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1.52.1 / 31-03-2024

Nestopia UE




average rating is 3.9 out of 5
average rating is 5 out of 5
average rating is 4.5 out of 5

Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) is a fork of the original Nestopia, but with several enhancements and bug fixes. While being less ressource intensive than others, it still has great accuracy. That said, it does include support for multiple platforms, save states, movie maker, rewinder and much more..!


Windows: 32-bit+

Linux: Please follow instructions from linux botton.

Most Recent Changes



  - FLTK: Allow loading more compressed file types (xiota)

  - FLTK: Fix text drawing time calculation (xiota)
  - FLTK: Only explicitly check for Darwin at build time (orbea)
  - FLTK: Clean up input code, use callbacks for polling input


  - Support for Mapper 81 (NTDEC N715021)
  - Support for Mapper 227.1 (BMC 120-IN-1)
  - Support for Mapper 354 (submapper 0 and 1)
  - Zapper support for Fruit Shinobi (EstebenZapataME)
  - New palettes from HighNES and FBX

  - Pass sprdma_and_dmc_dma and sprdma_and_dmc_dma_512 tests
  - CHR banking in TxcPoliceman - Policeman (Spain) (En) (Gluk Video) (Unl)
  - Increase maximum PRG size for VRC2 to handle modern VRC2 hacks
  - Simplify MMC5 heuristics to better handle newer hacks and homebrew
  - Fix mirroring glitch in mapper 156



  - FLTK: Update to latest lodepng
  - FLTK: Use NST prefix for data directories in build (cpasjuste)

  - FLTK: Better frame timing on non-60Hz screens
  - win32: Fix minor code problems (mjunix)


  - Add support for Unlicensed MMC3 boards with PRG ROM over 512K
  - Add support for Mapper 258 (UNL-158B)
  - Add support for Mapper 400 (UNL-RET-X7-GBL)

  - Remove options for 8-bit audio and sample rates below 44100Hz
  - Improve heuristics for VRC2/4 boards

  - Fix IPS patching in cases where patches overlap ROM region boundaries
  - Improve handling of fast sequential reads to 0x2007
  - Improve opcode 9c and 9e timing
  - Correct implementation of PPU Open Bus



 - Unofficial support for macOS via homebrew

 - FLTK: Better audio buffer management
 - FLTK: Fix bug related to system-wide NstDatabase.xml loading

 - Mappers 162, 302, 554 (UNL-FS304, UNL-KS7057, UNL-KS7010)
 - Add database entries for Micro Mages, Nong Chang Xiao Jing Ling

 - Accuracy fix for MMC3 and MMC6 IRQ timing
 - Accuracy fix for DMC DMA read conflicts
 - Accuracy fix for CPU Exec Space PPUIO

Show Previous Changes



 - Merged the win32 sources back into the main codebase
 - Change versioning scheme
 - Avoid possible trademark infringement in controller image
 - Switch from GTK to FLTK for Linux/BSD port
- Use Legacy OpenGL (Compatibility Profile)


 - Mappers 306, 307, 312
 - Convert many UNIF boards to NES 2.0 mappers

 - Use Nestopia core from jgemu

 - Timing and other accuracy fixes for CPU/APU
 - Revert changes that caused regressions
 - Fix Camerica mapper for Dooly Bravo Land
 - Improve MMC5 emulation for Sim City
 - Fix 8K PRG NROM games such as Galaxian
 - Full implementation of mapper 156
 - Fix SOROM saving/loading
 - Fix FDS IRQ behaviour
 - Improve RAMBO-1 timing
 - Fix support for Korean Igo (Korea) (Unl)
 - Implement mirroring for UNL-KOF97
 - Rewrite NAMCOT-175 and NAMCOT-340
 - Assign UNL-CC-21 to mapper 27 and fix CHR bank swapping






- Added ability to output data from homebrew module (Phil Smith)



- Button shift option

- Input bitmask support (TwinAphex)

- Enhanced core options (TwinAphex)

- Build in NstDatabase.xml



- Homebrew module (Phil Smith)

- Support for mapper 31 (rainwarrior)

- Support for mappers 28 and 30 (retro-wertz)

- Support for UNL-KS7031 (retro-wertz)

- Support for MMC3 Big CHR-RAM Board


- Deterministic Save States (creambits)






- Added more palettes to extras

- Game-specific custom palettes

- Scale factors up to 8x

- Added option to enable overclocking

- Added rewind controls to gamepad

- Famicom Mic support

- Optional JACK Audio support (McKayJT)

- Added .wav sample loading


- Separated GTK+ and SDL input settings

- Removed deprecated functions from UI

- Use GTK+ OpenGL widget for GUI (Wayland support)

- Reworked Alternate Speed/Fast-Forward

- Allow mapping more than 9 joysticks (Lou-Cipher)

- Restructured build system, separated SDL and GTK builds

- Cursor options split int normal and special cursor options


- Fixed automatic ROM patching, improved patching function (hugoarpin)



- Add support for multiline cheats and raw cheats (iLag)

- Add adapter autoselect using NstDatabase.xml (hunterk)

- Famicom Mic support

- Cheevos ram access support (meepingsnesroms)

- Add .wav sample loading


- Fixed heap corruption bug with crosshair (Arto Vainiolehto)

- Fixed black screen when non-existent custom palette is selected

- Fixed crosshair and overscan with blargg filter



- Added support for overclocking (meepingsnesroms)


- Fixed NSF and FDS in Dendy mode (Eugene.S)

- Fixed coding mistake in PPU (zeromus)

- Modified submappers for VRC2/VRC4 games (GeneralFailer)

- Fixed compilation error in SetRamPowerState (Arto Vainiolehto)

- Fix for McAcc games (joepogo)






- Remember previous ROM directory (fabiengb)

- Added an option to disable the cursor

- Added ability to load custom palettes

- Added many palettes to extras (FirebrandX, BMF, others)

- Added monochrome blargg NTSC filter

- Added new build systems: CMake and Autotools (David Seifert)


- TV Aspect Ratio changes depending on region


- Made the region selector more coherent

- Fixed a bug that switches video modes rapidly

- Revamped region selector code

- Fixed fullscreen switching too fast

- Fixed region selector when the XML database is not present



- Added ability to load custom palettes

- Added many palettes (Monroe88)

- Added monochrome blargg NTSC filter (dalter)

- Added Turbo A/B buttons



- RAM Power-on State setting

- Support for mapper 23.10


- VRC2 Mirroring bug (koitsu, lidnariq)

- Dendy timing and audio fixes (FHorse, Eugene.S)

- Removed unused code in APU

- Properly initialize RAM - fixes F-1 Race (koitsu)

- Silenced many build warnings (orbea)






- On-screen text when saving/loading states

- Basic NSF player

- PNG Screenshots

- Quick State Save/Load menu items

- Open Recent menu item

- Ability to pause games when configuration dialog is open

- Customizable NTSC filter options

- Support for Mac OS X


- Updated to modern OpenGL (version 3.2 minimum)


