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1.8.0 / 19-02-2024





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NanoBoyAdvance is a Game Boy Advance emulator focused on accuracy. It has been reported that its CPU and timing emulation is more accurate than other software emulators right now, as in CPU and DMA is emulated with near cycle-accuracy and ARM emulation handles nearly all known edge-cases. It also has an HQ audio mixer (for games which use Nintendo's MusicPlayer2000 sound engine) and quite a few nice post-processing options (ghosting simulation, color correction, etc.). 

Please note upon loading a ROM for the first time you will be prompted to assign the Game Boy Advance BIOS file. You can dump it from a real console (accurate) or use an unofficial BIOS (less accurate).


Windows: Nothing reported in particular

Mac: Install brew & install Qt5 from brew: brew install qt@5

Linux: Install SDL2, GLEW and Qt5

Most Recent Changes


Please backup your save files before updating to be safe.

  • UI: implement "Sharp" video filter for better nearest interpolation at non-integer scales (thanks GranMinigun)

  • UI: implemented PPU viewers for palettes, tiles, backgrounds and sprites

  • UI: add an option to set the audio volume

  • UI: do not unpause emulator after loading a new ROM

  • Input: fix input dropping regression introduced in NBA 1.7.1

  • Input: move from SDL game controller to SDL joystick API (fixes broken mapping on some controllers)

  • APU: MP2K HLE: interpolate envelopes and use floating-point math

  • APU: MP2K HLE: implement a better reverb algorithm

  • APU: MP2K HLE: add an option to force-enable reverb

  • APU: remove "Zombie" mode emulation (does not appear to exist on GBA)

  • APU: fix mid-note envelope frequency changes

  • APU: FIFO writes should happen in place

  • APU: reset FIFOs on overflow

  • APU: add master-enable checks for 16-bit/32-bit IO writes

  • PPU: fix sprite pixels from previous scanline displayed in the last scanline

  • PPU: more accurate update of attribute buffer for OBJWIN sprites (fixes #275)

  • PPU: more accurate emulation of horizontal and vertical sprite mosaic (fixes #322)

  • PPU: more accurate handling of mid-frame vertical mosaic reconfiguration

  • PPU: fix out-of-bounds bitmap fetches in Mode 3 to 5

  • DMA: fix incorrect mapping of DMA channel to APU FIFO

  • Timer: somewhat handle timer overflow during one cycle enable delay (thanks alyosha)

  • Game Pak: simulate ~6 ms EEPROM device busy period after write (not yet accurate to cartridges that e.g. have been in the freezer for 30 minutes)

  • Game Pak: emulate the Mask ROM internal address register

  • Audio: fix clicking artifacts when using Sinc resampling

  • Audio: fix incorrect liner interpolation in Cosine resampling

  • PlatformCore: fixed hang when fast-forwarding while the emulator is paused

  • Misc: implemented support for unicode paths


Please backup your save files before updating to be safe.

  • PPU: disallow out-of-bounds BG VRAM tile fetches and return open bus (fixes #298)

  • Core: do not skip to the next event if the CPU woke up during a DMA (fixes #297)

  • KeyPad: always request IRQs from the emulator (not the calling) thread (fixes #290)

  • GameDB: fix entries for a bunch of Classic NES and Famicom Mini titles (fixes #302)

  • IO: do not enter STOP mode when it is not implemented

  • mGBA log: clear the message buffer after printing the message

  • mGBA log: flush STDOUT after each message

  • Catch fmt::system_error when fmt::print() fails to write to STDOUT (fixes #301)


This is a major release with lots of code changed. Please backup your save files before updating to be safe.

  • UI: implement a 'Use integer scaling' option

  • UI: allow limiting the screen scale

  • UI: allow accessing the menu during fullscreen gameplay

  • UI: allow setting a custom save folder

  • Core: implement save compatibility with mGBA 0.10.0+

  • Core: implement basic support for the mGBA logging interface

  • PPU: rewrite the PPU to be mostly cycle-accurate (fixes #241, #230, #229, #208, #141)

  • PPU: implement the GREENSWAP register

  • PPU: use the 6-th green channel bit during blending

  • PPU: round the blending result to the nearest integer

  • ARM: fix a minor timing oversight in ARM mode

  • ARM: SWP and SWPB should lock the bus (no DMA interleave is possible)

  • ARM: do not force-align mis-aligned PC in ARM mode

  • Bus: allow the CPU to execute idle cycles in parallel to DMA

  • Bus: more accurately emulate disabling the prefetch buffer

  • Bus: force the first CPU access after a DMA to be non-sequential

  • Bus: implement penalty for ROM code access during the last ROM prefetch cycle (fixes #203)

