114 / 08-01-2019



bsnes is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom) emulator that began development in 2004 and is currently a fork of higan which focuses on performance, features, and ease of use.


Windows: 7+

Linux: 3.2+

MacOS: 10.7+

FreeBSD: 10.0+

Most Recent Changes

In celebration of Max completing his testing of the entire SNES library in both bsnes’ fast and accurate PPU rendering modes, and all bugs reported now corrected..

  • fixed an issue with manually created save states that appeared in v113 (corrected as of v113.1)
  • added run-ahead support to the libretro target [realnc]
  • macOS: fixed an issue with OpenGL shaders [Sintendo]
  • added CPU joypad polling override for Taikyoku Igo - Goliath
  • added PPU overrides for Marvelous, Super SWIV, Winter Olympics, and World Cup Striker
  • added hotfix for Nichibutsu Arcade Classics (even on real hardware, the attract sequence would sometimes hang)
  • fixed region heuristics for the Scandanavian release of Tintin in Tibet
  • added a heuristic override for Yuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (the game’s title overwrites the mapping mode identifier)
  • properly clear overscan region when overscan is disabled (SNES Electronics Test with PAL video mode)
  • updated bsnes to use the latest SNES preservation project database (a few dozen more games added)
  • reverted gamepak (folder) firmware naming to use architecture name rather than identifier name
  • renamed lr35902.boot.rom to sm83.boot.rom for gamepaks
  • fixed typo in the GUI regarding the HD mode 7 +/- hotkeys