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3.1.66 / 19-12-2021





average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4.5 out of 5

It's a port of WinUAE designed to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux featuring a new on-screen GUI and cross-platform online play. Noteworthy features include video synchronization and scaling, OpenRetro Game Database, Cross-Platform Online Play, Flexible Screenshot Support, WHDLoad support and much more. 


Windows: XP+ 32-bit / 64-bit

Linux: Couldn't find it even if they mentioned supporting it

Mac: Couldn't find it even if they mentioned supporting it

Most Recent Changes


– Updated bundled SDL version to 2.0.18

– Updated controller mappings


– Translations were missing from FS-UAE Launcher on Windows and Linux
– Also, due to changes in SDL2, some controllers (Xbox controllers at least) have new GUIDs and the bundled configurations no longer match. So you need to remap your controller in Launcher settings if you cannot utilize all buttons anymore. I’ll see if I can get new and updated controller configs included in an update!
– Lot of fixes


– Fix device helper for xinput devices with recent SDL2 versions.
– Support for multiple mice disabled by default on macOS due to security warning. Use option multiple_mice = 1 to enable.
– Disable expect_version option (no longer synchronized with launcher).
– Added support for more physical keys (when using rawinput).
– Compilation fixes for Apple M1 hardware.
– Netplay desync fixes related to file system (directory hard drives).
– Better virtual memory reservation algorithm.
– Option to automatically pause on menu screen [mrsilver76].
– Use RTLD_DEEPBIND with dlopen on Linux when loading plugins.
– Changes to how plugins are looked up.
– Ide patch.
– SCP floppy image doesn’t wrap to revolution #0 cleanly [keirf].
– Fixed crash in nname_to_aname [PowderedToastMan].
– Lot of fixes

Some additional notes
– FS-UAE Arcade is included as part of the Launcher. You can run Arcade by passing the –arcade parameter to fs-uae-launcher by (for example) creating a shortcut with this additional parameter. Tested fine on Windows and Linux, but there seems to be an issue with Arcade on macOS. To be continued.
– FS-UAE Arcade on macOS misbehaves (or perhaps it is macOS that misbehaves). When launching FS-UAE, you only get a black screen. Everything works fine if you run Arcade in windowed mode (add –window parameter).
– On Linux, using the browse for file / folder button in FS-UAE Launcher may crash the Launcher. This is probably distro-dependent, and related to the inclusion of the GTK libraries with the Launcher. Will investigate further.
– XInput controllers (Xbox controllers, etc) may need to be configured again in Launcher Settings in order to be recognized and work properly, due to changes in the underlying SDL2 library.

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