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10.6 beta / 18-06-2021





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average rating is 3.9 out of 5

Formally known as "HD Mode 7 mod, for bsnes", this is a fork of bsnes 114.3 which adds HD video features such as HD Mode 7 (rendering the rotated or pseudo perspective backgrounds at higher resolutions), Widescreen Mode 7 (as well as widescreen for other backgrounds and sprites with significant limitations), smother color gradients and window effect, not limited by the original resolution or integer precision.  

There are also a few non-HD related features like the ability to disable background layers, sprites and window effects for screenshots for wallpapers.


Windows:  7+ 

Linux: 3.2+ 

Mac: 10.4+ 

FreeBSD: 10.0+

Most Recent Changes

  • The libretro core now re-applies setting overrides whenever settings change.

  • The setting override to allow widescreen windowing can now be enabled manually in the libretro core as an option.

  • The setting overrides for pixel aspect ratio correction and overscan are available again, only for the libretro core.

  • There are new setting overrides for the scale as well as for disabling the sprite limit.

  • It is now possible to soft-patch with multiple patches. (like in RetroArch, append "1" to extension of second patch, "2" to third, ...)

  • The libretro core can now also apply patches in IPS format. (discouraged, (un)headered is a core option)

  • Merged rom-size detection fix from upstream. (fixes some Metroid ROM hacks that would not start)

  • Removed the dependency libgtksourceview. (from upstream, only affected Linux)

  • Added setting override for doubling VRAM size (for widescreen patches and other ROM hacks only, please contact me on Discord for details)

Show Previous Changes

--beta 10.5--

In anticipation of Vitor Vilela's Super Mario World widescreen patch I have added support for dynamic patches and setting overrides to the libretro core. This means that RetroArch users can now enjoy the same near zero configuration effort previously only available in the standalone version.

  • Patches and setting overrides in the same folder and named the same as the ROM are now also found and applied by the libretro core

  • The libretro core is now available for iOS, tvOS and arm Macs, thanks to contributions of the libretro team

  • The setting override S2 enables widescreen hacks to extend windowing effects into the widescreen areas

  • The packaged WIP widescreen hack for Super Metroid by ocesse has been updated, including the aforementioned widescreen windowing among other improvements

  • The packaged game fixes are now available as a separate ZIP for Mac and RetroArch users

  • Fixed bug #39, eliminating a superfluous columns of background colored pixels on right side of pillarboxed scenes, thanks to JimPancakes' research

  • Implemented the fix for bsnes bug 173, which is mostly hypothetical for bsnes-hd as, for unknown reasons, it does not crasH.

--beta 10.4--

  • Fixed memory leak affecting every rendered frame (#70)

  • Widescreen sizes are now rounded to increments of 8 to avoid misalignments (#60)

  • Background color gradient smoothing now has a threshold to avoid blurring intended edges

  • Some release build system tweaks (partially from #57 by Margen67)

  • tweaked widescreen marker positions


  • Fixed loading of settings (#45, #53)

  • Default latency of WaveOut (the default audio on Windows) has been reduced to 128 (#58)

  • Linux and Mac releases are now .tar.bz2 compressed to preserve the execute permissions (#37, #41)

  • Mac releases now target macOS 10.14 (Mojave) (#40)

  • Included settings file is no longer empty, but contains default input and hotkey settings

  • The Windows and Linux packages now include the Super Metroid widescreen patch by ocesse as well as some sample setting overrides (partially by @wojpawlik)


  • The core is back on the auto updater (by libretro team and community) (#56)

  • The core is now also available for some systems as part of releases

  • The "HD Windowing (experimental)" setting is now applied properly (#55)

  • Support for GB/GBC roms in archives, Satellaview and MSU-1 SGB (by KickMeElmo, ds22x and rtretiakov in #69 (#46))

setting overrides

  • The 4 "widescreen background" settings now allow specifying a line from which on up/downwards the background is widescreen as well as specifying cropping modes

  • "WideScreen Marker" setting can now be set via 'm'

  • "Mode 7 Perspective Correction" setting can now be set via 'P'

  • "Overclock CPU" setting can now be set via 'O'

  • Overrides are now properly removed when switching games and not accidentially saves in settings

  • The '%'-character can now be used in override files to switch to and from comments

