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Nostlan (formally Bottlenose) is a high quality front-end launcher for gaming emulators which supports Windows, Linux and MacOs. It's currently capable of launching more mainstream emulators with nice features and its future looks quite bright!

Current Features

  • unified UI for mouse/gamepad interaction
  • designed for UHD displays and projectors
  • checks multiple database sites for the highest quality box art
  • nostalgic UI themes for each supported console
  • fancy scroll direction alternation effect on rows in cover view mode
  • most controllers connect to Bottlenose automatically, no setup required including Xbox One, PS4 Dualshock, and Switch Pro controllers
  • gamecube controller adapter supported with gca-js
  • advanced customization: edit launch commands and change game art


Os: 64-bit Only

Linux: Users must install libvips (a fast image processing library)

Most Recent Changes


  • Ryujinx is now the default Nintendo Switch emulator. If you already had Yuzu installed it'll still work with Nostlan though.

  • Update for the switch database to include "Princess Peach: Showtime!".


  • This update adds some new names to the Patreon supporter credits as well as updated databases and general bug fixes.


  • Nostlan will ask for confirmation if you try to sync saves that are more than 2 days old. And yes I did implement this feature AFTER accidentally overwriting my Tears of the Kingdom saves with old save data from July. 😭 So now you won't have to suffer like I did lol.

  • Also when Nostlan starts it will auto-sync, updating all emulator saves from your backup location. Nostlan will ask to confirm old save syncs during auto-updates too! Previously, Nostlan only auto-updated saves for the system's default emulator.


Huge thanks to the Ryujinx devs and Discord mods for helping me with this update! 🥳

  • cross-platform save syncing for Ryujinx is now available!

  • updated Nintendo Switch database now includes Super Mario Bros. Wonder

  • finally fixed Nostlan crashing sometimes after controller disconnects, which was so annoying!

Unfortunately the crashes were caused by gca-js and it's an issue with native code not playing nice with the latest versions of Electron, so not something I could fix. It happens even when a GameCube Controller Adapter isn't plugged in, so I'm just removing support for it sorry.

I tested Ryujinx save backup and syncing between my MacBook and gaming PC, should work with Linux too! Super Mario Bros. Wonder performs great on M1 Macs so it's awesome to be able to sync progress across devices. Yuzu save syncing is already supported. 🤝

WARNING: To start syncing saves between computers, one of your computer's saves must be overwritten. Backup after using an emulator via Nostlan on the computer which has the saves you'd like to sync. Then sync on your other computer, which should either have no saves on it or previous saves that you're willing to overwrite.


  • updated Nintendo Switch database includes Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!


  • updated premium feature support for 2023

  • added system shutdown feature, on the nostlan menu press L and R on a game controller, a confirmation window will appear (macOS and Linux users have to run Nostlan as admin or in sudo/super user mode to enable this feature)

  • fixed DS Player


  • PSP system support and PPSSPP emulator support!

  • supports Ryujinx, Cemu, and RPCS3 on macOS!

  • all emulator app install links updated

  • fixed a bug that prevented JS based in-app emulators from working on macOS

  • the DS Player (DeSmuME wasm based) emulator touch screen now works

  • em-fceux now fully functioning with support for second controller and zapper

  • Nostlan will no longer force users to download updates to Nostlan

  • Full progress report:


This update is a bit half baked but I figured it was time to release an update and I will keep working on this later!

  • Nintendo Gamecube database update of 400+ high quality discs. To make Nostlan download these discs, delete all files named "disc" from your wii/images folder. Then in the Nostlan menu go to the edit game library menu, then rescan game library, then scan for images.

  • Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is ready! Play SMD games with webretro, exporting and importing saves doesn't work yet though.

  • I am adding a few other in-app JavaScript and WASM based emulators such as DS player (touch screen functionality not working yet)

  • bug fixes, as always

  • macOS builds that work are coming soon! Sorry mac users, Apple codesigning is to blame!  :(


  • Support for N64 and Xbox!
    Project64 3.0, Mupen64Plus, Cxbx-Reloaded, and xemu supported on macOS and Windows! (Linux support coming soon)

  • auto-installer bug fixes


Apple Silicon M1 chip macOS users should download the arm64 build

  • added Dutch translations

  • fixes for PlayStation controller recognition

  • updated database files

  • yuzu is now the default Nintendo Switch emulator

--Beta 1.22.x New redesign!--

  • improved support for Apple M1 chip Macs!

