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0.23WIP1 / 27-03-2024





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DSP is an open-source emulator which emulates multiple arcade machines, Spectrum, Phoenix, CPC, Colecovision and much more...

Check here for a small guide on how to use it.


Most Recent Changes

--0.23 WIP1--



        -Fixed preview screen generation

        -Fixed CRC show when a ROM file is not found


        -Simplified snapshot system functions 


        -AVG/DVG: Added new vector draw system. WIP.

        -GFX: Added invert option when convert GFX



            +Rewrited all sound playing functions

            +Make all variables, adpcm ROMS, and timing internal, removed all variables from drivers

            +Make standart adpcm play functions by default, removed all repeated funcions from drivers



            +Fixed some timings

            +Fixed 'divs' opcode (Now 'Space Harrier' works fine!)

            +Fixed privilege exception in 'stop', 'move to sr' and 'move from sr' opcodes


            +Added 8X52 and CMOS CPU types

            +Enhanced internal RAM read/write

            +Fixed IRQ generation

            +Fixed parity calculation

            +Fixed push/pop

            +Fixed timer0 and timer1

            +Fixed many opcodes

            +Added opcodes $84


            +Added some more WZ


        -Sega deCript: Added anoter SEGA ROMs decript


    +Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)

    +Spectrum 128/+3 some code cleaning

-Amstrad CPC

    +Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)

-Commodore 64

    +Some memory functions clean

    +Some tape control changes

    +Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)

-Sega Master System

    +Fixed pause (Fixes 'Bart Simpsons and the Space Mutants')

    +Fixed BIOS loading

-88 Games

    +Added driver, screen draw problems... Maybe CPU bugs?


    +Fixed CPU clock


    +CPU map cleaning

-Appoooh HW

    +Appohhh: Added driver with sound

    +Robo Wres 2001: Added driver with sound

-Asteroids HW

    +Added new vector system

    +Lunar lander: added AVG-DVG prom

-Bank Panic HW

    +Bank Panic: added driver with sound

    +Combat Hawk: added driver with sound

-Bionic Commando

    +Fixed background wrong colors

-Blue Print HW

    +Blue Print: added driver with sound

    +Saturn: added driver with sound

    +Grasspin: added driver with sound

-Calorie Kun vs Moguranian

    +Added driver with sound

-Dooyong HW

    +Blue Hawk: added driver with sound

    +The Last Day: added driver with sound

    +Gulf Storm: added driver with sound

    +Pollux: added driver with sound

    +Flying Tiger: added driver with sound

-Galaxian HW

    +Fixed background

    +Fixed NMI clear

    +Fixed sprite calculation procedures

    +Fixed bullet draw

    +Fixed scramble protection

    +Ant Eater: added driver with sound

    +Armored Car: added driver with sound

    +The End: added driver with sound

    +Battle of Atlantis: added driver with sound

    +Calipso: added driver with sound

    +Cavelon: added driver with sound


    +Fixed sprites

-Pirate Hihemaru

    +Added screen priorities

-Karnov HW

    +Added IRQ assert/clean

-Legendary Wings HW

    +Legendary Wings: Update ROMs names

    +Trojan: Fixed palette

    +Avengers: added driver with sound, some sync problems...

-Popeye HW

    +Fixed DMA

    +Popeye: Fixed screen draw

    +Sky Skipper: adder driver with sound

-The Simpsons

    +Fixed CPU clock

-Snowbros HW

    +Come Back Toto: added driver with sound

    +Hyper Pacman: added driver with sound

-Steel Force HW

    +Mortal Race: added driver with sound

-Sega System 1/2 HW

    +Removed Z80 special timings, added adjust cycle function, remove all CPU clock hacks

    +Fixed palette

    +Wonder Boy: removed decript procedures, now using new SEGA deCript

    +Gardia: added driver with sound


+Better collisions functions

+Some CPU map cleaning

+Fixed CPU clock

-Unico HW

    +BurglarX: added driver with sound

    +ZeroPoint: added driver with sound

--0.22 Final--


    +Addeded documentation, 'DSP small guide' and 'DSP how to compile'

    +New main Snapshot system

        -New unified ROM/game/snapshot/tape load/save system

        -New unified snapshot data extractor system


        -Added a new counter to count all timings of the CPU, used in Asteroids, Circus Charlie, Gyruss, Hypersports, and many others...