- Empty audio buffer when volume is set to 0

- Input config now accepts joystick buttons over 10



- Game Genie Sound Distortion option

- Region selection core option


- Default to "consumer" palette

- Vertical and Horizontal overscan options separated


- Fixed FDS save path



- Added support for MC-ACC (perilsensitive)

- Added NstDatabase.xml entries (clobber)

- Added support for NES 2.0 submappers

- Added support for mapper 4.1

- Added support for mapper 4.3

- Added support for mapper 23.15

- Added support for mapper 25.15

- Added support for mapper 32.1

- Added support for mapper 68.1

- Added support for mapper 71.1

- Added support for mapper 78.1

- Added support for mapper 78.3


- Reverted fix for Mapper 79

- Fixed Burai Fighter status area (perilsensitive)

- FME-7 IRQ Fix (lidnariq)

- Disabled buggy audio sync




Unix Shell:


- Input config bugfixes

- Only go fullscreen when the game is actually playing




Unix Shell:


- Mask Overscan option

- Disable GUI option

- Command line interface

- Scale Factor and Filters can be changed while playing

- Zapper support

- Palette and Picture options

- Ability to turn Vsync on/off

- Alternate emulation speed

- libao audio output (handles ALSA, OSS, Pulse, etc)

- More volume controls

- Turbo Buttons A and B


- Ported to SDL 2.0

- Completely rewrote config file handling

- Completely rewrote input config and input handling

- Completely rewrote cheats

- Removed ALSA and OSS audio output

Windows Shell:


- xBR dialog now updates video output when options change



- Ability to load NstDatabase.xml (needed for some games)

- Overscan masking (themaister)

- Palette options

- Zapper support


- Region detection based on NstDatabase.xml



- Game Genie sound distortion option

- Mapper 210 (NAMCOT-175, NAMCOT-340)


- Hard Drivin' now playable (dragon2snow)

- Kaettekita Mario Bros. fix (dragon2snow)

- Fix for rewinder sound issue (steelywing)

- Typos and syntax error fixes (lioncash)

- Fix for Mickey's Safari in Letterland (joepogo, james)




Unix Shell:


- Added the ability to switch FDS disks for multi-disk games

- xBR filter options

- Support for more archive formats through libarchive

- Differentiated Soft/Hard Reset


- Removed internal zip and 7zip decoders in favour of libarchive

- Replaced gtk_key_snooper with key_press_event and key_release_event


- 7zip CRC check segfault

Windows Shell:


- xBR filter options


- Redundant TV Aspect checkbox removed from NTSC filter dialog

- Modified default sound settings to avoid desync



- blargg's NTSC filter core option

- L/R now insert coins on Vs. System games



- xBR filter added - Hyllian, notBald


- Triangle volume bug in Dendy mode - emu-russia

- NTSC filter background colour fix - blargg




Unix Shell:


- Support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD

- TV Aspect Ratio option added

- 2xSaI filter option exposed


- Renamed Linux port to Unix port

- Removed status bar

- General UI improvements

- Stop warning about unused results

- SDL is the default sound API on Linux, the only one on the BSDs

- Drag and Drop re-enabled


- Fixed SDL sound crashes

- Fixed Movie Record crash

- Loading a state when none exists no longer resets

- Fixed bug that causes "Enter" to toggle fullscreen

- GUI responsiveness glitches when failing to output sound fixed

Windows Shell:


- TV Aspect is more accurate - W.M. Martinez



- libretro port done by Themaister and twinaphex



- Merged a fix for Mapper 79 that affects "Puzzle (Unl)" -   shalma

- Fixed a PPU bug that causes problems in "The Young Indiana   Jones

Chronicles" - Art Vandelae, plasturion, and James

- Mapper 143 fix that affects "Dancing Blocks (Unl)" -   shalma




Linux Shell:


- Fullscreen defaults to native screen resolution


- Completely rewrote the GUI (except for Cheat Manager and Archive   Selector)

- More traditional look and feel

- Improved input configuration

- Keyboard shortcuts

- More functionality exposed directly through GUI

- Better looking icons

Windows Shell:


- Updated icons, about dialog, copyright

- Merged the remaining features from Unofficial 1.41.1




Linux Shell:


- Added native support for D-pads (Hat Switches)

- Added an About dialog box

- Added icons and a desktop menu entry


- Fixed the 100% CPU usage bug

- Fixed the "Error writing setting!" bug (patch from Arch   Linux)




Linux shell:


- Fixed a braindead SRAM path issue

Windows Shell:


- Merged win32 fixes from Unofficial Build 1.41.1




Linux Shell:


- Added install/uninstall targets to Makefile


- Ported to GTK+3

- Changed default sound API to ALSA (SDL audio has problems on some   computers)

- Changed default renderer to OpenGL with a scale factor of 2

- Changed binary name to "nestopia"

- SRAM now saves to ~/.nestopia/save (for people who have roms on a   read-only network share)

- Automatically install a new nstcontrols file to ~/.nestopia if it   doesn't exist

- Install NstDatabase.xml to a proper location on the filesystem   instead of forcing the user to manually copy it to ~/.nestopia


- Fixed numerous compiler warnings.


Unofficial 1.41.1 - by Geestarraw 




- Added fullscreen support for non-primary monitor displays.

- Modified Video Options dialog component layout and added device   index to

identify mutiple monitors.

- Refactoring.

- Code documentation.


- Fixed so menu is still displayed after fullscreen monitor to monitor   switch.



- Converted solution and projects to Visual Studio 2010.

- Improved version enumeration previously locked to x.xx (exactly 3   digits) to

be anything from y.y, y.y.y, and y.y.y.y (where y can be up to 4   digits).

- Changed build output target to nestopia.exe.


- Fixed bug in version enumeration always excluding highest version   number.

- Moved unofficial 1.41 release notes to official changelog file.


Unofficial 1.41 - by Keith Kelly


This is an unofficial maintenance   release I created to fix an annoying joystick lag issue.

This lag was particularly bad when   VSync was enabled. The original   Nestopia author (Martin

Freij) appears to have abandoned the   official Nestopia project on SourceForge and has not

responded to any of my e-mails, so I   am left with no choice but to provide this unofficial

release as a public service to the   emulation community.


1. Removed manual option to set   priority of Nestopia's main emulation loop thread. Instead,

Nestopia now boosts its own process   base priority AND its own main emulation thread priority

whenever it is the active foreground   window (and/or running in full-screen mode). This brings

Nestopia much closer to real-time   performance and responsiveness.

2. Removed some screwy input polling   logic, and added some calls to input.Poll(), to ensure

that the input devices are always   polled immediately before the input state is utilized.

This was the key change that got rid   of most of the lag.

3. Removed some screwy input timing   logic that was causing input polling to work only on

certain clock intervals, rather than   allowing it to work every time it was called.

(As far as I can tell on my own   hardware configuration, these three changes taken together

have completely eliminated the lag   problems that have been present in Nestopia for several

releases. Your mileage may vary.)

4. Updated the Visual Studio   solution/project to build successfully under Visual C++ 2008

Express Edition.

