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FinalBurn Neo




average rating is 3.4 out of 5
average rating is 3.5 out of 5
average rating is 3.5 out of 5

FinalBurn Neo, an Emulator for Arcade Games & Select Consoles is based on FinalBurn and old versions of MAME. Many of the developers of this project worked on FB Alpha and due to a controversy, they parted ways and are now actively developing this one. It currently covers the following home sytems:

  • ColecoVision

  • MSX1

  • Sega Game Gear

  • Sega Master System

  • Sega Mega Drive

  • Sega SG-1000

  • PC Engine

  • SuperGrafx

  • ZX Spectrum


Windows: XP users can download build at their github

Mac: No Comments

Linux: Download source and build with "make sdl2"

Raspberry Pi: Download source and build using "make pi"

Most Recent Changes
Mac OS X users should download FinalBurnNeo-v1.0.0.2.dmg (this is coming very soon!)

Fixes and new features

  • Game Genie support added to NES, info how to add codes, etc: NES Game Genie Tutorial

  • Fix Japanese text in gameinfo history tab [dink, fusion]

  • Add big-endian support for most drivers [crystalct]

  • Fix screen flipping in Basic Blitter [dink]

  • Modernize ym2151 interface, add buffered mode [dink]

  • Fixed demon front sometimes loses region setting [dink]

  • Fixed distortion with LowPass Filter option in some drivers [dink]

  • Fix Mighty Guy sound emulation [sasuke-arcade]

  • Add k007452 multiplier/divider, fixes 3d-stages in Contra [furrtek]

  • Improve cheat.dat subsystem, fix cheats for TMS340x0, e132xs games [dink]

  • Fix scfinals on taito f3, m68020 unaligned fetch [dink]

  • Fix Demon Front forgets it's language [dink]

  • Fix end-boss in Battlane (flipped double-height sprite) [dink]

  • Add screen geometry to .dat generation [barbudreadmon]

  • Fix DAC in Bomber Man World [dink]

  • Fix Surprise Attack st.4 hang [dink]

  • Fix Dragon World 3 and PGM 3in1 [eziochiu]

  • Fix Ecco the Dolphin SMS version [Rupert Carmichael]

  • Rewrite Sys16b and Sys18 sprite:tilemap priorities [dink]Fixes Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
    Fixes Alien Syndrome snakey wall slithers on stage 6
    Fixes Wally wo Sagase!

  • Chase Bombers priority hookups [cam900, dink]

  • Cheeky Mouse samples created by Otto Pylotte & his Cheeky Mouse PCB

  • Keeping all romsets up-to-date [JacKc]

  • Keeping console & 8bit micro homebrew and non-homebrew games up-to-date [Gab75]

  • Keeping ZX Spectrum library up-to-date [Svipur]

  • Added Macros for all inputs & checkbox for Auto-Fire [taoenwen]

New drivers

  • Added driver for Fairchild Channel F games [iq_132]

  • Added driver for Seibu SPI games: Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Jet, Viper Phase 1, E-Jan HS and Senkyu [iq_132]

  • Added driver for Namco NB-1/NB-1 games: Gun Bullet/Point Blank, Nebulas Ray, The Outfoxies, Mach Breakers, Super World Statium 95-97, Great Sluggers 93-94 [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Namco NA-1/NA-2 games: Fighter & Attacker, Super World Court, Exvania, Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit, Emeraldia, Knuckle Heads, Numan Athletics, X-Day 2, Nettou! Quiz [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Midway Y-Unit games: NARC, Trog, Smash T.V., High Impact Football, Super High Impact, Strike Force, Terminator 2, Mortal Kombat, Total Carnage [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Jaleco MegaSystem 32 games: Desert War, Gratia, Tetris Plus, Tetris Plus 2, Best Bout Boxing, PK Soccer V2, P-47 Aces, ... [iq_132]

  • Added driver for Midway X-Unit: Revolution X [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Gottlieb's Exterminator [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Cheese Chase, Stone Ball and Ultimate Tennis on Art & Magic HW [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Battle Toads [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Gladiator by Taito/Allumer [iq_132, dink]

  • Added driver for Land Sea Air Squad / Storming Part & Daikaiju no Gyakushu by Taito [iq_132, dink]

New additions / updates to existing drivers

  • Add Rainbow Islands ColorDance + Over The Rainbow song hack by BcnAbel76, Tom [dink]

  • Add Space Gulls to NES driver [dink]

Clones and updated romsets in existing drivers

  • Quite a few!

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Please download if you are regular windows user, and if you are a windows XP user.
Mac OS X users should download FinalBurnNeo-v1.0.0.0.dmg.

Linux users should download the source and build using

make sdl2

Raspberry Pi users should download the source and build using

make pi

If you need cheats download

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