            +Fixed timings before internal timer call

            +Added some opcodes for 2xNOP and 3xNOP

        -NEC V20/V30/V33

            +Implemented sound timers

            +Added NMI

            +Added many EA types

            +Fixed PUSH/POP CPU flags

            +Added opcodes $0f18, $0f19, $0f1a, $0f1b, $0f1c, $0f1d, $31, $34, $68, $6a, $6b, $82, $8308, $8320, $8330, $8d, $91, $92, $93, $94, $95, $97, $c008, $c020, $c028, $c120, $c128, $c8, $c9, $d110, $d200, $d220, $d228, $d3, $e3, $e4, $ec, $ee, $ef, $f2a4, $f2a5, $f2af, $f618, $f620, $f630, $f720, $f728, $f730 and $f738


            +Added (again) functions to change CPU timmings

            +Fixed some timmings and timming calculation

            +Fixed timings before internal timer call

            +Some updates to internal procedures


            +Added snapshots

            +Change ime flag to 'disabled' on reset (Fixes Hook)

            +Fixed HALT opcode, fixes many Gameboy Color Konami games


            +Added external IO, and fixed internal IO

            +Fixed conditional jumps

            +Fixed ROM reads with and without PC increment

            +Fixed CPU clock init

            +Fixed IRQs

            +Added opcodes $25, $45, $70, $71 and $90

            +Fixed opcodes $80, $81, $a3, $b3 and $e3


            +Added snapshots

            +Rewrited sound part

            +Fixed audio buffer

            +Fixed dpcm sound... But clicks a lot

        -UPD7810: Added snapshots


        -Sega VDP (SMS/GG): Added snapshots

        -Changed function rol90 name to rot270

        -Added rot180 to rotate screen 180 degrees

        -Fixed main screen flip x and flip y, now can be used both


        -UPD1771: Added snapshots 

        -Konami Sound: video line not needed any more


            +Added volume

            +Uploaded samples for Bosconian and Gaplus

        -Seibu sound

            +Rewrited and converted to class

            +Added internal Z80, ADPCM, sound chip and controls

            +Changed CPU mappers to internal

            +Removed fake adpcm, using standar MSM5205

        -MSM5205: converted to class

        -OKI6295: Fixed playing voices


        -VIA6522: Added device

        -Namco IO 56XX-58XX-59XX

            +Changed to classes

            +Added IO 59XX

            +Implemented timers to internal

        -I2Cmem: added i2c eeproms, with snapshots support


            +Mix two source files

            +Converted to classes

            +Fixed 16bits writes

            +Added functions to load/save content

            +Added E93CXX devices

    +Tape System

        -Added procedures to call before play and after stop tape

        -Fixed WAV format tapes loading

        -Added Oric TAP file format support

        -Fixed main speed changes when a tape is playing

    +Disk: added DSK format for Oric disks

    +GFX: fixed gfx rotate when graphics are not square

    +File engine: changed CRC variable to unsigned 32bits


        +Fixed press 'ESC' for close pop-up windows

        +Fixed some spellings

        +Some cosmetical changes

        +Fixed controls, when pressing left+right or up+down at the same time

        +Started to implement parent drivers (ROMs loading and ROMs export), for example Xevious and Super Xevious, they share ROMs, but they are not the same arcade.

