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110 / 25-07-2020





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higan is a multi-system emulator that began development on 15 years ago! Consoles include but are not limited to Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo Super Famicom, Super Game Boy / BS-X Satellaview / Sufami Turbo, Nintendo Game Boy / Color / Advance, Sega Master System / Game Gear / Mega Drive, NEC PC Engine / NEC SuperGrafx, Bandai WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color and much more!


Windows: 7+ 

Linux: 3.2+

MacOS: 10.7+ 

FreeBSD: 10.0+

He indicated the following with this release

It’s been a pleasure, thank you all for everything.
Yes, I’ll be fine. No, I won’t be back. I gave all I could.
The work is what matters. Please continue it in my stead.

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