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0.9.3 / 15-04-2024





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Mednaffe is a front-end (GUI) for mednafen emulator and it's written in C. This GUI has all sorts of features and even incorporates an inputter maper. It's available for Linux and Windows.

Bear in mind, it needs to have GTK 3 installed.


Most Recent Changes


  • Added a 'Recent files' menu.

  • Fix misalignment of screenshots.

  • Added and fixed settings (up to mednafen 1.31.1).

  • pce, pce_fast: Correct sha-256 bios (thanks to SamRohod for reporting).

  • [MacOS] Use macOS keyboard mapping when __ APPLE __ is defined (patch by codeman38).


  • Added support for gamepad navigation through game list.

  • Fix Gen/MD 6-buttons controller input mapping.

  • [Windows] Fix issues when non-ASCII characters are used in paths.

  • [Windows] Add an option to allow larger fonts for game list.

  • [Windows] Add dark variants for themes.

  • [Windows] Fix failure to find configuration inside bin/ or lib/ folders (patch by mayawarrier).

  • [Linux] Fix joystick support on 32 bits (patch by not-a-user).

  • [Linux] Flatpak is available on Flathub (thanks to GabMus and hfiguiere for the help).

Show Previous Changes


  • [Windows] Show correct icons in window buttons.

  • [Windows] Changed Windows10 theme in order to fix most issues.

  • [Windows] Add support for the guide button (XInput devices).

  • [Linux] Lower version requirement of Autoconf to 2.69.


  • Complete rewrite, dropping support for GTK2 and Windows XP.

  • Almost all input options are included now.

  • Added pce_fast and snes_faust modules.

  • Added an option to show screenshots.

  • Added the ability to send custom commands to emulator.

  • Added a bios check widget.

  • [Windows] Added an option to change themes.

  • New logo & cosmetic changes.

--0.8.8 --

  • [Windows] Fixed left trigger not working using XInput controllers
    (Thanks to Pcegames for report and testing).

  • [Windows] Fix to accept up/right D-Pad inputs in controller setup on
    some conditions (Thanks to SatoXa for report and testing).

  • [Linux] Use the 'MEDNAFEN_HOME' environment variable when
    it is set (Patch by denisfa).

  • Some minor fixes.


  • Update to work with 1.xx.x versions of mednafen emulator.
    (This release drops support for 0.9.xx versions).

  • Now Pce GE CD bios can be setted (Thanks to Pcegames for reporting).

  • Honor environment CFLAGS in configure script (Thanks to akien-mga for patch).

  • Support compilation under *BSD OS'es. (Thanks to PaddyMac for report and testing).


  • Add checks to avoid access array out of bounds (It cause a segfault  when configuring some keys)  


  • Check properly version of mednafen emulator (It fails when used
    spanish locale on Linux).

  • Fixed Saturn bios setup.

  • Add expansion cart option for Saturn.


  • Added support for new settings added by mednafen 0.9.41 (Obviously,  it needs this version or higher to work).  


  • Added support for Sega Saturn (It needs or higher of mednafen emulator).

  • [Linux] Fix stack smashing when compiling with '-fstack-protector' caused by  buffer overflow (Thanks to 'not-a-user' for report it).  


  • [Windows] Fix xbox 360 controller detection on some conditions.  


  •  [Windows] Support for XInput devices.

  • Support for key assignments to (some) mednafen functions.

  • Added deadzones for analog axis (Thanks to tapcio for report it).

  • New tab with text widgets in order to read logs.

  • Added the ability to select an mednafen executable if it is not found in path.

  • [Windows] 'video.disable_composition' option added. [Windows] Missing sound driver options added.

  • [Linux] Rewrite the error handling process.

  • [Linux] Fix (mostly) deprecated functions.

  • Better alingment between widgets.

  • Minor cosmetic changes.  


  • Controller setup for systems (keyboard and gamepads)- Static build for Windows (standalone executable to avoid GTK+ runtime dependency)

  • Descriptive error messages on Windows.

  • Added new settings until 0.9.36-Mednafen version is detected properly now on Linux.

  • Fixed freezing while executing emulator under some conditions on Linux.

  • Fix to handle spaces in paths on Windows.

  • Spins disregarding values fixed.

  • More minor fixes.


  • A message error is showed when mednafen gives an error.

  • Descriptive error messages via '-remote' option (Only on Linux).

  • Gui options have been moved to Edit->Preferences menu.

  • Now you can choose which systems are showed. (Thanks to Shinra for the suggestion)

  • Now Mednaffe can resize down to 768x516. (Thanks to StarrySky for report it)

  • Added an option to remember window size.

  • Add support to filter ccd files from CloneCd images.

  • Add a desktop file and icons to install on Linux.

  • Some minor fixes.  


  • Support for 0.9.31/32-WIP added.

  • Added an option to search files recursively. (Thanks to Shoegazer for the suggestion)

  • Improve performance when filling list (x20 speed up).

  • List options (filters, sort direction) are saved now.

  • Fix 'Open' buttons signals on Windows.

  • Now Mednaffe restore after minimize on Windows.

  • Fix Windows icon (hopefully)  


  • Mednaffe has been rewritten from scratch in C language.  


  • New: Qt version for Linux.

  • Rewrite 'Scanlines' component for better understanding.

  • Rewrite 'Resolution' and 'Scale' components for better  usability.

  • Now Mednaffe remember his position on the screen  

--0.2 --

  • Fixed: Values by default are shown now.

  • Fixed: Size of sound buffer in Linux.

  • Minor cosmetics changes.  

-- 0.1--

  • It's an alpha version.

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