beta-9 / 16-08-2019



Formally known as "HD Mode 7 mod, for bsnes", this is a fork of bsnes which adds HD video features such as HD Mode 7 (rendering the rotated or pseudo perspective backgrounds at higher resolutions), Widescreen Mode 7 (as well as widescreen for other backgrounds and sprites with significant limitations) and with much more to come!


Development-builds available: None actively reported 

Windows: Windows 7+ 

Other: Linux 3.2+ / macOS 10.7+ / FreeBSD 10.0+

Video Comparison link

Change log

  • Smooth (true color, high resolution) gradients for color math from fixed color, e.g. for pseudo perspectives
  • True color processing for all color operations
  • Fixed crashes on combined high scale and widescreen settings
  • HD and super sampling scale up to 10x (4K+)
  • preview: Smooth (high resolution) Window effects, like shadows or spells (top and bottom edges have issues)
  • All provided As-Is...