5. Added this releasenotes.txt file   and bumped the version number to 1.41.


1.40 Release A-H - by R. Belmont


Linux Shell:


- XML ROM support

- More flexible video configuration including OpenGL hardware scaling

- Input mapping in the GUI

- Cheat Manager with flexible support and import/export capability   (win32 compatible format)

- Core logging is now enabled to the terminal you start NEStopia from   for easier diagnosis of problems

- Automatic soft-patching added

- Coin inputs added for Vs. system

- Audio filters added for fun

- [Release C] Proper default nstcontrols file included

- [Release E] Added SDL audio driver, should be most compatible

- [Release G] Cheat Manager now shows descriptions on imported XML   files. Also fixed a CM crash.


- Complains more if it's unable to write to the settings file

- Archive browser comes up automatically if you select a zip or 7zip archive   with multiple NES files in it

- Option to select favored console

- [Release E] Refactored to get UI code out of main.cpp

- [Release G] Settings window auto-hides during emulation [enik]


- Fixed bug where keyboard input could stick

- [Release B] Cleaned up some crashy issues with the control   configurator

- [Release D] Fixed ability to remap "meta" keys (keys that   control NEStopia itself), fixed documentation on defaults.

- [Release E] Fixed quicksave/quickload

- [Release F] Fixed keyboard to ignore numlock/capslock

- [Release G] Taskbar description is set properly for the game window   [enik]






- New cheat dialog features and improvements.

- Automatic cheat load/save support in Paths dialog.

- Option to mute sound when running in alt. speed mode.


- Icon improvements by Pongbashi.

- Default fullscreen resolution depending on monitor's aspect ratio.

- Refactoring.


- Various minor things.



- Preliminary Dendy console support. Fixes Magistr (Subor) and

some other 'clone exclusives'. Info from Flamer and HardWareMan.

- DMC DMA read conflicts. Info from blargg and bunnyboy.

- Mapper 177, 179, 219 and 221. Info from CaH4e3.

- Database entries.


- Better and more flexible PPU address line implementation at the

expense of some speed.

- Database entries.

- Refactoring.


- Wrong palette sometimes when switching to/from VS images.

- Wrong image information sometimes, e.g. battery when there isn't   any.

- Save state NTSC/PAL mode saving.

- Minor save state inaccuacy fix with tape recording.






- "Don't show again" checkbox in DIP switches popup window.

- Soft-patching status in image info dialog.


- More descriptive error messages.

- Refactoring.


- Netplay file opening error leading to crash.

- Recent files locking bug on exit.

- Last visited image file directory bug on exit.

- Esc not working sometimes when disabling dialog

controls (Windows quirk).

- Crash on cancel when exporting to AVI.

- Correct screen height with NTSC filter when exporting to AVI.

- Typos in GUI.



- Core API documentation in HTML through cppdoc.

- UPS patching format support.

- Database lookup on soft-patching.

- Database entries. Info from Bootgod.

- More recognized boards. Info from Bootgod.


- FDS saves through UPS instead of IPS.

- Database entries. Info from Bootgod.

- Refactoring.


- FDS file saving bug.

- NTSC burst phase incrementing bug.

- Potential memory leak in database loader.

- UTF16 to wchar_t portability fix in XML parser.

- Const-correctness bug caught by GCC 4.0.






- Option to select favored console in preferences dialog.


- Some video filtering work offloaded to the GPU.

- Most settings now stored in XML format.

- Misc launcher dialog display properties.

- Refactoring.


- Netplay input communication.

- Netplay movie recording bug (menu item accidently grayed).



- ROM sets and external database support using new XML format

co-developed with Bootgod.

- Mapper 36, 103, 104, 106, 120, 126, 175, 176, 223 and 224.

Info from mad dumper, CaH4e3 and Temryu.

- UNIF boards GS-2013 and BS-5. info from CaH4e3.

- Emulation of bus conflicts for certain boards.

- Database entries.


- PPU power/reset timing and register states. Info from blargg.

- Misc IRQ/NMI/BRK/DMA special-case behavior. Info from blargg.

- NTSC/PAL switch during emulation will now force a hard-reset.

- Misc mapper emulation improvements. Info from Bootgod.

- NES-EVENT board timer more accurate.

- Board names. Info from Bootgod.

- Refactoring and mapper codebase overhaul.

- Speed optimizations (accuracy NOT compromised!).

- Mappers 21, 23, 25 and 185 no longer supported using plain iNES

files because of format restrictions.


- MMC3 soft-reset IRQ bug.

- Database entries.






- Menu option for DIP switch window popup on file load.

- Movie recording now supported during netplay.


- Smaller netplay data packets.

- Minor GUI adjustments.

- Refactoring.


- Scaling artifacts with NTSC filter on certain resolutions.

- Auto NTSC/PAL window resize bug.

- Sound stuttering on window clicks.

- Netplay bugs/quirks.

- Joystick auto-calibration bug.



- Mapper 63.

- Mapper 121 and 134. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 136 for Sachen board SA-002 3011. Info from Enri.

- Mapper 178 for "San Guo Zhong Lie Zhuan (Ch)". Info from   temryu.

- UNIF boards: AX5705, T-230, CTC-65 and 190IN1. Info from CaH4e3.

- Adaptive sound streaming synchronization.

- More optimization hints for GCC.

- Database entries.


- Movie file format rewritten. Older files will no longer work (sorry,   had to

be done sooner or later). New format is much more flexible and   extendable.

- Lower memory consumption.

- APU speed optimizations.

- Most DIP switches are now configurable through dialogs instead being


- Board names. Info from Pongbashi and Bootgod.

- Refactoring.


- Mapper 41 and 43.

- Mapper 112. Fixes "Fighting Hero III". Info from temryu.

- Minor save state inaccuracy.

- FDS sound emulation inaccuracy.

Fixes "Nazo no Magazine Disk - Nazoraa Land Dai 3 Gou".

- Small rewinder bug.

- Database entries.






- Joystick calibrate button in the input dialog.


- Now possible to make save states (slots only) during netplay.

- Some error messages more descriptive.

- Log file now enabled by default.

- Lazy loading of some resources, notably the launcher file database.

- Various aesthetic GUI fixes and improvements.

- Refactoring.


- Lightgun trigger no longer registered if screen is occluded by a   window.

- Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.



- Power Glove peripheral support.

- Mapper 38, 108 and 173. Info from CaH4e3.

- UNIF boards: TF1201, KS7038 and GS-2004. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 150 reset-triggered DIP switch toggling.

- Database entries.


- Speed optimizations (NO accuracy trade-off).

- blargg's nes_ntsc updated to version 0.2.2.

- HSB/RGB calculation method.

- 8bit video mode rendering removed.

- 2xSaI filters removed. Use hqx or ScaleX instead.

- Even stricter ANSI/ISO compliance.

- More compiler options and detections through the preprocessor. Refer

to "NstApiConfig.hpp" as starting point for porting work.

- Board names. Info from Pongbashi.

- Refactoring.


- Mapper 234.

- Mapper 242. Fixes "Dragon Quest VIII (Ch)".

- Database entries.

- Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.






- Memory pool select for sound buffers.

