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DXGL is a ddraw.dll library replacement for Windows running on OpenGL. It is designed to overcome driver issues, particularly in Windows Vista and newer operating systems while also adding various enhancements to the graphics output such as display scaling and filtering options. DXGL supports the DirectX 7.0 graphics APIs, however it is currently under development and does not work with many programs.

It's currently in an alpha stage, but several applications and games already work.


Most Recent Changes


  • Fix installation of MSVC runtime and Program Files links.


  • Fix freezing during ddraw.dll initialization.


  • Prevent screensaver when program is active. 

  • Rewrite profile update. 

  • Add portable install. 

  • Add debug symbols.


  • Rewrite surface structures. 

  • Partially implement hardware accelerated scaled primary.


  • Add x64 build. 

  • Add shader compatibility with OpenGL 3.x. 

  • Fix some API bugs.


  • Add basic overlay surface support. 

  • Add scaling for windowed mode applications.


  • Add VS2005 and VS2008 builds. 

  • Change debug tracing to a .ini option. 

  • Fix profile directory SHA256 hashes. 

  • Add included directive to .ini files and support alternate dxgl.cfg configuration file.


  • Upgrade VC2017 to VC2019.  

  • Add some improvements to DDraw API.  

  • Add color format conversions for several surface formats.  

  • Add 1, 2, and 4-bit pixel formats.  

  • Add packed YUV pixel formats.


  • Add VC2017 build. 

  • Add Wine DLL overrides. 

  • Fix uninstaller to clean up files and registry. 

  • Improve color palette support. 

  • Improve 512×448 scaling mode. Several bug fixes.


  • Add offline help. 

  • Add mouse related hooks including a contributed addition. 

  • Improve window mode. 

  • Add custom scaling options. 

  • Support saving INI files. Fix a few bugs.


  • New DXGL Config application. 

  • Improved color depth and display mode selections. 

  • Add debug options and rendering hacks. 

  • Fix a few bugs.


  • Fix window mode. 

  • Add .ini configuration support. Add debug options. 

  • Add color key override. 

  • Add single buffer display mode.


  • Bug fixes. 

  • Downgrade runtime to VS2010. 

  • Add first pass scaling mode and forced SSAA.


  • Minor bug fixes. 

  • Optimization for shader cache. 

  • Add non-minimizing windowed borderless modes.


  • Minor clipper fixes. 

  • Isolate most of renderer backend from frontend API. 

  • Overhaul installer and configuration.


  • Upgrade compiler to Visual Studio 2013. 

  • Add forced-window mode. 

  • Add borderless-window (non-exclusive) fullscreen mode.


  • Minimize fullscreen mode on Alt+Tab and restore desktop resolution. 

  • Fix D3DTLVERTEX rendering. 

  • Fix D3D color key support. Add depth fill Blt.


  • More API improvements.

  • Improve dithering performance. 

  • Full ROP support. 

  • Windows 10 compatibility.


  • API improvements. 

  • Add mipmap texture support. 

  • Better Direct3D2 texture support. 

  • Adjustments to transformed vertices. 

  • Add dithering.


  • Blt fixes. 

  • Color key fix. 

  • Add destination and colorspace color key. 

  • Add 90 degree blt rotation. 

  • Add blt mirroring.


  • Surface clipper support. 

  • Same source/dest blt fix. 

  • Dynamic blt shader generation. 

  • Partial ROP support.


  • DPI support. 

  • Custom aspect ratio support. 

  • Better 8-bit color support.


  • Fix Intel graphics compatibility. 

  • Support ARB_sampler_objects for more accurate D3D emulation. 

  • Fix several bugs. 

  • Add tracing support to source code.


  • Add partial DirectX2 D3D support. 

  • Enable D3D support on all builds. 

  • Improve Windows 8 compatibility. 

  • Fix a few D3D bugs.

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