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0.125 / 14-05-2024

MedGui Reborn




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MedGui Reborn is a Windows Front-End/Gui for Mednafen multi-system emulator. It features a modern "Metro" style by MetroMed GUI appendix, scanning of rom with comparization with NoIntro Dats, support for compressed files and multi archive in. rar, .7zip, mount on the fly cd based games in compressed zip/cfs/ciso format by Pismo File Mount, automatic/Manual download of available Game Box Art and much more..!


Most Recent Changes


  • On Scraped function unified Mega Drive - Genesis query

  • Create Movie folder structured based on console

  • Movie record will be moved to folder console

  • Fixed Clean Entries Menu

  • Fixed wrong empty folder/file detection on recursive scan

  • Added the option to convert a dat in a generic simple and compatible MedGuiR dat

  • Better way to detect emu4crt Mednafen fork

  • Manage of CHD, based to normal Mednafen or by emu4crt fork

  • Improved the sasplayer and arcade titan video rom , detection

  • Fixed(?) any Megadrive rom detection with bin file compressed in archive container

  • Updated json library

  • Updated 7z library

MetroMed beta 12

  • Now you can open custom games csv file list
    Fixed file list when you swap from tile to list and viceversa
    Fixed the alphabetical sorting mode on list view
    Fixed specific detection of ico console
    Improved loading of image
    Added a option to set animation speed tranition
    Added movie snap preview ,"you need codec installed on your pc" (supported file are .mov, .mp4, .avi, .webm)
    Optimized snap preview
    Added import Boxart and Movie Snap menu
    Ps: To play Video Snap, if you needed, You can download and use K-Lite Basic codec pack
    Ps: A collection of video game snap are available here


  • Fixed do not worked rom sorter after launched a game

  • Fixed broken boxart and update download on Win XP

  • Ignored ssl certificate on webclient

  • Set Mute Discord by default on MedClient

  • Cosmetic change on Cheat Manager

  • Changed qwebirc nick default user

  • Added support for ps1 bios extracted from ps3 firmware

  • Added Favourites to MedClient comboconsole

  • Fixed empy boxart when a download attempt fails (thx Boubikos for bug report)

  • Fixed Cheat Manager for pce_fast module

  • Fixed netbutton behavior on textual medgui menu when you start a netplay session by medclient

  • Organized and grouped in a better way the file extension on file open window

  • Added "Clean entries from list" on Advanced menu

  • Always enabled "Remove from list" option on Adavnced Menu

  • Added text clipboard copy when you perform a left double click mouse button on "Version" info on the right medguir tab

  • Added m3u suffix to multi-disc game names to make it easier for the user to recognize them

  • Added preliminary support for Custom CSV game list (using MedGuiR CSV Creator)

  • Added new "Switchres" parameter for @psakhis emu4crt Mednafen fork

  • Added new parameters for next Mednafen 1.32.0-UNSTABLE

  • Merged any Pull Requests from @click4dylan MedGuiR Fork

  • Updated 7z.dll to the last version

  • Updated Modern7z.dll to the last version


  • Fixed wrong disabled groupbox on MedClient

  • hidden the link to BSFree due to link not available anymore

  • Disabled horizontal overscan area option on PCE_FAST module (thx skalt711 for report the bug)

  • Fixed relative path problem (thx ZzackK for bug report)

  • Fixed a bug with wrong stored record codec parameter (thx ZzackK for bug report)

  • Fixed a bug with psx game with multiple "[" on cheat manager

  • Fixed a bug with sbi patch path

  • Changed icon showed on m3u detection

  • Added MedClient load at Startup (thx ZzackK for suggestion)

  • On MedClient swapped "Utra Crappy IRC" with "qwebirc" by webbrowser component, due to any bugs encountered on IrcClient.dll (many many thx to ZzackK for report bugs and test)

  • Fixed a crash at launch of MedPad that appear when datagridview is empty

  • Changed gamesdatabase URL

  • Changed http reference to https

MedPad - Changes

  • Converted scancodes to a humanly readable output (thx skalt711 for suggetion)

  • Fixed a very stupid error on "per-config" creation, that caused stderror log on Mednafen

  • Made the output message that appears after creating a specific config file more understandable

  • Added a function to set default input device for selected console and player

  • Showed Default input assigned to Mednafen


  • Added No$PSX v2.2 BIOS support

  • Added webbrowserfix class for internal browser ('Code imported from here.

