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0.17.0 / 03-11-2023





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OxyROMon is a cross-platform opinionated CLI ROM organizer written in Rust. Like most ROM managers, it checks ROM files against known good databases. It is designed with archiving in mind, as such it only supports original and lossless ROM formats. Sorting can be done in regions mode, in so-called 1G1R mode, or both. Please check Git for more details.



  • Clean temporary files immediately in convert-roms

  • Include Non-Redump DATs in the grouped subsystems

  • Don't create empty directories

  • Fix paths displayed on Windows

  • Add support for importing CIA files


  • Use original names for PSN stuff

  • Add a language whitelist setting

  • Always name archives after the game name

  • Add support for NSZ

  • Expose most settings in the web UI

  • Make ignored status take precedence over complete status in the web UI

  • Additionally match the whole flag string to allow discarding specific flag combinations

  • Make purge-roms physically delete orphan ROMs


  • Use archive name and directory names in the archive when importing arcade games

  • Also use the file name in the archive when importing arcade games

  • Rework import-roms to only ask for a system when desired or necessary

  • Rework rebuild-roms to make it a lot faster

  • Fix completion computation for arcade systems

  • Don't automatically trash invalid roms, put the mechanic behind a flag

  • Add a flag to force import existing roms

  • Use native rust implementations by default (openssl-sys -> rustls, libz-sys -> miniz_oxide)


  • Fix game filtering in the web UI with the new 1G1R system


  • Add the ability to sort ROMs in alphabetical subfolders

  • Add a catch-all region ZZ in REGIONS_ALL for the sort-roms hybrid mode

  • Add a GROUP_SUBSYSTEMS toggle, if true merge variants of the same system in a single directory

  • Support MAME DAT files that use non-standard machine instead of game tags

  • Add various compression settings for 7Z, ZIP and RVZ

  • Add a new generate-playlists subcommand

  • Fix pure 1G1R sorting with parent-clone groups that have no ROMs

  • Add a REGIONS_ONE_STRICT option to switch between strict and lenient 1G1R election

  • Fix 1G1R sorting when revisions are clones

  • Display an appropriate message when a ROM has already been imported

  • Add a PREFER_FLAGS to give a boost to specific flags in the 1G1R election process

  • Add PREFER_PARENTS, PREFER_REGIONS and PREFER_VERSIONS settings to influence the 1G1R election process


  • Remove the ROM original extension from archives, it makes RetroArch name its saves differently between imported and non imported games

  • Fix the sort-roms prompt to proceed

  • Allow creating solid 7z archives

  • Skip games with unparseable names in import -dats

  • Fix successive import of invalid ROMs with the same name in import -roms

  • Greatly speed up purge -systems


  • Change --missing to --wanted in sort -roms to avoid confusion with the same purge -roms flag

  • Add a purge -systems subcommand (WIP)


  • Fix import-roms CLI flags

  • Fix import-roms 7Z CRC parsing


  • Put CHD, CSO and RVZ support behind features

  • Add support for PS3 IRD files, along with a new import-irds subcommand

  • Add support for PS3 updates and DLCs

  • Allow selecting the checksum algorithm in import-roms (useful for JB folders which only provide MD5)

  • Add a new benchmark subcommand (Linux only for now) to measure the performance of checksum algorithms

  • Support moving files across different filesystems

  • Fix a parsing issue on DAT files with duplicate "clrmamepro" fields


  • Fix RVZ conversion


  • Fix version sorting in 1G1R when parent is missing or unwanted

  • Treat the first elligible clone as parent in 1G1R when parent is missing

  • Greatly improve completion calculation in sort-roms

  • Add support for the Atari 7800 header definition

  • Embed some no-intro header definitions and use them as fallback

  • Add initial support for arcade systems

  • Add a new rebuild-roms subcommand for arcade ROM sets

  • Add support for RVZ via dolphin-tool

Show Previous Changes


  • Use transactions for increased database performance

  • Add an optional GraphQL API and a basic web UI, behind the server feature

  • Store ROM files' actual size in database

  • Store system and game completion status in database

  • Store game sorting in database (all regions, one region, ignored)


  • Use a database connection pool

  • Fix importing archives with invalid files


  • Add a new download-dats subcommand

  • Use dialoguer for prompts

  • Support importing ISO compressed as CHD

  • Support converting between ISO and CHD

  • Support converting directly between supported formats (as opposed to having to revert to original beforehand)

  • Optionally print statistics after each conversion


  • Use shiratsu_naming to parse No-Intro names

  • Drop releases, we don't need them

  • Delete obsolete roms when importing updated dats and automatically reimport orphan romfiles

  • Move failed imports to the trash directories

  • Fix headered ROMs handling

  • Add a unique constraint to the settings::key column

  • Simplify discard settings, please refer to the new documentation

  • Remove the ability to delete a setting

  • Allow purge-roms to delete orphan romfiles

  • WARNING The internal region format is now TOSEC's, all DATs need to be reimported for this change to take effect.


  • Replace refinery with sqlx migrate

  • Add a check-roms subcommand


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