- Famicom and NES four player adapter select in menu.

- More cartridge info in image file dialog.


- Better sound synchronization.

- Launcher fixes and improvements.

- Workaround for bugs in E-MU sound drivers.

- Workaround for bug in ::D3DXSaveSurfaceToFile() using D3DXIFF_BMP.

- MBC strings now passed in netplay chat.

- Aspect ratio option now preserved on ALT+S in fullscreen mode.

- VSync now disabled by default.


- Settings for compressed palette and FDS BIOS files now properly   saved on exit.

- AVISTREAMINFO::fccHandler.

- Relative paths in Paths dialog.



- Preliminary support for NES 2.0 file headers.

- R.O.B / Famicom Robot peripheral support.

- Mapper 14, 196, 214 and 169 (partially). Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 171 (KAISER KS7058) for "Tui Do Woo Ma Jeung".

- Mapper 172 (IDEA-TEK CNROM +SECURITY) for "1991 Du Ma   Racing" (unaltered version).

- Database entries.


- PAL APU noise channel rates and frame sequencer steps. Info from   Blargg.

- Emphasis color calculations on user palettes.

- Better board type detection for several mappers, particulary 1 and   4.

- Board names. Info from Pongbashi.

- Removed worthless mapper 100.

- Refactoring.


- Mapper 12 to use MMC3A revision. Fixes "Dragon Ball Z 5".

- Mapper 15, 147 and 222. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 99, PRG-ROM bank switching. Fixes "VS Gumshoe".

- Mapper 115 and moved "Bao Qing Tian" to it.

- Mapper 156. Fixes "Ko Ko Eo Deu Ben Ce" and "Metal   Force".

- Mapper 163. Info from CaH4e3 and tpu.

- Mapper 230. Fixes "Contra" in "22-in-1".

- Mapper 232. Fixes the Quattro games.

- Right mouse button for light gun firing off-screen.

- Minor sound volume control bug.

- AbsX 3-byte NOP instruction timing.

- Database entries.






- Better method for CPU/GPU frame synchronization. Disabled when   triple

buffering is enabled.

- Suitable default settings for auto frame skip, triple buffering and

clock source based on system info.

- Blargg's nes_ntsc back again with new version 0.2.1.

- AVISTREAMINFO::szName no longer used since its presence seem to   cause

loading failures in some AVI file editors.


- Frame timing bug. Could cause severe slowdown on some systems.

- Wrong speed at higher refresh rates.

- Non-blocking input key commands.



- "Quattro Sports: BMX Simulator" now responds to input   again.






- Removed use of DirectInput8 event notifications. Caused too much

problems and some joysticks refused to work with it.






- Adjustable screen curvature.

- Auto scale option for Hqx and ScaleX video filters.

- Auto color settings option for NTSC filter.

- 'Condition' column in launcher.

- Hex and current entry view in palette editor.

- Fast way to supply a missing FDS BIOS file on disk image loading.

- 'Default' button in FDS dialog.

- More FDS info in log file and image info dialog.


- Reduced input latency and improved overall frame flow by rearranging

wait loops and making use of Direct3D9 query events (or dummy texture

locks if unsupported) to force CPU/GPU sync on each frame.

- Improved emu input granularity with use of DirectInput8 event   notification.

Fixes "BMX Simulator" in "Quattro Sports".

- Reclaim of ::Sleep() time on timed intervals in frame timer.

- Warning message now issued whenever the database corrects a nes file   with bad header.

- Filelist controls now accept double clicks.

- Pressing ESC now closes most dialogs.

- No menu check marks when disk is ejected.

- WMM timer now used by default because of QPF/QPC unsafety on   dual-core CPUs.

- Refactoring.


- Wrong HSB values in palette editor.

- Speed throttle bug when vsync was enabled.

- Incorrect window size on startup after a previous exit with a PAL   sized window.

- Auto cursor hiding (didn't always work).



- Hq4x video filter.

- Support for extended 512*3 byte palettes (for emphasis colors).

- FDS screen text for disk reads/writes.

- Database entries.


- Better RGB to YUV conversion for VS System.

- Better VS System detection strategy.

- VS DIP switch descriptions for "Battle City", "RBI   Baseball", "Super Sky Kid"

and "Super Xevious".

- Rewinder optimizations. Faster but more memory consuming.

- More accurate FDS disk drive emulation. Fixes "Aspic-Majaou no   Noroi",

"Hao Kun no Fushigina Tabi" and possibly others.

- Switched to Blargg's snes_ntsc in order to make it work with custom   palettes.

- Refactoring and optimizations.


- Mapper 117. Fixes "La Bi Xiao Xin". Info from tpu.

- Change side bug for single sided FDS disks.

- Game Genie decoder bug when using certain compare values.

- Database entries.






- Language plugin system using compiled resource DLLs. LDK included in   the source.

- Date and time for last state slot write now displayed in the menu.

- Most option dialogs now carry a cancel button.

- Launcher window size preserved and optionally saved on exit.

- More detailed info in some error messages.


- Various aesthetic fixes and improvements to the GUI.

- Alternative screen font for a few selected countries.

- Many hardcoded strings moved to the resource string table.

- No default directory creation if already user specified.

- Swapped load/save state keys (N/SHIFT+N) for a more standard setup.

- Different meaning to the SHIFT+0/0 key for save/load state slots.

SHIFT+0 to overwrite oldest slot, 0 to load from newest slot.

- Auto monitor frequency option in video dialog now enabled by   default.

- Updated to newer version of unrar.dll.

- unrar.dll and kaillera.dll now only loaded on demand.

- Lots of refactoring.

- Cleaned up tabs and spaces in source files via internal utility.

- Cleaned up HTML in readme file.


- More menu/dialog items grayed out when not applicable.

- Menu disappearance sometimes after exiting menus/dialogs in   fullscreen mode.

- Filter settings now properly reset on 'Default' button clicks in the   video options dialog.

- Display of the 'Name' and 'Maker' launcher column entries now in   proper ANSI code page.

- Directory string parsing bug if failed to create a default   directory.

- Auto window sizing quirk.

- Incorrect image file properties in some of the database corrected   entries in the launcher dialog.

Refresh your file list to force the fix to take effect.



- Pachinko (via mouse wheel) and Hori Track (via mouse) controllers.   Info from Enri.

- Nantettatte Baseball Double Cassette System for mapper 68. Info from   CaH4e3 and Enri.

- Mapper 170 for "Fujiya Thinking Games". Info from Enri.

- Mapper 197 for "Super Fighter III". Info from CaH4e3.

- Backup-switch for the Family BASIC and Playbox BASIC cartridges (DIP   Switches dialog). Info from Enri.

- RP2C04 VS Unisystem palettes. Info from Quietust and Kevtris.

- New entries for auto-detection of controllers.

- Database entries.


- Moved "Subor (Russian)" to mapper 166.

- Moved "Seicross (J)" back to mapper 185.

- Controller names. Info from Pongbashi.


- DIP switch setting for "VS.Bomb Jack".

- Lightgun in "VS.Duck Hunt" and "VS.Hogan's   Alley" now works again.