  • Fixed Discord webhook due to a small change to Discord API

  • Added error 404 and 500 to webrequest on cheat manager

  • Added Server List and "send rom to server" on MedClient form

  • Fixed again a problem with cheat download due to small change on main API

  • Changed MedGuiR updater to a dedicated GitHub page (Thx Valerius and Orbea for suggestion)

  • Improve management of missing essential resources

  • Fixed a bug with Single file Scan routine

  • Improved MedClient controls and fixed a crash occur in some circumstances


  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json to v.13.0.2

  • On perconfig fixed a problem with doubled quoted string

  • Better management of errors on failure extraction for compressed archive

  • In Cheat manager if the error 403 appear, MedGuiR try to connect again one time to server

  • Unrecognized games will be named as original file name (thx Cyber Akuma for report the bug)

  • Fixed a bug with multiple entries for the same game with multi bin file (thx Cyber Akuma for report the bug)

  • Added sound device selector

  • Improved and fixed scan detection on PSX and Saturn games

  • Fixed error message for ST-V games on 32 bit OS

  • Added no$psx bios v2.1 hash to the supported psx bios

  • Fixed a regression on last MedGuiR release on multiple entries for bin file and undetected cd based games


  • Imported custom boxart will refresh boxart picture instantly

  • Now advanced menu on the rom grid will be opened with a single right mouse button click instead double click

  • Fixed broken Mouse Cursor visibility option due to due to a spelling mistake (Thx to SkyPirate1 to report bug)

  • Fixed tooltip onto goat mask pattern (Thx to SkyPirate1 to report bug)

  • Added Bioses on "Per console config" (thx SkyPirate1 for suggestion)

  • on advanced setting will be anbled only the bioses useful for selected console (thx SkyPirate1 for suggestion)

  • Fixed a bug that showed empty pc engine bioses in any circumstance

  • Highlight the editable BIOS text boxes

  • Fixed the "Waiting for extraction..." popup, which did not close in case of error (thx rocknard for report the bug)

  • Fixed the obsolete link of sbi patch which does not allow automatic download (thx rocknard for report the bug)

  • Forced Tls12 security protocol because August 22' net framework patch create problems with Discord connection

  • Disabled Discord presence on Win XP OS

  • Added ST-V game list support

  • Alligned to last Mednafen 1.31.0-UNSTABLE


  • Added Sega Arcade SCSP Player support

  • Fixed a bug introduced on last MedGuiR release that broke Mednafen auto update function

  • Fixed a regression that block the extraction of 7z or rar cd based file into "romtemp" folder (thx to Drop bop for reporting the bug)


This is only a update, if this is your first download, you need also the full MedGuiR v0.118.


  • ixed boxart batch downloader

  • Removed Freenode from MedClient autoconnection window and added

  • Fixed a crash on clone function when you select Desktop as path

  • Fixed crash on clone file due to unsupported chars

  • Added progress bar to clone file operation

  • Increased the rom size detection for (Megadrive) bin file to 16000000 Byte

  • Added all new parameters introduced in Mednafen v.1.28.0 Unstable

  • Added support for .zst file (this file will be managed as generic file without game console detection)

  • Added support for .zip and .7z file compressed with Zstd format (this containers format will be managed as ususal with game console detection)

  • Added native support for loading CD images from .zip or .zst archives by Mednafen, enabling "cd.image_memcache 1" parameter in Mednafen config file or by GUI
    (This file will be managed as generic file without game console detection and can't be prescanned)

  • MedGuiR now use .ico file instead .gif to show console icon into the rom list, seem that improve the games list loading and reduce drastically the memory usage

  • Fixed any sparsed bugs (I hope)

Show Previous Changes


  • Updated FPS display position parameters

  • Fixed a regression that prevented the filtering of games by region on the icon menu

  • Changed Default Mednafen IRC server

  • Added instruction to cheat manager to enable cheat code

  • Added a complete rom filter that include both "region" "game name" and "genre" (unluckly no support for headerless rom and cd based games)

  • Added on "File Manager" box, "Clone file to" another path (useful to move games filtered by genre, name, region into a specific directory "You say external microsd?")

