Sorting Name field when importing games (by Jeshibu)

  • New options to control play time sync behavior (by darklinkpower)

  • Sorting and grouping by recent activity (by darklinkpower)

  • Option to configure date display format (by darklinkpower)

  • Install size field (by darklinkpower)

  • Grouping by install drive (by darklinkpower)

  • Top panel button to randomly select game in the current view (by darklinkpower)

  • Option to configure default web image search terms

  • Right-click on top panel's filter button clears all filters

  • Option to define startup and shutdown application scripts

  • Option to go to game details from random game selection dialog

  • Option to create new completion status from game edit window

  • Option to exclude hidden games on statistics view

  • Library update on startup is automatically skipped if Internet connection is not available

  • Options to control update check behavior

  • Option to hide game name from details panels

  • Option to override installation status on automatically imported games

  • Quality of life improvements to metadata download configuration views

  • Added game tracking mode option that only tracks originally started process

  • Option to start on boot closed to tray

  • Option to start interactive PowerShell console with loaded Playnite SDK

  • Font preview when selecting application fonts

Fullscreen mode

  • Allow for more space between game covers in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to assign game fields in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to open filter preset selection via Left Stick button or R key

  • Option to restart in safe mode from Fullscreen mode

  • Option for Xbox / Guide controller button to restore Fullscreen mode into focus

  • Option to only accept inputs from primary controller

  • Option to invert A/B button bindings (for confirmation and cancellation actions)

  • Smooth scrolling of the game list


  • "Choose on startup" option for emulator play actions also available on emulator level

  • Option to override platform assignment on emulation scanner

  • Exclusion list support for emulation scanners

  • Option to disable scan of archives during emulation import

  • Option to exclude subfolders from emulation scan

  • Option to import emulated games under related file paths (enabled by default)

  • Import emulators using relative paths if possible

Fixed (only most noteworthy fixes mentioned)

  • Filter panel in Fullscreen mode doesn't scroll properly when using big font size

  • Filter presets are not scrolled into view when switching them in Fullscreen mode

  • Some Fullscreen views can't be closed using Backspace key

  • Saved window position is not properly constrained to connected displays if DPI changes

  • TGA metadata files are not properly converted on import

  • Grid View items disappear before they are fully out of view while scrolling

  • Game list doesn't update properly after switching filter preset in Fullscreen mode

  • Details view scroll position doesn't reset on game selection change

  • {EmulatorDir} variable not expanded in emulator scripts

  • Some game menu actions are very slow on large number of selected games

  • Better visual indicator of selected item on filter preset panel in Fullscreen mode

  • Ignore config, redistributables and game engine executables during executables scan

  • Fullscreen mode doesn't adjust properly to screen resolution changes

  • Sidebar doesn't update properly without re-launching Playnite

  • {InstallDirName} variable is not expanded properly in some cases

  • Grid view rendering glitches when grouping is enabled

  • Performance optimization to library filter

  • Better handling of m3u files when scanning emulated games

  • Better handling of emulated game files stored in long paths (260+ chars)

  • Restoring existing Fullscreen instance by starting its executable doesn't properly focus on opened views

  • Better keyboard input support on Fullscreen mode's text input dialog

  • Better handling of multi-disk emulated games

  • Importing emulated games from UNC shares doesn't work properly

  • Some game variables are not expanded properly in emulator configuration strings

  • Launching a game via random selection dialog can lead to wrong game being shown as running

  • Scrolling performance in Fullscreen mode slows down after opening game details for the first time

  • Games show wrong background image when scrolling through game list quickly

  • Clicking in the empty area of the zoom moves the bar but doesn't change zoom

  • Clicking empty part of horizontal scrollbar moves view vertically

  • No "Select Sound" is played when selecting a game with the mouse in Fullscreen mode

  • List view columns can be accidentally hidden by resizing

  • Play actions keep reappearing after being removed from already imported games

  • Emulator scanner does not pick up ROM files with double extensions

  • Missed inputs when multiple controllers are connected in Fullscreen mode



  • Media downloads via Google Images don't work



  • Updated web view component

  • Playnite not closing down properly during system shutdown

  • Grid view rendering glitches when grouping is enabled

  • Crash when removing games while grouping is enabled



  • PCSX2 nightly and dev emulator profiles


  • Selecting a game is laggy after switching views

  • Updated localizations

  • Game tracker is not handling failures correctly

  • List view columns can be accidentally hidden by resizing

  • Play actions keep reappearing after being removed from already imported games

  • Bulk metadata import not updating game name

  • Last activity not being updated correctly in some cases (by Jeshibu)

  • Playnite crashes when closing progress dialog using ATL-F4 or via window menu

  • Various crashes



  • Changing view settings is very slow with huge libraries



  • Folder scan ignores some executables incorrectly

  • Crash when filtering only assigned items on game edit dialog

  • Switching application modes doesn't work properly when switching during library update

  • Crash when renaming library fields

  • Possible delay or deadlock when shutting down Playnite externally



  • Crash when cancelling already cancelled progress dialog

  • Possible deadlock when getting WebView cookies using SDK

  • Publisher and Developer info not being saved properly in some cases



  • Application deadlock when starting add-on installation externally



  • Possible window freeze when browsing add-ons while network connection to add-on manifests is slow

  • Metadata are downloaded twice first time application is started

  • chd is not listed as supported file type for PCSX2

  • Scanning RPCS3 games fails completely if any of games have damaged metadata files

  • Crash if audio files in Fullscreen mode fail to load properly

  • Rare crash when changing view settings in Desktop mode

  • Crash when opening game menu in Fullscreen mode



  • Games and emulators using startup scripts don't start properly

  • Changing Fullscreen settings which require application request doesn't offer restart option