  • skeuomorphic plastic menu redesign

  • improved Switch Pro controller support

  • several UI bugs fixes

  • support for .rvz Dolphin files

  • upgraded to latest version of Electron (currently v15.2.0) to take advantage of new css size-adjust descriptor added this summer

Coming Soon in Version 2.0

  • system and emulator support add-ons to Nostlan so that other developers and users can more easily add support for other systems and emulators modularly. Stayed tuned to the development channel on Discord for progress updates!


  • Windows users should download the Setup .exe

  • no beta release available for Linux at this time

  • macOS users with Intel chip should download the mac zip

  • macOS users with the Apple M1 chip should download the arm64 mac zip

Windows 10 users must enable developer mode so Nostlan can make symlinks!

--1.21.x BIG update--

This is a BIG update to Nostlan with two shiny new features!

Built-in Image Browser

In the event Nostlan doesn't automatically find high quality images of one of your game's cover/box, users can now download image assets right within Nostlan using an in-app web browser. This is possible because Nostlan is an Electron app meaning it's built on top of Chromium, a web browser. All it takes is three steps: click on an image, click the download button, select the type of image (front cover, back cover, etc.) and Nostlan will do the rest!

Nostlan will download the image file right into game's image folder and renames the file to the type of image you specified. For now the image must be actually clicked on for Nostlan to work its magic, not selected using arrow keys. I will work on making that possible in the future.

Label Maker

Before using the image browser to download images, users should first try manually identifying any mis-identified or unidentified games by selecting the game and going to the edit menu. The user will then be able to edit handwritten labels on the game. The labels have autocomplete suggestions from Nostlan's game databases. (BETA testers: I will make a sticker to indicate which games are unidentified before the release of this update. For now assume all games without cover images are unidentified.)

Open Box Menus Finished!

This update adds open box menus I made for the Nintendo 3DS and PS3. Now every supported system in Nostlan now has an open box menu!

  • the open box menu is now preloaded during the game library loading sequence, so there is way less loading delay when opening game boxes

  • support for changes made to MAME and Xenia

  • the default emulator for switch is now Ryujinx

  • the default emulator for ds is now melonDS

  • app builds now available for new Apple ARM chip Macs (not tested)

  • consolidation of the user preferences files

Show Previous Changes

--1.20.x Ryujinx save backup/syncing--

  • Added support for Ryujinx LDN (multiplayer build)

  • Added support for backup/sync of Ryujinx save files [Patreon supporter feature]

  • Created an alternate game library viewing mode, which is now the default, it's a single direction scrolling page of games, though it maintains the reel based design. The old alternating scroll layout can be enabled in the appearance settings.

  • fixes v1.19.x issues where Nostlan would crash if a controller disconnected

  • major update to contro-ui v3, my UI framework I made for Nostlan

  • [v1.20.5] updated the switch database 2/13/2021, includes Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

  • [v1.20.7] fixed macOS build, properly codesigned, reverted sharp to v0.26.2

  • [v1.20.15] fixed bug that made using other languages not work

  • [v1.20.16] improved auto-install on linux and fixes


  • fixes a bug in v1.18.x that could prevent Nostlan from starting on windows, my bad :(

1.18.x New App Icon (macOS 11 styling)

  • adds support for using multiple controllers with Nostlan simultaneously

  • hot swapping between controllers of different types like gamecube and xbox was previously impossible, not anymore!

  • fixes issues with preferences files not being updated properly

  • fixed Citra and Yuzu install on windows

1.17.x Enhanced Error Reporting

  • Displays emulator app error log in the error window. MAME is now (properly) supported on Linux!

  • unexpected errors that crash Nostlan no longer cause it to freeze, they're caught and shown to the user in the UI error window

--1.16.x em-fceux support!--

--1.15.x New Feature: Automated Install of Emulator Apps--

--1.14.x Controller Settings Menu added--

Read the update log for info about this release

--1.13.x Switch Pro Controller Support Added--

--1.12.x Updated Switch Database--

  • Linux users must install libvips (a fast image processing library)

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