  • IRQ: delay IO writes by one cycle

  • IRQ: delay update of the IE&IF condition for unhalting the CPU

  • SIO: implement basic serial transfer timing (fixes #282)

  • APU: emulate the master enable bit

  • APU: cancel a potentially pending event whan starting a channel (fixes #278)

  • Scheduler: allow for (de)serialization of events for save states


  • UI: implement game controller selection and remapping

  • UI: enable loading ROMs from archives (Zip, 7z, RAR4)

  • UI: enable loading ROMs via Drag & Drop onto the main window

  • UI: fix occasional crashes when loading a ROM while the emulator is running

  • UI: fix screen clearing and stop audio if ROM could not be loaded

  • UI: unpause the emulator if a ROM is loaded

  • UI: add an option to unlock the aspect ratio

  • Core: implement Solar Sensor emulation (for Boktai I and II)

  • Core: implement experimental save state support

  • Save Memory: automatically detect EEPROM save sizes (closes #219)

  • ARM: fix switch between FIQ and non-user/system modes

  • PPU: delay H-blank IRQs by four cycles (fixes #89, fixes #175)

  • PPU: disable VRAM mirror at 06018000h in bitmap modes (fixes #102)

  • PPU: latch BGX/Y writes at the beginning of each scanline (fixes #176)

  • PPU: delay scanline rendering by 32 cycles (fixes #93)

  • PPU: properly initialise WIN0/1 state after reset (fixes #223)

  • PPU: 2D OBJs should wraparound horizontally (fixes #224)

  • PPU: move rendering to a secondary thread for better performance

  • PPU: improve DMA3 video transfer timing

  • PPU: respect WININ/WINOUT if Alpha OBJ does not have a blend source

  • IRQ: add 16-bit IO access handlers to avoid scheduling multiple events

  • IRQ: assign (preliminary) priorities to events for IRQ raise and acknowledge/disable events

  • Timer: be explicit about IO write event order

  • RTC: enable 24h-mode by default (fixes #136)

  • RTC: multiple small fixes and accuracy improvements


  • ARM: force CPSR/SPSR bit 4 to one (fixes Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge)

  • Bus: Game Pak access sometimes incurs a one-cycle penalty when prefetch is active

  • Bus: HALT incurs a two-cycle penalty

  • DMA: make access pattern (more) accurate for ROM to ROM and other weird DMAs.

  • DMA: move the second internal cycle at the end of the transfer

  • DMA: handle more changes to the control register during a transfer

  • IRQ: rework interrupt delay emulation (once again)

  • Timer: writing to the control register takes one cycle to apply

  • PPU: apply horizontal sprite mosaic as a post-process

  • APU: model FIFO as a buffer of seven (not eight) 32-bit words (thanks Gericom) (fixes #101)

  • APU: high bits of SOUND2CNT_L should return zero

  • Input: make KEYINPUT updates atomic to avoid incorrect game resets (from the Key IRQ)

  • UI: maintain a list of recently opened files for quick loading

  • UI: allow loading ROMs via process arguments

  • UI: add shortcuts for fullscreen and window scale

  • UI: implement a workaround for the broken menu bar during fullscreen on Windows

  • UI: hide the FPS counter by default and add an option to unhide it

  • OpenGL: fix a black screen issue on some Intel integrated GPUs

  • macOS: build NanoBoyAdvance as an App Bundle (thanks nadiaholmquist)


  • Audio: added a high-quality software/HLE mixer for the MusicPlayer2000 sound engine

  • Platform: added a new Qt frontend with OpenGL post-processing options

  • PPU: render sprites one scanline ahead (fixes #130)

  • PPU: fix an off-by-one in the OBJ draw loop

  • PPU: apply OAM draw limit only on OAM (instead of pixel) boundaries for now

  • PPU: fix Mode4 transparency (fixes #169)

  • PPU: emulate BG enable delay (fixes #94)

  • PPU: update internal (affine) X/Y registers only if the BG is enabled (fixes #177)

  • Memory: handle 16-bit KEYCNT writes (fixes #152)

  • Memory: HALTCNT and POSTFLG should only be writable from BIOS code

  • Memory: mask top two bits of the IE register

  • DMA: each DMA channel should have its own memory data register (MDR)

  • CPU: rework IRQ signal propagation delay

  • CPU: improve IRQ exception timing

  • CPU: emulate user-mode LDM bus conflict

  • CPU: handle invalid CPU modes

  • CPU: emulate MSR user-mode restrictions

  • CPU: boot into supervisor mode instead of system mode

  • CPU: handle rD=r15 edge-case in CMP/CMN/TST and TEQ

  • CPU: Thumb ALU shifts now mask the shift amount

  • CPU: fix unsigned multiply-long timing

  • EEPROM: fix address masking


  • ARM: handle CMP, CMN, TST and TEQ with rD = 15

  • ARM: handle mode switches when the register bank does not change.