        +Updated Preview Images


    +Fixed screen refresh when changed screen resolution

    +Changed 'fast load' button

        -Disabled if no tape is loaded

        -Set 'on' by default when 'TAP' file is loaded

        -Set 'off' by default when 'TXZ' file is loaded

-Amstrad CPC

    +Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system

    +Enabled Z80 timings (fixes Saboteur II and many others)

    +Rewrited video to update screen pixel by pixel

    +Fixed tape loading with new Z80 timings

    +Fixed keyboard matrix reads (Fixes 'Night Shade')

-Commodore 64

    +Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system

    +Swapped joystick 0 and joystick 1

    +Added F1 to start/stop tape loading

-Chip 8

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Added snapshots


    +Moved to new snapshot system

    +Added eeprom to snapshot (if present)

    +Black Onix: Added 24C08 eeprom

    +Boxxled: Added 24C256 eeprom

-GameBoy/GameBoy Color

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Added snapshots

    +Modernized mappers, better mapper reset

    +Changed a bit screen timings

    +Added 'Wisdom Treee' mapper

    +Added partial mapper MBC6


    +Added snapshots

    +Modernized mappers

    +Added black&white palette

    +Changed a bit screen timings

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Fixed mapper 9

    +Added partial mapper 10 (thanks to Neville)

-Sega SG-1000

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Added snapshots

    +Added a new game file format '.MV'

    +Safari Hunting: Fixed cartridge mirroring, not works

-Sega GameGear

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)

    +Added snapshots

-Sega Master System

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Added snapshots

    +Fixed BIOS+Game loading, now supports all extra BIOS+Game for all systems

    +Fixed international detection, now detects the system via $3F port

    +Fixed model change NTSC/PAL

    +Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)

-SuperCassete Vision

    +Added the new ROM load game system

    +Added snapshots

    +Fixed ROM loading, all available games now works

-Casio PV-1000

    +Added new console, supports sound, controls

    +Added snapshots

    +All available games working

-Casio PV-2000

    +Added new console, supports sound, controls, keyboard...

    +Added snapshots

    +All available games working

-Oric HW

    +Added support for tape loading, AY-8910 sound and keyboard

        -Oric 1: added driver with sound

        -Oric Atmos: added driver with sound

    +Added preliminary disc support, not working

-Bloodbros HW

    +Added new seibu sound system


    +Added new seibu sound system

-Centipede HW


        -Fixed dip

        -Fixed video

        -Fixed controls

        -Fixed colors, now using indirect palette

    +Millipede: added driver with sound

-Circus Charlie

    +Fixed sprites


    +Added driver with sound

-Donkey Kong HW

    +Fixed screen flip


    +Enhanced IRQs

-Galaga HW

    +Added DIPs to all drivers

    +Added all remain controls to all drivers

    +DigDug: Simplified background render 

    +Super Xevious: Added driver with sound

-Galaxian HW

    +Added DIPs to all drivers

    +Added all remain controls to all drivers


        -Updated ROMs

        -Added background color


    +Added driver with sound and samples

-Gun.Smoke HW

    +Added sound CPU reset line

-Irem M63 HW

    +Wily Tower: added driver with sound

    +Fighting Basketball: added driver with sound

-Legendary Wings HW

    +Section Z: fixed audio

-Mappy HW

    +Added DIPs to all drivers

    +Added all remain controls to all drivers

    +Changed to new Namco 5X IO driver

    +Grobda: added driver with sound

    +Pac & Pal: Added driver with sound

-Mega Sys 1 HW

    +64th Street: fixed sprites

-Missile Command HW

    +Missile Command: added driver with sound

    +Super Missile Attack: added driver with sound

-Mug Smashers

    +Added driver with sound


    +Added DIPs switches

    +Fixed a stupid bug with palette change

    +Change screen parameters

-Pacman HW

    +Birdiy: added driver with sound


    +Added new driver, but have some CPU bugs, sounds fails and controls are not working