- Database entries.






- NSF text info bug from v1.30.






- Updated 7zxa.dll.


- NSF text info is now displayed in the proper ANSI code page.



- Bandai Karaoke Studio michrophone support through keyboard.

- Sound sample support for:

"Family Trainer - Aerobics Studio" ->   "ftaerobi"

"Moe Pro! '90 - Kandou Hen" -> "moepro90"

"Moe Pro! - Saikyou Hen" -> "mpsaikyo"

"Moero!! Pro Tennis" -> "mptennis"

"Moero!! Pro Yakyuu" -> "moepro"

"Moero!! Pro Yakyuu '88 - Ketteiban" ->   "moepro88"

"Shin Moero!! Pro Yakyuu" -> "smoepro"

"Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou" -> "terao"

Info from Hap and Pongbashi.

- Mapper 132. Info from CaH4e3.

- Unif Boards "UNL-603-5052", "A65AS" and   "EDU2000". Info from CaH4e3.

- Mouse support for "Educational Computer 2000". Info from   CaH4e3.


- Board/Chip names. Info from Pongbashi.

- Moved the following games to new mappers:

"Crystalis (ch)" -> mapper 195

"Captain Tsubasa Vol 2 - Super Striker (ch)" -> mapper   195

"Dragon Ball Z 2 - Gekishin Freeza! (ch)" -> mapper 199

"Dragon Ball Z Gaiden - Saiya Jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku (ch)"   -> mapper 199

"San Guo Zhi 2 (ch)" -> mapper 199


- More accurate PAL APU DMC rates. Info from Blargg.

- Mapper 4. Now defaulting to MMC3B IRQ hardware. Fixes "Star   Trek - 25th Anniversary".

- Mapper 19. Fixes "Final Lap".

- Mapper 60, menu select for "TN 95-in-1" and "Super   35-in-1" via soft reset. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 163. Fixes "Kou Dai Bao Shi - Hong (ch)" and   "Kou Dai Bao Shi - Lan (ch)".

- Mapper 198, CHR banking. Fixes "Super Fighter III". Info   from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 209, CHR 4K PPU latch mode. Fixes "Power Rangers"   and others. Info from CaH4e3.

- Database entries.






- TV Aspect option.

- UI contrast slider.


- UI   color slider scales.

- Increase of auto-fire speed and granularity.

- Smoother fullscreen entering/exiting.

- Real-time updates with the video filter UI controls.

- Better compability across different compilers.


- Horizontal scroll-bar in the 'Open' dialog for compressed files.

- User input bug in the 'UNIF-to-mapper' dialog.

- NTSC/PAL window size issue on startup.

- Various GUI fixes.



- UNIF boards "KOF97", "64-IN-1 No Repeat",   "SHERO", "T-262" and "FK23C". Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 43 and 236. Info from FE.

- Database entries.


- Update to version 0.2.0 of Blargg's NTSC video filter.

- Board/Chip names. Info from Pongbashi.

- Rewinder no longer forces alignment to a specific frame.

- Sprite overflow timing and flag quirks. Info from Blargg.

- Automatic use of ::_controlfp(..) for FPU double-precision mode or   better.

- Mapper 95 now derived from NAMCOT 118 instead of MMC3.

- Mappers 189, 198 and 208 now derived from MMC3.

- Mapper 211 now derived from JY-xxx (90).

- Various mapper code cleanups.

- Moved the following games to new mappers:

"SMB+Tetris+NWC" -> mapper 37

"Jia A Fung Yun (chinese)" -> mapper 74

"Aladdin (pirate)" -> mapper 90

"Seicross (redump)" -> mapper 181

"Ying Lie Qun Xia Zhuan (chinese)" -> mapper 192

"Young Chivalry (chinese)" -> mapper 192

"Dai-2-Ji - Super Robot Taisen (chinese)" -> mapper 194


- APU sample rate counter overflow bug.

- Rewinder stop bug when running at non-default speed.

- FDS IRQ counter. Fixes "Druid - Kyoufu no Tobira".

- Mapper 45, no bankswitching with CHR-RAM. Fixes "Famicom Yarou   Vol.1 7-in-1".

- Mapper 57, menu switch on soft-reset. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 58, 115, 222, 150 and 188. Info from CaH4e3.

- Mapper 74. Fixes "Sangokushi (chinese)" and others.

- Mapper 83, language mode on soft-reset for "World Heroes   2" and "Fatal Fury 2".

- Mapper 90/209/211, M2 based IRQ counter added. Fixes   "Goal!!" in "45-in-1".

- Mapper 117, IRQ counter. Fixes "San Guo Zhi 4 - Chi Bi Feng   Yun".

- Mapper 255, menu screen bugs as on the real cart.

- Soft reset for mapper 230 and 255.

- Small VRC7 sound chip load-state bug.

- Database entries.






- Sound volume level sliders.

- More NTSC video filter options.

- Scanline darkening level sliders.


- Pressing the ALT-key when the menu is hidden should no longer

cause "hickups" during play.

- Recent files/directories menu lock state is now saved on exit.


- Window placement bug.



- Non-linear APU sound output.

- Mapper 116 for "AV-Girl Fighting".

- Mapper 163 and 167. Info from tpu.

- Database entries.


- Update to version 0.1.7 of Blargg's NTSC composite video filter.

- Fine-tuned the volume levels of the external sound chips.

- More accurate SUNSOFT5B sound chip emulation.

- Moved "Shanghai" to mapper 93.

- Patch for "Dragon Ball Z II - Gekishin Freeza!! (redump)"   to

use the proper EEPROM type.

- 'No Sprite Limit' option should now be more responsive to games

that make heavy use of OAM cycling.


- Mapper 45, 53, 74, 90, 93, 164 and 165.

- Dip-switch and input fixes for some VS.System games.

- Database entries.






- Any input key may now be mapped to a joystick.

- Alternative set of icons provided by Pongbashi.


- Auto-monitor-frequency setting is now applied after exiting the   dialog.


- Grayed Power-off menu item.

- Controllers in netplay.



- Mapper 102 (SUNSOFT-3R) for "Shanghai (redump)".

- RP2C03B/RC2C05-03 palette. Info from Kevtris.

- Color decoder control via R-Y/G-Y/B-Y angle+gain. Comes with three   presets.

- Support for NSF files that use more than one external soundchip.


- More accurate NES chroma/luma coefficients. Info from Blargg.


- Mapper 83. Fixes intro in "World Heroes 2".

- Mapper 185. Patch for "Seicross (redump)".

- APU triangle step-sequencer reset bug.

- Some NSF player bugs.

- Some database entries.






- Automatic joystick axes recalibration.

- More video filter options.


- ::GetLongPathName() is now used in conjunction with   ::GetCommandLine().

- Better logic for when and when not to preserve the NES picture scale   factor in fullscreen.

- Minor aestetic fixes.


- Crash on start in 98/ME.

- Crash on exit when two or more video devices are present.

- Invalid fullscreen view on dual displays.

- Parameter change in ::CompareString() for 98/ME/2k compatibility.