  • ARM: removed errorneous user-mode switch from LDRT/STRT opcodes.

  • DMA: allow DMAs to take priority over the CPU in the middle of an instruction

  • DMA: delay DMA startup by two cycles and account for 2I internal cycles

  • DMA: force ROM accesses to increment source address mode

  • DMA: respect source address mode setting for FIFO DMA

  • DMA: force FIFO DMA to use word sized accesses

  • DMA: handle manual disable (via enable flag) more gracefully

  • Timer: respect cascade flag in sample rate calculation

  • APU: emulate DAC enable bits (fixes #64)

  • PPU: match WIN0/1 trigger logic to hardware (thanks @destoer)

  • PPU: fix H-blank IRQ timing (once again)

  • PPU: better handle internal affine registers when multiple BG modes are used in a single frame.

  • PPU: handle invalid BG modes 6 and 7 (thanks @ladystarbreeze)

  • PPU: update internal affine & mosaic registers at the start of H-blank, not at the end.

  • MMIO: do not fallthrough on SOUNDBIAS writes (fixes #125)

  • Keypad: implemented keypad IRQ (thanks @destoer)

  • Serial: implemented a serial IRQ stub

  • SDL: always call glewInit() (fixes #129 )

  • SDL: use binary directory as current working directory

Show Previous Changes


  • CPU: Optimized GamePak prefetch buffer emulation

  • CPU: Reading prefetched GamePak memory engages the GamePak prefetcher.

  • CPU: Delay all IRQs by four cycles (fixes James Pond)

  • CPU: Handle pipeline flush for halfword reads

  • CPU: Force next ARM instruction fetch to be sequential if the condition isn't met.

  • CPU: Optimized ADC and SBC flag calculations

  • DMA: Ignore repeat-flag for immediate DMAs

  • DMA: Mask source and destination addresses on write.

  • DMA: Properly disable non-repeating FIFO DMA (fixes #97)

  • Timer: Greatly optimized emulation efficiency, timers now are scheduled.

  • Memory: Fix unaligned S16 reads from out-of-bounds ROM

  • Memory: Allow read/write to POSTFLG register

  • Memory: Allow read from WAVE_RAM registers

  • Memory: Fix unaligned S8/S16 reads from SRAM

  • Memory: Handle DMA reads from open bus addresses (fixes #109)

  • Memory: Improved GPIO bus emulation

  • Memory: Force-align 16-bit expanded 8-bit VRAM and PRAM writes.

  • PPU: Raise H-blank IRQs after 960 cycles instead of 1006 (fixes #89)

  • PPU: Handle OBJ priority hijacking (fixes #99)

  • PPU: Respect per-scanline cycle limit for OBJ rendering (fixes #98)

  • PPU: Handle odd tile numbers in 256-color OBJs (fixes #106)

  • PPU: Emulate tile number limit for 256-color OBJs

  • PPU: Latch internal affine registers on mode switch (fixes #90)

  • PPU: Handle setting V-count setting to the current V-count value.

  • PPU: Make V-count IRQ edge-triggered

  • PPU: Fixed broken semi-transparency logic

  • APU: Clamp samples before converting to S16 format (fixes #100)

  • APU: Use BLEP resampler to improve quality of direct audio.

  • RTC: Fix off-by-one error in the day of month.

  • GameDB: Added save type override for Acrobat Kid (Japan)

  • GameDB: Added save type override for Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance

  • GameDB: Added save type override for 007 - Everything or Nothing

  • GameDB: Added save type override for Super Monkey Ball Jr.

  • GameDB: Fixed save type override for Classic NES - Legend of Zelda

  • Common/DSP: Linearly interpolate CosineResampler lookup-table

  • Common/DSP: Added a BLEP resampler

  • Miscellaneous: Do not sync to audio by default

  • Miscellaneous: Experimental, optional hack to increase audio sample rate in games which use the M4A/Sappy sound engine. This will break games and is thus not turned on by default.


  • implemented GLSL shader support

  • fix broken Vsync on Windows and presumably macOS

  • fix crash when no keymap.toml is present


Initial Release

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