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NooDS is an experimental open-source Nintendo DS emulator with the goal of being fast and portable. It's currently available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and the Nintendo Switch. 

That said, it doesn't provide high-level emulation of the BIOS yet. To actually run games, you'll need BIOS files (bios7.bin and bios9.bin) and firmware (firmware.bin) placed in the same directory as the executable. On the Switch, you'll also need to have a ROM file (rom.nds) in the directory.


Automatic builds are provided via GitHub Actions.

Windows: Install Visual C++ runtime library

Linux & Mac: Install wxWidgets and PortAudio

Most Recent Changes

Get back some of the performance that GBA support took There's a lot of stuff I want to clean up (honestly the whole codebase feels like a major OCD attack) but GBA support is working pretty well and I want to get it merged into master. Hopefully I can find the motivation to do some cleanup afterwards (I'm always putting it off, bleh).

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