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1.12 PreviewBuild 3 / 03-01-2021





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kindred is a multi-system video game emulator for Windows. It's been considered as work-in-progress for more than two decades and aims to accurately emulate the following systems: Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom), Game Boy, IBM PC AT, IBM PC XT & Sega Master System and others.


Most Recent Changes

[IBM] Fixed Sound Blaster 2.0 DSP DMA issue
[ALL] Added more IDE data files
[ALL] Updated Scheduler  

Previous Recent Changes
[IBM] Added Sound Blaster 2.0 DSP and DAC
[IBM] Redirected IRQ 2 to IRQ 9 for AT class
[IBM] Fixed a bug in AT state descriptor
[IBM] Updated ibm\readme.txt
[RT ] Added ROMP, MMU, IOCC and Keyboard/Locator Controller
[X86] Updated DMA request protocol
[C64] Rewrote 6502 core
[ALL] Added 65C02 core
[ALL] Added User Preferences Dialog
[ALL] Added Virtual Devices
[ALL] Added Audio Device options
[ALL] Added Runtime and re-enabled folder options
[ALL] Added option to hide/trap the windows mouse cursor
[ALL] Added the option to save and restore the last session
[ALL] Added more Quick Load/Save hotkeys
[ALL] Updated Window Sizes
[ALL] Added more config.ini options
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