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1.31.0-UNSTABLE / 27-08-2022





average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4.5 out of 5

My Emulator Doesn't Need A Frickin' Excellent Name is an open-source, multi-system emulator, driven from the command-line, OpenGL and SDL. Its Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo Virtual Boy, and NEC PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) original cores are recognized for their high quality, compatibility and accuracy.

There are several front-ends available, if you don't know how to execute via command-line:

For CRT screens, you can try emu4crt since this mod is intended for ~15kHz TVs or arcade monitors. Check it out here.


Windows: 7+ (64-bit is recommended; for better performance and functionality)

Linux: Please follow their instructions on provided homepage to build from source.

Most Recent Changes

--1.31.0 UNSTABLE--

  • MD: Fixed glitches and hang in the Europe release of "Donald in Maui Mallard".

  • PC-FX: Expanded external backup memory from 32KiB to 128KiB, to match the amount of memory in an FX-BMP.

  • PC-FX: External backup memory will now be saved to/loaded from its own file, instead of being appended to the internal backup memory in the same file. For backwards compatibility, there is support for initially loading data from a combined 32KiB+32KiB file; however, the additional 96KiB of external backup memory will be unusable by the game in this case due to existing filesystem structures.

  • SASPlay: Added support for "Air Walkers".

  • SNES-Faust: Added mouse emulation.

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed color math glitch in "Final Fantasy V" when Exdeath is holding the opaque white sphere party hostage.

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed broken ExLoROM support, used by a "Heartthrob Memorial" translation patch.

  • SS: Added experimental support for ST-V games that don't require decryption chips or special hardware. Refer to the ST-V section of the documentation for more details and a list of explicitly supported games.

  • SS: Fixed missing and glitchy graphics in "Houkago Ren'ai Club: Koi no Etude".

  • SS: Fixed graphical glitches in "Radiant Silvergun" at the start of a new game begun after interrupting the attract mode, or game over, while a fancy rotating background was present, such as during the AKA-O battle.


Small bugfix-oriented update that also adds support for playing music from Sega Model 2A/2B/2C/3 games by loading ZIP archives of ROM image sets with MAME-style filenames.

  • Added support for playing the SCSP-generated music from most Sega Model 2A, 2B, 2C, and 3 arcade games.

  • PCE: Fixed a memory initialization bug that could cause graphics glitches after the explosion of the first boss in "R-Type".

  • PCE, PCE-Fast: Fixed unreadable black letters in "Order of the Griffon"'s password entry screen.

  • SNES: Fixed broken emulation on little-endian PPC64 due to endianness misdetection.

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed S-DSP pitch modulation being half as strong as it should be.

  • VB: Fixed a VSU modulation emulation inaccuracy that severely distorted some sound effects in "Virtual Boy Wario Land".

--1.28.0 UNSTABLE--

  • Stricter parsing of the configuration file and numeric setting values, with error messages now containing line numbers when relevant.

  • Added setting "video.force_bbclear", default value of "0", which when set to "1" will force clearing of the backbuffer before drawing every frame.

  • Added setting "video.cursorvis", default value of "hidden", to allow for showing the windowing system's mouse cursor within Mednafen's window even when it's not required.

  • Implemented an M3U recursion limit of 9, adjustable by the new setting "cd.m3u.recursion_limit".

  • Implemented a limit of 25 on the total number of CD images loaded while processing M3U files, adjustable via the new setting "cd.m3u.disc_limit".

  • Added Zstandard decompression support to game loading, with both naked files("zst" extension) and ZIP archives.

  • Added support for loading CD images from ZIP archives when the "cd.image_memcache" setting is set to "1". The ZIP archive may be loaded directly, or indirectly via an M3U file. An M3U file may also exist within the ZIP archive, to allow loading multiple CD images from within that ZIP archive. However, loading from a ZIP archive within another ZIP archive is not supported.

  • Changed the naming of save games, save states, etc. for gzip-compressed games. Previously, a gzip-compressed file named like "whatever.nes.gz" would generate a save game named like "whatever.nes.<HASH>.sav", but will now generate a save game named like "whatever.<HASH>.sav", the same as if "whatever.nes" had been loaded instead of "whatever.nes.gz". The old behavior may be restored by setting the new undocumented setting "filesys.old_gz_naming" to "1".

  • SS: The emulated reset button mapped to Mednafen's reset command key(F10 default) will now respect the "input.ckdelay" setting.

  • SS: The VA0/VA1 motherboard's memory mapping behavior for Low-RAM is now emulated instead of VA2's, to fix a crash in "Myst" in the generator room.

  • SS: Fixed unresponsive input in "Discworld".

  • SS: Fixed startup abort to CD player screen in the Europe and USA releases of "Primal Rage".

  • SS: Fixed abort to CD player screen when trying to start a game demo in Gremlin Interactive's "Demo Disc".

  • SS: Fixed inability to skip the intro FMV in "Senkutsu Katsuryu Taisen: Chaos Seed".

  • SS: Fixed flickering title screen in the "Saturn Super Vol. 2" demo of "Golden Axe: The Duel".

  • SS: Fixed a regression introduced in 1.26.0-UNSTABLE that broke the CD audio player in the North America/Europe BIOS.

  • SS: Implemented emulation of the CD block Scan command, to allow the scan forward/backward functionality in the BIOS's CD audio player to work.

  • SS: Fixed a bug in the CD seek handling code that could cause more emulator frame pacing and sound buffer underrun issues than strictly necessary when CD image memory caching is not enabled, the default.

  • SS: Corrected a few inaccuracies in the relative timing between different SCSP EG rates and between different SCSP timer prescaler rates(probably with negligible audible effects in commercial game sound drivers).

  • VB: Added "left" and "right" options to the "vb.3dmode" setting, to allow for more easily showing only the left or right view.

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