- Correct LIB linking order for MSLU.

- Bug in WM_DROPFILES and WM_COPYDATA handlers.

- Certain input keys are now ignored. Fixes some japanese keyboards.

- Can now parse unquoted filenames from the command-line.



- MD5 instead of CRC when checking for modified data.

- New image file CRCs for auto detection of controllers.

- Database entries.


- NTSC filter optimizations.

- Minor palette modifications.

- __attribute__ ((fastcall)) removed. Seems to be broken in GCC.


- Some NTSC filter bugs.

- Patch for "My Life My Love - Boku no Yume - Watashi no   Negai" to use another revision of the MMC3 chip.

- NST_ASSERT() macro bug on platforms other than Win32.






- Configuration file parse error after cheats were saved.

- Unquoted executable name on the command line.

- Archive filenames using non-ascii characters.

- File association bug.

- Katakana characters when using the 'clipboard-to-NES-screen'   feature.

- Slight texel-to-pixel mapping inaccuracy.



- NTSC composite video emulation. Requires a fast computer.   Implementation by

Blargg and NewRisingSun.

- Mapper 27.


- Took out the database names. Too many errors.


- Mapper 16 IRQ timing. Fixes SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam   Monogatari 2 - Hikari no Kishi.

- King of Fighters 99 (no-frame-IRQ hack).

- Save state errors with MMC3 games.

- Blitter producing garbage on screen (rare occasions).

- Some ISO C++ misstakes.




Windows Port:


- Unicode support. Win98/Me users need to obtain the Unicode Layer DLL   (unicows.dll) from Microsoft's

site and place it in the same directory as Nestopia.

Evil hotlink:

- Palette editor (video options dialog).

- NSV movie to AVI converter.

- Several new NSP file commands.

- Clipboard text can now be pasted into the screen through the menu or   F12 when the Family Basic or

Subor keyboard is in use.


- Original kailleraclient.dll replaced with Anti3D's version.

- Localized keyboard layout names.

- Better DirectInput to Family Basic keyboard mapping.

- Default save file path is now .\save instead of .\cartridge for   consistency as some of the new save file

types aren't technically part of a cartridge.

- Various aestetic fixes.


- Menu->File->Sound Recorder->Rewind command is now disabled   during recording.

- Workaround for the notorious VC8 iostream memory leak bug.

Emulation Core:


- VRC7 sound chip (Lagrange Point).

- Mappers 137,138,139,141,143,145,146,147,148 and 149. Info from   CaH4e3.

- UNIF boards 8157 and CC-21. Info from CaH4e3.

- Family Trainer, Subor Keyboard, Doremikko Keyboard (partial) and   Party Tap expansion port devices.

- Turbo File using *.tf as file extension (some games by ASCII).

- Data Recorder using *.tp as file extension (Family Basic, Mach   Rider, Excitebike, others).

- Datach Joint ROM System and Barcode Battler.

- 24C01+24C02 serial EEPROM for mapper 16 and 157.

- Secondary controller pad microphone via button press.

- Sound samples for Moero!! Pro Yakyuu.

- Option for allowing up/down and left/right button presses   simultaneously.

- Some game database entries.


- FME-07 sound pitch.

- Mappers 76 and 83.

- Longer delay for FDS block-start reads. Fixes Time Twist.

- Some game database entries.

- NSF player bug with some FDS songs.

- Frame IRQ disabled by default (hack) for King of Fighters 97/98 and   Sonic 3D Blast 6.

- Coefficients for the color emphasis modes. Info from Quietust.




Windows Port:

- Upgraded compiler.

- Added an option in the video dialog   to automatically take advantage of other

display frequencies. It's disabled by default for compatibility   reasons

but should be enabled for best performance.

-   IDirect3DDevice9::SetDialogBoxMode() and D3DPRESENTFLAG_LOCKABLE_BACKBUFFER

are now ONLY set when a menu or window is visible in full-screen mode.   Improves

speed and vsync timing.

- Added an option for   tripple-buffering in the timing dialog.

- Emulation is now stopped upon   menubar activation.

- The last selected file type in the   launcher dialog is now remembered throughout

the application lifetime.

- File names that are too long to fit   inside the screen message field are now

truncated using ellipses.

- Minor bug fixes.




Windows Port:

- Added support for RAR and 7-Zip   files.

- Enabled use of XP visual styles.

- Cleaned up the GUI a bit and fixed   proper tab ordering.

- Added cheat search support.

- Added some joystick options. People   having joystick problems in earlier versions can now disable the buggy axes.

- Improved auto frame skipping   performance.

- Fixed an FDS BIOS path saving bug.

- Fixed an auto IPS patching bug.

- Fixed a Wave file recording bug.

- Fixed an Alt+Tab from fullscreen   bug.

- Fixed a cheats delete/clear bug.

Emulation Core:

- Added real-time rewinding support   (up to 1 minute). To use it, assign it to any key and enable it in the Timing   dialog.

- Added support for cheats in the   whole address range.

- Added support for "Pro Action   Rocky" cheat codes.

- Added DPCM channel sample   interpolation and DC offset removal.

- Improved PPU vblank timing and flag   behaviour, info from Blargg.

- Fixed mapper 6 and moved "Mi   Hu Chen (hFFE)" to it, info from CaH4e3.

- Moved "Shin Samurai Spirits   2", "Power Rangers III" and "Power Rangers IV" to   mapper 209.

- Moved "Mortal Kombat 3 -   Special 56 People" to mapper 90.

- Hacked mapper 90, more games are   playable now,

- Added mapper 148 and moved   "Sugoro Quest - Dice no Senshitachi (asia)" to it.

- Added mapper 183, info from CaH4e3.

- Added mapper 186, info from CaH4e3.

- Fixed mapper 187, "King Of   Fighters 96" is now playable.

- Added mapper 216, info from CaH4e3.

- Added DreamTech UNIF board, info   from CaH4e3.

- Added H2288 UNIF board, info from   Kevtris and CaH4e3.

- Added proper handling of FDS disk   insert/eject during movie playing/recording.




- Adjusted PPU cold reset timing,   fixes Time Lord.

- Removed $4017.7 check for DMC IRQ,   fixes Silent Service and Time Lord.

- Added an option for preserving the   window size and position after exit.

- Added A12 hook for $2007(R/W).

- Added a newer version of ZLib.

- Fixed a window focus bug.

- Fixed a window size on startup bug.

- Fixed two minor APU save/load state   bugs.

- Fixed a minor PPU sprite overflow   bug.

- Corrected a VS palette entry,   VS.Goonies looks better now.

- Options in the machine section in   the menu are now saved on exit.

- Improved compatibility with   DirectInput devices.




Given the fact that it has taken   almost two years to complete this release

I've basically lost track of the   shitload of changes and fixes I've made

throughout this time, but I'll try to   cover the most notable new additions.

But first, I'd like to thank all the   beta testers who helped shaping up

this release, especially Hellsbane,   Michael Walsemann, Benjamin Siskoo

and Robert Tuccitto for their   dedicated time and effort in searching for


The Windows port has been rewritten   from scratch (which proved to be more

time consuming than I initially   thought). The emulation core has gone

through a complete overhaul as well.