  • Theme previews don't work in Blend editor

  • Updated extension templates to use the latest SDK version

  • Made slight adjustments to Nahimic service warning message


  • Reverted per monitor DPI support until issue with windows not being displayed properly is investigated


  • Various startup issues introduced in 9.7 update



  • Show compatibility warning about Nahimic service

  • Filtering options when changing game fields (by Lacro59)

  • Option to override emulator arguments for built-in profiles

  • webp files are now selectable via file image selection dialogs

  • SwanStation profile for RetroArch (by DarthMew)

  • Built-in Xemu emulator profile


  • {PlayniteDir} variable can't be used in emulator installation folder field

  • Metadata download fails if there are game fields with no name in the library

  • Option to disable emulation library update on startup doesn't work

  • Updated web view component

  • Manually imported .lnk files have wrong startup configuration

  • Modified game date is not updated when new metadata are downloaded via bulk download

  • Wake on LAN doesn't work if computer is shut down from Playnite

  • Add-on installation/update failures are not reported properly

  • Missing PCSX2 and DuckStation RetroArch profiles

  • Auto-close client executing even if another game from the same library is running (by darklinkpower)

  • Input processing issues when a game is started from Fullscreen mode

  • Playnite is not properly DPI aware on configurations with multiple displays using different DPI settings

  • Various fixes related to metadata downloads

  • Several crash fixes and small improvements



  • Opening game links doesn't work in specific cases

  • Localization updates



  • Crash when shutting down Playnite

  • Crash when importing emulated games

  • Cannot type comma character in "Supported File Types" field

  • Overriding emulator arguments in game action configuration isn't working properly

  • Some folder links ignore custom folder open command settings

  • Local file paths don't open properly when in a game link

  • Crash when adding new Developer or Publisher

  • Crash when importing emulated games



  • Crash when adding new field from game edit window

  • Crash when removing filter presets while Explorer panel is open

  • Database migration fails on specific ROM paths

  • Fixed xbox emulator profiles

  • PowerShell runtime initialization error on Windows 7 is showed on every game startup

--9 to 9.3--

Playnite 9 contains breaking changes to both extensions and themes. Even though some developers already updated their add-ons and have P9 compatible versions available, not all did. Which means that if you absolutely depend on some specific theme or extension and they are not available for P9, you might want to wait with update to P9.

  • Removed IronPython and Batch game script support

  • Twitch integration is no longer supported, use Amazon Games integration instead.


  • Completely reworked emulation support (already imported games/emulators are not affected/broken by this update and will work as before)

  • New add-on browser (all existing extension/theme management and settings have been moved there as well from the old settings menu)

  • Audio feedback and background sound support in Fullscreen mode

  • Improved mouse and keyboard navigation in Fullscreen mode

  • Plaform, AgeRating, Region and Series fields can hold multiple values

  • Completion status is now fully customizable

  • Many improvements and new features in SDK

  • Improvements to startup speed (library load times)

  • Option to switch to Fullscreen from tray menu

  • Option to install add-ons via Playnite URI

  • Configurable buttons on top panel

  • Option to cancel library update in Fullscreen mode

  • URI command to open on specific game details

  • Support for game variables in game manual field

  • Show images dimensions in metadata comparison window

  • Scroll behaviour and layout options for Grid view

  • Playnite API and game object accessible in game scripts

  • Option to swap X/A button on main FS screen

  • Option to specify monospaced font (used by some text fields like scripts)

  • Option to save filter presets

  • Option to reset application settings to default

  • Option to not minimize Fullscreen app after starting a game

  • Option to keep main menu on top panel if sidebar is visible

  • Option to change play time tracking mode

  • Option to change font sizes in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to hide some items from Fullscreen main menu

  • Option to hide mouse cursor in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to show software tools on Sidebar

  • Option to force Fullscreen mode to always use primary display

  • Option to enable async image loading in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to disable XInput support in Fullscreen mode

  • Option to assign partial release dates

  • Image rendering quality/performance scaling options

  • Game groups on Grid view

  • Button to test game scripts

  • Allow multiple Play actions

  • Import exclusions are stored in the game library files

  • Support to search for specific resolutions during google image searches and added resolution presets.

  • Show address bar on WebView windows

  • Game scripts now share one runtime instance allowing them to share data between various events


  • Playnite's library data are now stored in less files and they are  locked while Playnite is running. This should fix data corruption issues  when syncing Playnite's files via could storage solutions.

  • Mouse scrolling doesn't work properly in FS mode

  • Sorting name is ignored when grouping by name

  • Prevent updating game library entries during library update when no data has changed

  • Game menu not visible fully under some circumstances

  • Don't prevent wake events when suspending/hibernating Windows from Playnite

  • "Recently played" tab in Fullscreen Mode doesn't update after launching game

  • Race condition during addon installation



  • EGS authentication not working



  • Humble import fails in some cases

  • Amazon integration doesn't import all games

As with 8.13, this version is only available as an update after you install 8.11. I can't make full installers available on the website (or github) because browsers and AV software will complain that Playnite is a virus, because these builds are not signed...



  • Added support for Diablo 2 Resurrected, Crash Bandicoot 4 and Blizzard Arcade Collection


  • Updated localizations

  • Steam games from different disk drives not imported correctly

  • Leaking process handles when tracking play time

  • Installed Origin games not being detected and launched properly

  • Incorrect metadata downloaded for some Epic games

  • Import of installed GOG games fails sometimes

  • Fullscreen mode dialogs are not rendered properly after exiting a game

  • Epic client not being detected as installed

  • authentication not working properly

  • Authentication using Google account doesn't work

As with 8.12, this version is only available as an update after you install 8.11. I can't make full installers available on the website (or github) because browsers and AV software will complain that Playnite is a virus, because these builds are not signed...

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