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3.4.0 / 14-08-2021





average rating is 3.2 out of 5
average rating is 3.7 out of 5
average rating is 3.4 out of 5

Gearboy is an open-source Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator written in C++. It's not the most accurate, but runs on iOS, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, Linux and RetroArch.


Windows: 32-bit & 64-bit (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable may be required)

Linux: nothing in particualr mentionned

Mac: nothing in particualr mentionned

Most Recent Changes


All platforms

  • GBA mode.
    Bootrom support.
    Many performance improvements.
    Several bug fixes.

Windows , Linux and Mac (desktop)

  • Fullscreen.
    Multi-line cheat input to add multiple cheats in batch.
    BSD support.
    5 custom palettes.
    Debugger: go-to address, double click in jumps, back, memory breakpoints.

RetroArch (libretro)

  • Apple TV
    macOS ARM

Show Previous Changes


  • All platforms:Many performance improvements.
    Several bug fixes.

  • Windows and Linux (standalone):Portable Mode. Create a file named portable.ini in the same directory as the application binary.

  • Windows (standalone):Added missing dependencies for building with VisualStudio.

  • RetroArch (libretro):Remove usage of obsolete Cell SDK in favor of the PSL1GHT SDK.


  • All platforms:Improved sprite accuracy in CGB mode.
    Improved memory usage.
    Minor bug fixes.

  • Libretro:Fixed crashes due to heavy usage of memory in low memory platforms.


  • Libretro:New parameter to select desired mapper.

  • Other platforms:Several bug fixes.


  • Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi 4:
    Full Debugger.Disassembler with breakpoints and debug symbols.
    VRAM inspector, including BG, OAM, tiles and palettes.
    Memory Editor.
    IO viewer.
    GBC color correction.
    Open rom using cli argument.

  • All platforms:Load game pad mappings from file.
    Several bug fixes.


  •  Bump version to 3.0.4


  • Windows, Linux and macOS:Tweaking options for screen ghosting, fast forward and dot matrix effect.
    Improved gamepad support and configuration.
    Add backers into About window.

  • Raspberry Pi 4:Desktop app.

  • All platforms:Fix MBC1 Multicart.
    Several bug fixes.


  • Windows, Linux and macOS:Fix font rendering in retina displays.
    Dot matrix screen simulation.
    Customizable emulation parameters.
    Configurable screen scale and aspect ratio.

  • All platforms:Several bug fixes.


  • Windows, Linux and macOS:Fixed and issue remapping keyboard controls


  • Windows, Linux and macOS:Fully redesigned GUI using Dear ImGUI library (No more Qt 😅).
    Fast Forward.
    Game Genie and GameShark cheats support.
    Predefined and custom palettes.
    Screen ghosting.
    Gamepad support.
    Open Recent menu.

  • All platforms:Performance improvements.
    Bug fixes.

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