-Sega System 1/2 HW

    +Changed Z80 timings, fixes Pitfall II intro

-Shadow Warriors HW

    +Shadow Warriors: added driver with sound

    +Wild Fang/Tecmo knight: added driver with sound

-Steel Force HW

    +Steel Force: added driver with sound

    +Twin Brats: added driver with sound

-Taito SJ HW

    +Added DIPs

    +Updated to use gfx buffers

    +Fixed controls, added buttons

    +Optimized maps

    +Fixed sound NMI

    +Fixed DAC

    +Elevator Action: updated ROMs

-Time Pilot

    +Added DIPs

    +Added video enable


    +Added new seibu sound system

-Twins HW

    +Twins: added driver with sound

    +Twins (Electronic Devices): added driver with sound

    +Hot Block - Tetrix II: added driver with sound


    +Fixed DIPs

-Zaxxon HW

    +Fixed sound

    +Fixed DIPs

    +Fixed video

    +Added samples volume

    +Super Zaxxon: added driver with sound

    +Future Spy: added driver with sound

--0.21 Final--

   +Added some SDL2 functions to autoselect the best video format when switch to full screen
   +Fixed some export ROM data (thanks to Neville)
   +Fixed a stupid bug creating pixel buffer
            +Fixed opcodes divu and sbcd (thanks to Neville)
   +Added HOLD button
-Sega Master System
   +Fixed 'Pause' button, now works
-Mega System 1 HW
   +Fixed RAM byte write (fixes '64th Street - A detective story' protection)

Show Previous Changes


   +Updated SDL library to 2.26.3
   +Updated preview images
   +Remove arcade keys when not using arcade drivers
            +Split read/write byte flags
            +Enhanced timings
            +Fixed opcodes addi.l, addq.l, sbcd.rr, abcd.rr, roxr.w, roxl.w, rol.w, asr.b, lsr.b, roxr.b, ror.b, asr.w, lsr.w, ror.w, asr.l, lsr.l, roxr.l, ror.l asl.b, lsl.b, roxl.b, rol.b, asl.w, lsl.w, asl.l, lsl.l, roxl.l, rol.l
            +Added movem.w $38 efective address
            +Added opcodes $38..$3f, $62, $63, $64 and $b1
            +Fixed external get/put byte with no function
        -fd1089: Updated decode functions
        -SEGA PCM: Added stereo
        -SN76496: Added stereo
        -VLM5030: Added stereo
        -YM2203: Added stereo
   +Updated key redefine names
        -'COIN' --> 'COIN/SELECT'
        -'START' --> 'P1/START' or 'P2/START'
   +Gauntlet: Renamed ROM zip to 'gauntlet'
   +Gauntlet II: Updated ROMs to v2
-Hang-On HW
   +Hang-On: added driver with sound
   +Enduro racer: added driver with sound
   +Space Harrier: added driver with sound, some sprite problems (M68000 bug?)
-Mega System 1 HW
   +Fixed all video issues
        -Fixed graphics layers
        -Fixed scroll
        -Fixed sprites
   +Fixed graphics decode
   +Rod Land
        -Updated ROMs
        -Added graphics decrypt
   +64th Street - A detective story: added driver with sound
   +Fixed tile buffer size and activation
   +Fixed missing sprites
   +Fixed tiles transparency
   +Fixed tiles priority
-Sega System 16A HW
   +Fixed graphics decode
   +Fixed sprite ROMs and decode to 16bits
   +Fixed tiles transparency
   +Fixed tiles priority (very obious in WB3 end zone)
   +Alien Syndrome: Updated fd1089 ROM decode key
   +Wonder Boy III: Updated fd1089 ROM decode key
-Sega System 16B HW
   +Fixed disabled screen
   +Fixed tiles transparency
   +Fixed tiles priority
   +Fixed tile buffer activation


   +Change between drivers is faster now
   +Fixed joystick SDL 2 support! Changed hint function before SDL init, and works with all SDL 2 versions (removed SDL 2.0.16)
   +Added start and coin/select in player redefinition page
   +Start and coin/select keys can be mapped to joystick buttons
-Sega Master System
   +Remapped 'Pause' button to coin/select button
-Sega Game Gear
   +Removed 'Pause' button (doesn't have it)


   +Find a bug on new releases of SDL 2 library, joystick stop working when main window loses focus. Changed to SDL 2.0.16, works fine with this version
        -Added SDL 2.0.16 for download
   +Enhanced joystick support
        -New redefine buttons system, select and press the button to use it
        -Rewrited joystick internal functions
   +Windows: Removed mouse cursor, slows down everything when enabled
   +Lazarus: Added 'follow me' window style. The main emulation window follows select window when it moves.
   +Added 3 extra players buttons, 'Street Fighter II' now works with all buttons
   +Better row scroll, still not working
-Super Duck
   +Added driver with sound
-Tiger Road
   +Added sprite buffer