"bsnes-hd beta" core for RetroArch available in the internal updater on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Switch

If you experience crashes on Android please try ""

--beta 10.3--

  • Mac builds (standalone and libretro core) are now available on release, using a new build system (Thanks to Margen67) [#11]

  • Added a first simple version of per-ROM setting override files (see readme for details) [#7]

  • Fixed gamma formula and general color conversion and also changed default gamma value from 150 to 100 [#31]

  • "aspect correction" is now consistently disabled by default and also renamed to "pixel aspect correction" for clarity [#33]

  • Improved previous workaround for non-hires backgrounds in hires-scenes, e.g. Kirby's Dreamland 3 (keeping the improvements to pseudo transparency, but eliminating the new vertical combing that originally introduced) [#10]

"bsnes-hd beta" core for RetroArch available in the internal updater on Windows, Linux, Android and Switch (may take a day to update)

--beta 10.2--

  • Widescreen extension is new computed for the AR plus the overscan and aspect correction settings [#29] (see ReadMe for a list of values)

  • Fixed broken image when editor is paused [#24] (Hopefully also fixes crashes mentioned in #12)

  • Fixed Ignore Window functionality, e.g. for Terranigma Mode 7 widescreen [#22] (Also the replacement x-coordinate can be set again)

  • Fixed Gamma/Luminance/Saturation settings being applied [#23] (Gamma defaults is 150, previous behavior matched 100)

  • Fixed transparency issue in Kirby's Dreamland 3 via a hackish implementation of non-hires backgrounds in hires-scenes when scaling is enabled [#10] (Also improves hires handling at odd scale levels)

  • Fixed regression in HD window functionality [#25] and added first primitive improvement for the issues with horizontal lines [#19] (this is all still considered experimental)

  • Fixed Super Game Boy on libretro

  • Added libretro settings Aspect Correction and Gamma/Luminance/Saturation and corrected overclocking to not go below 100%

  • Update to latest bsnes (114.3) and SameBoy trunk

  • beta 10.1 did include libretro improvements enabling MSU-1 [#16] and cheat [#17] support and officially adding the Switch port (currently without multi-threaded-renderer)


  • Based on latest bsnes (114, 2020-01-09)

  • Experimental libretro core

  • Changed Show Overscan setting, replacing Soft Crop. Changed widescreen values accordingly

  • Corrected widescreen object wrap-around point to 352

  • Changed storage paths from "bsnes" to "bsnes-hd beta"

  • Automated Linux build is now CPU neutral

  • Various minor bsnes-hd specific modifications to GUI

  • Fixed setting Ignore Window Fallback X-Coordinate via settings dialog

All provided as-is, Android libretro core is an experimental local build


  • Smooth (true color, high resolution) gradients for color math from fixed color, e.g. for pseudo perspectives

  • True color processing for all color operations

  • Fixed crashes on combined high scale and widescreen settings

  • HD and super sampling scale up to 10x (4K+)

  • preview: Smooth (high resolution) Window effects, like shadows or spells (top and bottom edges have issues)


  • Resetting settings recommended

  • option to disable widescreen for non-Mode 7 scenes

  • simple auto widescreen settings for backgrounds

  • new Mosaic mode for HD Mode 7, using 1x scale

  • optional widescreen markers and sprite clipping

  • soft crop changes are now applied immediately


  • auto detection for perspective correction (Castlevania, Terranigma, FF3)

  • HD Mode 7 priority fix (HD foregrounds, e.g. Mohawk & Headphone Jack)

  • perspective correction width setting (fix for a view games, e.g. Tales of Phantasia)

  • settings to avoid black bars at the widescreen edges or top/bottom (Top Gear 2 and Mario Kart, respectively)

  • more settings for ignore window (more widescreen and ability to disable shadows)

  • option to disable background layer and sprites

  • soft crop option to allow certain parts to overflow the screen

  • compile fixes

  • some minor restructuring of the settings dialog

  • first version of a readme

On audio or speed regulation issues go to Settings/Drivers/Audio and try different 'drivers', starting with "PulseAudio Simple").


  • Supersampling at any scale factor, Widescreen and perspective correction at scale factor 1x

  • Fixed crashes in widescreen and fade to black transitions as well as failing widescreen in a few more games

  • Tweaked some setting names and defaults as well as widescreen ARs

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