Some of the new features:

- DirectDraw kicked out and replaced by   Direct3D (DirectX 9.0c now required)

- More video filtering options

- More multitasking friendly

- Configurable menu keys

- Less cumbersome to take screenshots and no   more GDI+ requirement

- Selectable auto-fire speed

- Recent directories

- Ability to lock and clear the recent files   and directories lists

- Selectable LED source for FDS disk access

- Alternative emulation speed via assignable   key/button

- Ability to change the menu color

- Changes to brightness/saturation/hue takes   effect immediately

- More logfile (disabled by default now)   diagnostics

- Cursor gets auto-hidden

- Many hard-coded strings now moved into the   resource section

- Image info for FDS and NSF files

- Can make IPS files out of changes to FDS   disk files

- Can edit iNes file headers

- Hq2x/Hq3x filter support

- Additional GUI improvements

New iNes mappers:

53, 56, 142, 158, 164, 165, 193, 203, 204,   205, 206, 207, 208,

209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217

Fixed iNes mappers:


New UNIF boards:

Mario 1 Malee 2, Novel Diamond 9999999-in-1,   Super Game 8237

Super 24-in-1, WS 40-in-1

New controllers:

Oeka Kids Tablet, Hyper Shot, Crazy Climber,   Mahjong, Exciting Boxing

Top Rider, Pokkun Moguraa

Other emu core related things:

- More standard conformant C++ code

- Easier to port to other platforms using a   new written API

- Many speed optimizations (but at NO cost   of emulation accuracy)

- Save state and movie file formats   rewritten, old files will no longer work

- More accurate APU and PPU emulation thanks   to RE work by Blargg, Kevtris and Quietust

- Perfectly time-aligned sound sample output   by using a common clocking rate

- Uses new updated palette by BMF

- Better (but not perfect) NTSC color   generation algorithm based on tweaks by AWJ

- ROM database fixes and additions

- Support for phantom stereo sound output

- More accurate FDS emulation

- Better sound quality with the external   sound chips

- Auto-selects between Famicom and NES   4-player adapter based on game CRC

- More accurate emulation for several   controllers

- More accurate hard/soft reset behaviour

That covers most of it. If you like this release and would like   to thank me for

eating Nestopia, sleeping Nestopia   and breathing Nestopia during these past two years

consider donating a few bucks through   the pay-pal link at




-Added netplay (Kaillera).

-Added Scale2x/3x graphic filters.

-Menu can now be toggled in window   mode.

-'Unlimited Sprites' bug fixed.

-Fixed FDS IRQ counter, glitches gone   in SMB2(j).

-Fixed mapper 5, glitches gone in all   KOEI games plus others. Save games and

states fixed as well.

-Added mapper 12, info from   VirtuaNES.

-Tweaked mapper 17 IRQ counter, fixes   a few more FFE F8 games.

-Reassigned mapper 48 to 33   (Flintstones - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (j)).

-Fixed mapper 65, glitches gone in   "Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen" among others.

-Fixed mapper 69, "Honoo no   Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei" plus others work.

-Fixed mapper 182, glitches gone in   "Super Donkey Kong".

-Added mapper 200, info from CaH4e3.

-Added mapper 201, info from CaH4e3.

-Added mapper 202, info from CaH4e3.

-Fixed mapper 245, "Yong Zhe Dou   E Long - Dragon Quest 7" plus others work.

-Fixed mapper 249, glitches gone in   "Shui Hu Zhuan" plus others.

-Added mapper 252, info from saro.

-Added mapper 254, info from   VirtuaNES.

-A warning message is displayed when   encrypted games are loaded.

-Added auto PRG-ROM size correction   on known 512k MMC1 games (Dragon Warrior/Quest 4).

-OAM address is now cleared on VBLANK   start, fixes sprite errors in "Titanic 1912",

"Godzilla" and possibly other   games.

-Made some PPU optimizations (scanline   tile caching).

-Fixed a minor thread priority bug.

-Fixed a PPU reset bug, fixes machine   resets in "Knight Rider".

-Changed the way CPU RAM gets   initialized during power on, fixes first intro screen in

"Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao   Chuan".

-Removed IRQ triggering hacks for   mappers 19,21,23,25,33,40,50,65,67,83 and 183.

-Swapped p1/p2 controls on some VS games.




-Added a launcher.

-Added support for drag-drop files.

-Added some more options in the   preferences dialog.

-Changed so that relative paths are   preserved.

-Fixed mapper 1, glitches gone in   "Air Fortress".

-Fixed mapper 4, sound in   "Startropics" & "Startropics 2 - Zoda's Revenge"   works (MMC6B games which differs from MMC3).

-Fixed mapper 10, "Fire   Emblem" plus others work.

-Fixed mapper 18, "Toukon   Club" plus others work (minor glitches still there though).

-Fixed mapper 19, "Family   Circuit '91" and "Wagan Land 3" plus others work.

-Fixed mapper 23, all valid versions   of "Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula Kun" should now work.

-Fixed mapper 32, "Ai Sensei no   Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi" and "Major League" works.

-Fixed mapper 33, glitches gone in   "Captain Saver".

-Fixed mapper 51, "11-in-one   Ball Games" works again.

-Fixed mapper 58, "Study and   Game 32-in-1" works.

-Fixed mapper 60, "Reset Based   4-in-1" works.

-Fixed mapper 62, "Super   700-in-1" works.

-Fixed mapper 68,   "Maharaja" works.

-Fixed mapper 70, less glitches in   "Gegege no Kitarou 2 - Youkai Gundan no Chousen".

-Fixed mapper 82, glitches gone in   "Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium 3" plus others.

-Fixed mapper 87, "City   Connection", "Ninja Jajamaru Kun" plus others work.

-Fixed mapper 88, glitches gone in   "Dragon Spirit - Aratanaru Densetsu" plus others.

-Fixed mapper 90, less glitches in   "Mortal Kombat 3 - Special 56 Peoples".

-Fixed mapper 101, "Urusei   Yatsura - Lum no Wedding Bell" works.

-Fixed mapper 113, glitches gone in   "16 Mahjang".

-Fixed mapper 119, glitches gone in   "Pinbot" and "Highspeed".

-Fixed mapper 185, "Bird   Week" works.

-Fixed Game Genie bug (certain codes   would either not work or crash the application).

-Improved CPU/PPU synchronization.   Screen shaking gone in many games ("Times of Lore", "Kick   Master").

-Tweaked the DMC and noise channel's   output frequencies for PAL mode. PAL sound is now more accurate.

-Tweaked the DMC DMA/IRQ counters.   Most games relying on correctly timed DMC IRQ triggering should now

work (Codemasters games, Ian Bell's Tank   Demo).




-Added support for file associations   (preferences dialog).

-Added an option to select between   single and multiple application instances (preferences dialog).

-Fixed a bug that caused the key   mapping for a second joystick device to be reset every time Nestopia was   restarted.

-Changed so that all Game Genie codes   are saved on exit.