  • General
       +Fixed - Emulator losses focus and keyboard stop working (Thanks to Neville)
       +Updated SDL library to 2.26.1

  • Coleco
       +Fire button 1 and 2 switched
       +Fixed error message loading a cartridge


  • -Lazarus
       +Fixed image preview error
       +Fixed linux sort games
       +Added check for SDL2 Mixer present, needed for linux and MacOS

  • General
       +Fixed - Emulator stops with no reason (Thanks to Neville)
       +Better console game files loading, better error handling
       +Better tape files loading, better error handling
       +Fixed remembering last open dir for all systems
       +Better fullscreen mode (Press F6)


  • General
       +Update preview images, added images for new drivers
       +Konami K051316
            -Begin implementation, still WIP
            -HD6309: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d and $2f
            -Konami CPU
                  +Fixed opcodes $66, $67, $6e, $6f, $76, $77, $7e, $7f, $b4 and $b5
                  +Added opcodes $74, $bc, $be, $c6, $cc, $cd and $ce (Fixes 'The Simpsons', it's playable to the end)
            -M6809: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d, $2e and $2f
        +Konami 053246
            -Fixed shadows
                  +Added gain per channel
                  +Fixed AY8912 PORTB channel

  • Ajax
       +Added K051316 video chip

  • Ambush
       +Added driver with sound

  • Kyugo HW
       +S.R.D. Mission: Added driver with sound
       +AirWolf: Added driver with sound

  • Mag Max
       +Added driver with sound

  • Nemesis HW
       +Rewrited screen flip, fixes TwinBee

  • The Simpsons
       +Fixed video settings
       +Added sprites dma interrupt enable/disable

  • Thunder Cross HW
       +Fixed sprites priority


  • General
       +Update preview images, added images for new drivers
       +Update SDL library to 2.24.1
       +Added sort options in game list menu. You can sort computers, Game & Watch, consoles and arcade (and arcade subtypes sport, run & gun, shot, maze, fight and drive)
            -Konami CPU: Fixed opcodes $6f, $76 and $7e. Fixes 'The Simpsons', which it's fully playable now.
        +Konami 052109
            -Fixed scroll, now 'Ajax' works fine.

  • China Gate
       +Added driver with sound

  • Side Arms
       +Added driver with sound

  • Speed Rumbler
       +Added driver with sound


  • General
       +Update preview images
       +New option for consoles, now you can choose if you want start the driver with the window for loading games open or not
       +Sound options simplified, now you can choose 'enabled' or 'disabled'
       +Fixed label 'load disk' in console cartridge 'open' icon, now shows 'load game'
       +If no game is loaded, shows a image, not just an empty window
       +Fixed window priority, if a option window is active, the window behind is disabled
       +Added some languaje translations in main config menu
       +Changed 'Show game list', 'Configure DSP' and 'Save screen' icons
       +Changed 'Show game list' and 'Configure DSP' position in main window
       +Sound: removed 11025Hz and 22050Hz sample quality, they are useless!
            -M6805: Added opcodes $21, $56, $6a, $7a, $7f and $c1

  • Amstrad CPC
       +If a CDT tape is loaded and there is no pause block at the beginning, a 2000ms pause is added to the virtual tape

  • Arkanoid
       +Added driver with sound (Not correct sound chip)

  • Renegade
       +Fixed input
       +Fixed sprites


  • General
       +Z80 CTC: converted to class
       +Added close function to many devices
       +Sound: Make internal sound buffer bigger
            -M6809: Added opcodes $01, $29 and $1X2e
                + Added opcodes $47,$c2,$c9,$d9,$f0 and $fb
                + Opcode $f3 is not for M6808

  • -Senjyo HW
       +Update driver to new CTC
       +Senjyo: Fixed ROMs export size (thanks to okurka)

  • MCR HW
       +Tapper: added driver with sound

  • Williams HW
       +Fixed sound
       +Joust: added driver with sound
       +Robotron: added driver with sound
       +Stargate: added driver with sound


  • General
       +Changed transparent color (fixes 'Thunder & Lightning' sprites)
                    -Fixed IRQs
                    -Fixed timers