  • Added new MetroMed release v0.11 with a new list grid layout

  • If default rom path is empty or not detectable, medgui will create and set one, named ROMS folder (requested by PFTM)

  • Added mednafen backup config on command key window


  • Fixed a bug on search rom filter in MedClient

  • On textual menu, added a LED to notify if Autoconnect to Server is enabled or not

  • Added a Virtual Keyboard usable with gamepad to Search Rom

  • Changed beaviour of joypad button on the GUI

  • Added a "fast load" option to MedGui settings to improve the populations of datagrid list rom

  • Fixed a crash that occuring when MedClient FTP is not accessible

  • Increased the folder rom detection for extracted game to 40000000 byte (thx to Alien Grey for report the bug)

  • On Advanced menu added a option to rename a game name with a custom name (thx to Snacko for suggestion)

  • Added video.glformat parameter/option for 16bpp graphics Mednafen output support


  • Added support for Compact File Set compliant images (

  • Change a bit the control pad code to make it compatible with medgui textual top menu

  • Now boxart background color is the same of the GUI

  • Add Tabpage tab colours change with background (code from

  • Fixed a bug with start and detection of a file with same crc

  • Added .ciso support

  • Fixed hide of snes enhancement chip rom in rom list

  • Added Spismo tool to convert cd image format into Compact File Set format (you need Pismo File Mount Audit Package installed on your pc to enable cfs support into MedGuiR)


  • Minor cosmetic change on Mednafen Server detection

  • Added error 404 on downloader

  • Removed wrong tooltips on any tabs

  • Added tls1.2 support on missing parts (should solve the broken boxart scraper function)

  • Fixed the wrong beaviour on missing tls support on Net Framework 2.0

  • Changed Vimm's query on link tab

  • Changed Discord webhook

  • Added a control and warning for special chars inside a folder name


This is only a update, if this is your first download, you need also the full MedGuiR v0.113.

Not more addictions this time, fixed any bugs.
Extract and overwrite this archive on your MedGuiR main path.

  • Removed wrong tooltips on any tabs

  • Added tls1.2 support on missing parts (should solve the broken boxart scraper function)


  • On MedClient added a simple game list to start a netplay session on the fly

  • Fixed scanlines trackbar value on sms

  • Fixed selection of medguir menu style at first startup

  • Changed and fixed popup boxart on the screen

  • Autocheck internal browser under WINE

  • Fixed advanced mednafen settings show form under WINE

  • Fixed search game filter on combobox

  • Cosmetic change on grid


  • Key shortcuts and joypad polling will be disabled if medguir form is not active

  • Managed password request added on UCI

  • Fixed any server message on UCI

  • UCI irc is now integrated with MedClient to better manage online session

  • Added notification icon on traybar for MedClient with details for online sessions opened and irc users connected

  • Added any common irc functions on UCI irc

  • Added EZNotification (popup widget) ( for opened online session, you can change theme on medguir notification icon on tray bar by right click mouse button

  • Added Discord announcement on MedGuiR > NetPlay Discord channel (

  • Minor cosmetic change


  • Removed specific NoDesync settings for psx and nes (now unuseful)

  • Added netplay mednafen doc onto medclient section

  • Fixed reload icon resource on MedClient

  • Minor cosmetic change on MedClient

  • Change a bit the menu code

  • Fixed selectable initial firmware path

  • Disabled any redundant calling function

  • Fixed filter of rom search on drag and drop

  • Improved read of DATs

  • Removed the autoscan of games playlist after DATs update

  • Added a simple file manager/organizer

  • Optimized the mednafen process detection by a function (should speedup the GUI startup loading)

  • Changed the behavior of MedClient

  • Now the rooms session state can be saved on medguir ini


  • The Medclient service now send input configuration to prevent config mismatch

  • Added another ddns for medclient and mednafen server

  • Fixed any bad translated string

  • Fixed a small bug with refresh of rom grid in text menu mode


  • Changed behaviour of rapid rom searcher textbox

  • Fixed detection of per-config system file

  • Solved a bug with snes faust hblend option, that caused crash on old mednafen version

  • Fixed negative value problem with per-game config file

  • Now per-game config will do not delete still existent input config

  • Changed suffix "/v1/" on tgbd api (now scrape function work again)

  • Now user can chose to open mednafen general doc or specific per module

  • Added conversion from chd to cue/bin

  • Added a old style menu instead icons menu, on the top of frontend, user can swap between the two menu in "General Tab", selecting "Text Menu" option

  • Fixed a crash that occur when is impossible to detect the windows os version

  • Fixed behaviour of netplay button

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