-Moved most of the on-screen-messages   into the resource string table to make life easier for people making   translation patches.

-Updated the rom database. Thanks   again to [yang] for the new compilation.

-Fixed so that ns1..ns9 (save slots)   files will show up when browsing files.

-Added command line parameter   support.

-Added a status bar (menu).

-Added an FPS counter (menu).

-Added an option to force the window   on top (menu).

-Added an option to disable the   performance counter timer (timer dialog).

-Added an option to disable   configuration saving on exit (preferences dialog).

-Added some more shortcut keys to the   menu.

-Better multitasking.

-Added automatic thread priority   control (preferences dialog).

-Changed so that even a totally   screwed up iNes file header may pass thru the loader if the file can be found   in the database.

-Improved the timers.

-Made new icons.

-Many bug fixes.




-Fixed the input bug that sneaked up   in v1.05. IDirectInputDevice8::Poll() was the cause. I forgot it could return

DI_NOEFFECT which is not the same as DI_OK.   The bug affected devices that didn't need manual polling.

-Fixed a bug that caused all   soundcards without support for hardware-mixed secondary buffers to not work.

-Did some small optimizations in the   PPU core.

-Changed so that state slots are   flushed to files (if enabled) every time the user saves instead of only   during load/close.

-Modified the path dialog. Two check   mark buttons now control the auto loading and saving of state slots.

-Less sound stutter when toggling the   menu in fullscreen.

-Tweaked the render queue and put a   limit on how many frames behind the GPU can be. This is to prevent sudden   jerks and input lag.




-Corrected the CRC database searcher   (several games had the wrong name displayed in the title bar)

-Fixed a bug that made the user   defined paths not to be saved properly.

-Changed so that images with support   for both PAL and NTSC will prioritize NTSC and not PAL as in

earlier versions when "auto mode"   is selected.

-Added mapper 107 ("Magic Dragon")

-Added mapper 134 ("Olympiq   IQ")

-Added mapper 135 ("Super   Pang")

-Added mapper 198 (chinese version of   "Destiny of an Emperor")

-Fixed a bug in the UNIF loader that   caused all files having a board name beginning with

NES-,UNL-,HVC-,BTL- or BMC- to be parsed   wrongly.

-Fixed a bug that caused the   application to hang and/or crash when Alt-Tabbing.

-Removed most of the sound clicks and   pops heard when the audio gets disabled (menu entering, window moving etc).

-Made so that all the save slots   automatically gets imported/exported to/from files using <name>.ns1

through ns9 on load/close. It's ON by   default.

-Fixed a PPU bug that could cause the   application to crash when loading up a game in the middle of an NSF tune.

-Fixed the frame rate timer. In   previous versions it had the potential to cause serious lagging.

-Fixed the fullscreen mode cursor,   sometimes it could get visible/invisible when it really shouldn't.

-Changed to using C++ exceptions, way   better error handling now.

-Added the option to add custom keys   to the "save to next slot" and "load from last slot"   commands.

-Added 8bit graphic mode. filters are   not supported for this one.

-Improved the TV-mode graphic filter   and removed all visual artifacts in the marginals.

-Added an option in the preferences   dialog to disable the use of the ROM database.

-Added more logfile info.




-Added a TV-mode graphic filter.

-Moved the timing options into a   separate dialog and added some more features. Speed throttling can now be   toggled by F5 (default).

-Did some further improvements to the   sound quality.

-Fixed mapper 64, "Skull & Crossbones"   and "Klax" are now playable, thanks to Xodnizel for his findings on   this insane mapper.

-Fixed mapper 70, "Kamen Rider   Kurabu" and "Space Shadow" are now playable.

-Fixed mapper 83, "Garou   Densetsu 2 (Fatal Fury)" and "World Heroes 2" are now   playable.

-Added mapper 133 ("Jovial   Race")

-Fixed mapper 232, "Maxi   15" is now playable.

-Fixed mapper 244, now   "Decathlon (Asia)" suffers from less glitches.

-Changed the configuration file, now   it's text based and more hacker friendly.

-Changed the shortcut key for   fullscreen/window mode switch to ALT+RETURN.

-In addition to the right mouse   button ESCAPE now also toggles the menu in fullscreen mode.

-Fixed a bug that prevented new   battery-ram files from being created.

-Cleaned up a few things in the   DirectSound manager. Hopefully this fixes the sound problems a few people   have had.

-Added many new file CRC's to the   internal database. Thanks to [yang] for the assembling.

-Now Nestopia remembers the last   selected screen/window size.

-Optimized the scanline graphic   filter renderer.

-Added some more logfile output   messages.




-Added 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super   Eagle graphic filters.

-Added support for all the graphic   filters in window mode.

-Added game configuration file   support.

-Improved sound quality.

-Added some more file CRC's to the   zapper-auto-detector.

-Added an option to map all keys in   one go.

-Added an option in the preferences   dialog to force the application's thread to be in high priority mode.

-Corrected an entry in the pAPU's   length counter LUT.

-Changed the square channel's default   frequency limit. This fixes the sound in "Mega Man 2" and possibly   a few other games.

-Fixed a bug that caused some save   states not to load correctly.

-Lowered the output volume on the FDS   sound chip.

-Fixed mapper 78, "Holy   Diver" and "Uchuusen - Cosmo Carrier" are now playable.

-Fixed a frame IRQ counter bug, now   "Akagawa no Yuurei Ressha" and "Dragon Warrior" among   others work as they should.

-Fixed a bug which sometimes caused   the user defined IPS path to be ignored.

-Rewrote a few parts in the movie   player/recorder. Should be more stable now.

-Cleaned up a few thing in the GUI.




-Added UNIF support.

-Fixed a bug in the Game Genie   decoder, now eight-character codes works correctly.

-Added support for more axis buttons   (sliders, pov etc). Havn't tested them tough as I don't have that kind of

joystick, can anyone confirm they work?

-Fixed so that Nestopia will   recognise the Twin Famicom BIOS ROM.

-Added adjustable dipswitches for   "Nintendo World Championship" (mapper 105), now you can control and   display the timer.

-Fixed mapper 91 (IRQ counter thing),   now all mapper 91 games shows the correct graphic.

-Fixed mapper 187, now "Street   Fighter Zero 2 '97" works.

-Fixed a bug in the Sunsoft FME-07   sound core.

-Did some cleanup in the application   error handling routines - no more page-faults on known errors.

-No more distortion in screen when   enabling/disabling the menu in fullscreen mode (LockWindowUpdate() to the   rescue).

-Fixed a bug which sometimes caused   the window, when coming out of fullscreen, to be maximized and stretched to   the size of the desktop.

-Fixed a bug that caused the   switching from window to fullscreen with the same display mode to fail.

-Fixed a bug in the PDXSTRING class,   nothing that affected previous versions of Nestopia though.

-Lowered the system requirements to   Pentium MMX, users with processors that lacks the CMOV instruction can now   run Nestopia.

-Added some menu options to control   the size of the window/screen (works both in window and fullscreen mode).




Fixed a bug that caused the   application to exit with the "DirectSoundCreate8() failed" message.

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