  • Amstrad CPC
       +Fixed green monitor palette
       +Added green monitor brightness

  • Coleco
       +Fixed snapshot loading

  • Super Cassete Vision
       +Fixed remain issues
       +Fixed BASIC Nyuumon RAM

  • Ninja Kid II HW
       +Fixed sound init

  • Seta HW
       +Thunder & Lightning: added protection


  • General
        +Updated SDL library to 2.0.22
                +Added many, many opcodes and fixed many others
                +Added UPD7801 opcode timing tables
                +Fixed IRQs
                +Fixed outports

  • Amstrad CPC
        +Rewrited CRT video emulation
       +Added green monitor option
       +Fixed scroll hardware

  • Super Cassete Vision
       +Added video emulation
       +Added Sound
       +Added input
       +Added ROM banking
       +Everything moves slow... And I dont know why...


  • General
        +ROMs export
            -Fixed Sly Spy ROMs info (Thanks to Neville)
                +Added M1 raise signal (read opcode)
                +Added HD63701Y0 CPU
                +Fixed internal read/write registers
                +Fixed opcodes BHI and BLS (ouch!)
                +Added opcode RORA

  • Amstrad CPC
        +Speed up video
       +Dandanator added initial support

  • Black Tiger
        +Fixed MCU CPU clock
       +Added video HW specs

  • Commando
        +Fixed main CPU clock
       +Added video HW specs

  • Ghost'n Goblins
       +Added video HW specs

  • Gun.Smoke HW
       +Added video HW specs
    -The Legend of Kage
       +Rewrited video driver
            -Fixed proirity BG/FG/Sprites
            -Fixed disable screen

  • Outrun (Thanks to Neville)
        +Fixed palette
        +Fixed shadows

  • Senjyo HW (called StarForce before)
        +Fixed video buffer
       +Added BG stripe and radar
       +Added char flip
       +Added Senjyo driver with sound
       +Added Baluba-louk no Densetsu driver with sound

  • Super Dodgeball
       +Added driver with sound

  • Sega System 16A HW (Thanks to Neville)
        +Fixed palette
        +Fixed shadows

  • Sega System 16B HW (Thanks to Neville)
        +Fixed palette
        +Fixed shadows


  • General
        +Simplified drivers initialization
        +Deco BAC06
            -Added video buffer
            -Fixed sprite RAM size
            -Fixed row & col scroll
            -Now you can specify the source file (fixes sample load from 'New Rally X')
                +Added opcode 'ror.w' (fixes E-Swat)
                +Fixed opcodes LSR, ROR, LSRD, ASLD, DAA, BHI and BLS
                +Fixed flags from RTI (Fixes 'Knockle Joe')

  • Act Fancer
        +Updated ROMs
        +Fixed Sound CPU clock
    -Deco 0 HW
        +Fixed many graphics issues
        +Changed FPS, adjusted lines
            -Sly Spy: Added driver with sound
            -Bouder Dash I/II: Added driver with sound
    -Epos HW
        +The Glob: Added dip switches
        +Superglob: Added dip switches

  • Megazone
        +Fixed CPU clock
        +Fixed scroll
        +Updated ROMs names

  • Pengo
        +Added dip switches

  • Popeye
        +Fixed CPU NMI

  • Route 16 HW
        +Fixed DAC reset

  • Slapfigth HW
        +Removed sprites buffer
        +Added dip switches and P2 controls
        +Fixed video lines
        +Fixed IRQ generation
        +Fixed CPU memory map
        +Added sound CPU reset

        +Fixed YM2203 init

  • Twin Cobra HW
        +Added dip switches


Happy 20th aniversary!

