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average rating is 4 out of 5
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It's an experimental high-level emulator PS2 emulator with the goal of achieving the best accuracy. The current benefits are it doesn't need a BIOS since it has easy configuration in regards to no custom settings to fix specific games, support for CHD disc images, straight forward design and a few others...


Windows: Requires DirectX Runtime

Linux: None reported

Mac: None reported

Android: None reported

Most Recent Changes


  • Minor optimizations.

  • Compatibility improvements (Fatal Frame 2/3).

  • Fixed map rendering in Oneechambara games.

  • Reorganized Namco System 147 arcadedefs and added some new ones.


  • It's that time of the month again, with yet another bunch of progress to report. I've been into my "horror mood" for some time since I've finished Fatal Frame 1 last month, so the obvious choice among the PS2 library was the sequel. All fine until the first... 10 seconds in-game: the voice started to loop in the most irritating way, but I had to progress past this. With the sound disabled I've made yet another 10 seconds to a point where I would reach a new area aaaand... the emulator hanged. Ok, I'm not even mad (lies...), after some few days of my report the game issue was fixed (and yes, it was sound related). No more sound loops, no more hanging, game worked fine until the very end and yay, yet another playable for our list. Next? Fatal Frame III obviously, I'm not done with my ghost hunting hype! Similar to the looping sound issue from Fatal Frame II, the third game on the series had the same issue with some specific voice lines looping nonstop, but the fix from the second game fixed this. So nothing else could go wrong, right? Nope, after some hours playing, at the point where you need to listen to a tape in-game to be able to progress, not only the character became invisible but we also had a nice soft lock (game was running, but there's nothing you could do to progress). Time to make another report and some days later the developer made a branch of the project with a fix and nothing else went wrong with the game, another win for the compatibility list. Please note that this fix was not yet merged, but you can download a version with the improvement from here if you're interested in playing the game right now and don't want to wait [LINK]. This was most of my back and forth development wise, the rest of the list below "just worked", so my efforts were only putting the hours into testing every single game and finishing them to confirm they're playable.


  • Not yet indicated...


  • Preliminary Namco System 256 support.

  • Added drive and drum support for select Namco System 246/256 games.

  • Compatibility improvements: Shadow Tower Abyss improved its status, other hanging games were fixed.

  • Some minor optimizations.

  • Android: Added Korean translation and other localization updates.

--0.60 / 0.61--

  • He indicated too much to list out since the previous official release (0.56), but many compatibility updates and some optimizations.

  • Over 930 games confirmed to be playable since last time.

  • Preliminary Namco System 246 support. This is only supported in the desktop version at the moment.


  • Fix code style.

  • Move definitions.

  • Allow viewing PSMCT24 textures in Vulkan frame debugger.

  • Only report requested amount of coin slots.

  • Report requested amount of player switches.

  • Prevent deletion of EE idle thread

  • Fix build.

  • Improved PFS reader.

  • Reset known memory cards when IOP is reset.

  • Report « no multitap » to prevent games from thinking we have one.

  • Add warning.

  • Flush Q pipeline when microprogram ends.

  • Support deleting all functions from a module easily.

  • Catch potential exceptions when reseting the VM.

  • Trigger overflow when counter is actually overflowed.

  • Misc fixes


  • No comments


  • No comments


  • Compatibility fixes: Kaena, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and Dawn of Mana improved their statuses. Notable playable game report additions from compatibility testing:
    - World Super Police
    - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow
    - Defender
    - Devil May Cry 3 - Special Edition
    - Legend of the Dragon
    - Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2


  • Compatibility fixes: Soul Eater: Battle Resonance, Super Monkey Ball, Battle Construction Arena now go in-game, Arc The Lad games improved their status.


This release also marks the milestone of 600 playable games!

  • Fixed some more issues with CD-ROM CHD support (ex.: Zombie Virus).

  • Improved handling of floating point clamping, fixing issues with games like TMNT3, Drakengard and many others.

  • Other compatibility fixes (Toy Story 3, Wall-E are now playable).

  • Fixed some save state stability issues.

  • Desktop: Added a way to disable close confirmation popup.


  • Faster state loading and saving! Saved states now use zstd compression and some tweaks were made to make state loading faster.

  • Compatibility improvements: Oretachi collection games and SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone are now playable.

  • Fixed a couple of memory card issues, fixing 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Obscure: The Aftermath.


