0.08 Preview Release / 10-02-2020


This is a new multi-system emulator, which shares emulation cores with higan and is foremost focused on accuracy. With that in mind, byuu aims to be much more user friendly than higan (think of byuu as easy mode, and higan as advanced mode).

The goal of byuu is to carry forward the breakout success of bsnes for all of higan's emulation cores, and not just for the SNES alone. bsnes, by being much easier to use, led to a resurgence in support that resulted in several new features, speed optimizations, bug reports, and emulator accuracy improvements. I hope to rekindle the same interest in all 25 of my supported emulation cores with this new emulator.

Most Recent Changes!

byuu is still brand-new, and it is missing several major features including gamepad support, multi-player support, cheat codes, and more. These features will be added in due-time. Sans enhancements like HD mode 7, I am for feature-parity with bsnes, including run-ahead support and much more. The speed is rather limited as well, but I hope to implement scanline renderers and roughly double the performance of each emulator core in the coming year. I am releasing this now for feedback and to try to gauge interest in this new idea of mine.

I hope it will be a success! Thank you everyone!

Planned roadmap:

  • v1: support for gamepad mapping and the save state manager
  • v2: support for other controller types (mice, light guns) and multiple-players
  • v3: support for Famicom Disk System, Super Game Boy, and Sega CD emulation
  • v?: support for per-system input mapping, cheat codes, movie recording, and run-ahead functionality
  • v?+X: optional scanline renderers for each core to boost performance substantially
  • v?+Y: additional emulation cores from outside of higan (PS1, Saturn, N64 would be most promising!)