More than 200.000 code lines
More than 300 arcade games
10 8bits computers
8 home consoles
19 CPUs emulated
29 sound chips

  • General
        +Updated SDL library to 2.0.20
        +Analog control: Addded selection of X or Y axis inverted
        +Started a new driver

  • Mr Do!
        +Fixed colors
        +Added dipswitch

  • Crystal Castles: Added driver with sound

  • Flower: Added driver with sound

  • Mr Do Castle Hardware
        +Mr Do Castle: Added driver with sound
        +Do! Run Run: Added driver with sound
        +Mr Do Wild Ride: Added driver with sound
        +Jumping Jack: Added driver with sound
        +Kick Rider: Added driver with sound
        +Indoor Soccer: Added driver with sound


  • General
                +Added I8042 CPU type
                +Fixed IRQs
                +Added opcodes $02,$08,$22,$35,$40,$41,$60,$61,$65,$86,$89,$8a,$90,$c7 and $d6
                +Fixed opcodes $10,$11 and $57

  • Sega GameGear
        +Added Master System video compatibility
        +Added CodeMasters Mapper extra RAM

  • NinjaKid II HW
        +Added dipswitches
        +NinjaKid II: Added PCM sound
        +Atomic RoboKid: Added driver with sound

  • StarForce
        +Updated ROMs names

  • Sega System 16a
        +Added PCM sound

  • The New Zealand Story HW
        +Extermination: Added driver with sound


  • General
        +Seta Sprites: Added new device
                +Added M65CE02 CPU type. Added many specific opcodes
        +Lens Lock
            -Fixed Amstrad decode mode
        +Seta X1-010
            -Added new sound device

  • Spectrum
        +Spectrum 16K/48K fixed screen timings

  • Dec0 HW
        +Super Real Darwin: Inverted coin input

  • Karate Champ
        +Added driver with sound

  • Pacman HW
        +Enhance IRQs
        +Ms Pac Man Twin
            -Added driver with sound

  • Renegade
        +Fixed dipswitches

  • Seta HW
            -Added driver with sound
        +Twin Eagle
            -Added driver with sound
        +Thunder & Lightning
            -Added driver with sound

  • StarForce
        +Fixed X scroll in background

  • The New Zealand Story HW
        +Rewrited video system, now uses Seta Sprite device


  • General
        +Joystick: Some changes to enhance configuration
    -Commodore 64
        +Snapshots: Initial support for VSF (Vice Snapshot File)

  • Burguer Time HW
        +Code cleaning
        +Burguer Time: Update decryption, more speed
        +Lock'N'Chase: Added driver with sound
        +Minky Monkey: Added driver with sound

  • Mario Bros.
        +Added quick snapshots

  • Sega System 1/System 2
        +Fixed slowdowns and clean code
        +Added quick snapshots
        +Enhanced video buffer, more speed


  • General
                +Added sub CPU 7801
                +Added many opcodes, and fix others

  • Sega Master System
        +Fixed IRQ in SMS video mode (Fixes 'Nemesis', 'The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants', etc)
        +Fixed memory initialization with value $f0 (Fixes 'Alibaba and 40 Thieves', 'Micro Xevious', etc)
        +Change palette of TMS video mode

  • Super Cassette Vision
        +Added preliminary console driver (to fix CPU 78XX and enhance Taito CChip!)

  • Toaplan 1
        +Added preliminary driver for the system
            -Hellfire: Basic driver


  • General
                +Add 4T when take an IRQ and comes from HALT

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
        +Fixed background/window/sprites prorities. Finally understood how it works and renders the screen and objects
        +Fixed window line draw (Fixes 'Star Trek', 'Marblemadness', 'International Karate' and many others)
        +Fixed stupid bug in Gamboy Color video RAM
        +Fixed Gameboy Color background color (Fixes 'Yoda Stories')
        +Fixed sprite/sprite priority
        +Fixed when LCD is disabled, LCD-stat is 0
        +DMA - Fixed data origin


  • General
        +Preview picture
            -Cosmetical changes: bigger with black background and scaled picture
            -Added picture to Spectrum Plus 2A, SG-1000 and GameGear. Split GameBoy and GameBoy color pictures

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
        +Better drawing priorities, still not perfect
        +Window: fixed priorities with sprites (Look at 'Prehistorik Man')
        +Fixed controls order reading (Fixes new version of 'Robocop' - Thanks to Neville)
        +Small fix to serial (Fixes 'Lunar Lander', 'Hyper Dunk' and many others)

  • Suna 8 HW
        +Hard Head 2
            -Fixed palette

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