  • Many compatibility improvements: Operation WinBack 2, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, 007: Agent Under Fire, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Powerdrome and many others improved their status. There are now over 500 playable games (approx. 25%) reported in the compatibility tracker!

  • Fixed dual-layer DVD issues in Champions of Norrath.

  • Fixed memory card issues in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

  • Fixed hang that could occur while playing FPS sections of Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers.

  • Added CD-ROM CHD support.


  • Many compatibility improvements: Devil May Cry 2, Onimusha: Blade Warriors, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, Airblade, Ironman, Constantine and many others improved their status.

  • Fixed issue that could cause saved states to corrupt IOP's memory upon loading.

  • Play! is now available on Flathub


  • Huge compatibility improvements: Dirge of Cerberus, Tekken 5, Ninja Assault, X-Men Legends, Ape Escape 2 & 3 and many more improved their status. There are now over 420 playable games reported in the compatibility tracker.

  • Desktop: Compatibility status of games is now visible in the cover view screen. Games can also be sorted by compatibility status.

  • Desktop: Added a toggle to enable GS RAM reads in video settings. Disabling RAM reads can help increase performance in some games (ex.: SSX3). Effective only when using Vulkan.

  • Browser/JavaScript port is now available (still experimental). You can try it here.


  • Compatibility improvements: Star Wars Clone Wars, Winter Sports 2008 and RPG Maker 3 improved their status.

  • Fixed IOP crashes occurring randomly in Shadow Hearts 2.

  • Improved idle detection functions. Helps performance in many games.

  • Desktop: Cover view now appears at application launch.


  • Compatibility improvements: Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, SLAI and others improved their status.

  • Fixed regression in Bakugan.

  • Reworked frame limiter code, should help with performance in some games.


  • Compatibility improvements: Atelier Marie & Elie and Tairyou Jigoku now go ingame.

  • Fixed regression in Mushihimesama. Goes back ingame.

  • Fixed sound/music issues in Kingdom Hearts.

  • Vulkan: Improved handling of min & mag filters (some games should look less blocky).

  • iOS: Added support for AltServer JIT activation. This needs to be enabled in the settings.

  • Android: Improved position of FPS label on notched screens.

  • Android: Fixed crashes.


  • Compatibility fixes: Okage: The Shadow King and Way of the Samurai now go in-game. Kya Dark Lineage now goes in menus.

  • Fixed colors in Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Rally Championship 95 in Vulkan GS handler.

  • Linux: Fixed issues with controller support.

  • Win32: Don't use SIMD optimized texture update routines if SSSE3 is not available (and prevent crashing).

  • Desktop: Fixed Vulkan GS handler being available even though fragment shader interlock extension was not available.

  • Android: Built using Android 11 (SDK 30) target. This means the 'Play Data Files' folder has been moved to the app's internal data folder. A migration system is available to move your files from the old folder to the new location. Please note that from now on, uninstalling the app will remove all of its data (memory card and save states).

  • Android: "Add Folder" feature for Android 11 devices. You can select a folder that contains your PS2 games to be added to the emulator. Full device scanning is still available for Android 10 and below.

  • iOS: Improved feedback of game scanning process to prevent users from facing a black screen when they launch the emulator.


  • Fixed soft-lock issue with Onimusha: Warlords occurring on targets built with clang.

  • Android: Added support for Vulkan. Still in experimental stages: there are known issues with Adreno GPUs, but should work ok on Mali and PowerVR GPUs.

  • Android: Fixed a few crashes.


  • Improve handling of unconventional CRT configurations, fixing games such as Metal Slug 4 & 5 and Silent Hill 2 & 3.

  • Vulkan: Added Vulkan support in Frame Debugger.

  • Vulkan: Converted part of the draw fragment shader to use integer operations for more accuracy (ex.: shadows in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness).

  • Vulkan: Fixed an issue with HWREG handling. Fixes rendering in Tales of Legendia.

  • Android: Added a new 'Add Folder' button, in preparation for the upgrade to Android 11. In the future, the emulator won't be able to automatically scan your Android device for games anymore: it will only be possible to add games through the 'Add Folder' button.


  • Compatibility fixes (PAL FF12, Sims 2: Castaway, Rainbow Six 3, Onimusha: Warlords)

  • Add support for CHD disc images.

  • Minor optimizations.

  • iOS: It's now possible to select a save/load state slot.

  • iOS: Fixed Vulkan/Metal device being lost when app goes in background.

  • iOS: Made some QoL improvements to the virtual pad.

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