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13.0 / 29-03-2024

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint




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BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is mainly a webgame preservation project. As the project grew it evolved into an international project involving hundreds of community contributors, encompassing both webgames and animations created for numerous internet plugins, frameworks, and standards. 

It has saved more than 200,00 games or animations running on over 35 different platforms. It currently covers the following, but not limited to:

  • Flash

  • 3D Groove GX

  • 3DVIA Player

  • ActiveX

  • Authorware

  • GoBit

  • HTML5

  • Hypercosm

  • Java

  • PopCap Plugin

  • Shiva3D

  • Shockwave

  • Silverlight

  • Unity

  • Viscape

  • Vitalize

  • Check here for broader details... 

There are 2 versions available

Flashpoint Ultimate

  • Download every game in one big file (over 1TB download) and thus no internet connection required afterwards

Flashpoint Infinity

  • Download the basic application (around 800MB download) and get the games on-the-go (requires internet connection to use)


  • A copy of the Flashpoint launcher that is tailored specifically to project contributors. Contains only example entries for each platform as well as helpful tools for curation. If you're interested in adding games and animations to Flashpoint, please read the curation tutorial.


  • Kahvibreak is a collection of Java 2 Micro Edition mobile phone games, presented using the Flashpoint Launcher and emulated via the J2ME emulators KEmulator and FreeJ2ME. 


Windows: 7+

For setup and troubleshooting info, please refer to the manual

Most Recent Changes


Project Dart Frog 

Significantly faster search times

  • Ordering by Last Played or Playtime now behaves like a history page by excluding games with no playtime from the search results.

  • Improved search capabilitiesDate comparisons for dateAdded, dateModified, releaseDate and lastPlayed (e.g releaseDate=2009)

  • Search results can now also be ordered by Release Date and Platform

  • Improved log page visuals (Theme authors will need to update)

  • More information about the boot sequence is included in the logs page

  • Verbose logging (enabled via Config page) to display detailed database queries and launcher event execution time.

  • Game context menu buttons to:Show Logos / Screenshots in Explorer
    Delete individual game playtime tracking data

  • Playlists now respect active Tag Filter Groups

  • Playtime tracking no longer modifies Date Modified

  • Grid view is now the default, you can change back to List with the bottom right dropdown

  • Simplified extension API interactions with tags and platforms** (Extension authors may need to update, consider using the @fparchive/flashpoint-archive npm package)**

  • Game configurations (middleware) are no longer supported. The functionality will be reintroduced at a later date.

  • Fixed tags / tag categories not being editable via their respective pages.


Project Salamander

  • Minor fixes for Flashpoint Manager integration

  • Added archive state variables


Project Axolotl details not yet released...


  • Updated launcher, hopefully fixing the 'disconnected from backend' problem, adding Game of the Day, and other fixes.

  • Added HypnOS theme by Spacy.

  • dded /f/ theme by Shady.

  • Thousands of metadata fixes.

  • Hundreds of replaced logos and screenshots.

  • Zipped 7000 more games.

  • Fixed alternate apps not opening if they used a browser.

  • Updated server configuration to improve compatibility with WebGL games.

  • Updated logo sets.

  • This is a big update; there might be more missing from this changelog we haven't mentioned.

  • Please refer to extensive change log for details.


  • A massive update to the tags system to help tags be cleaner and more accurate.

  • The Launcher has been updated with multiple QOL fixes and updates. 

  • The manual is now available in the Launcher itself.

  • Startup and preference saving bugs have been fixed.

  • Loading zipped games is now significantly faster.

  • The default search results have been lowered to 250 to help performance. You can still select higher values at the cost of potential performance issues.

  • Added an Animation Hall of Fame playlist

  • Removed several dozen duplicates.

  • Moved all Shockwave games to htdocs.

  • Thousands of metadata fixes.

  • Thousands of games have been zipped.

  • Hundreds of logo & screenshot updates.

  • Updated languages.

  • Updated the FlashpointProxy for the standalone Flash projectors.

  • Updated the Flashpoint QEmu VM for a smaller footprint in both RAM and hard drive space.

  • Updated our standard Flash projector to get around China blocking older versions of it from running.

  • Check here for the complete update list of Games! 

  • Added thirty-six new plugins:
     * DPGraph
     * Envoy
     * FreeHand
     * HotSauce
     * MHSV
     * o2c
     * Pixound
     * Show It
     * ThingViewer
     * PointPlus
     * Calendar Quick
     * Squeak
     * E-Animator
     * EVA
     * Flatland Rover
     * DFusion
     * WebAnimator
     * Harvard WebShow
     * SVF viewer
     * Surround Video
     * Formula One
     * Illuminatus
     * ASAP WebShow
     * Lightning Strike
     * SmoothMove Panorama
     * Ambulant
     * iPix
     * Fractal Viewer
     * JCAMP-DX
     * AboutTime
     * AboutPeople
     * Live Picture Viewer
     * X3D
     * Noteworthy Composer
     * MapGuide
     * Blender



  • Renamed secret.txt to secret.dat to avoid upsetting Avast



  • Help Page that uses onlineManual (url) or offlineManual (rel path) preference to display inside an iframe


  • Right Sidebar is hidden on Logs, About and Help pages


  • Playlist Games can now be removed

  • Playlists won't deselect after a Game has been removed from it

  • The frontend socket server will no longer try and reconnect more than 5 times if it disconnects from the backend

  • The backend socket server will no longer try reconnecting once a client disconnects




  • Bumped Electron to v19 to address window not rendering until moved or resized  



  • Selected Game in the right sidebar is persistent across all screens

  • "Please Wait..." will be displayed during a game launch on the Play button

  • Default Preferences can be loaded from .preferences.default.json at the Data folder root

  • If an invalid preferences.json is detected, prompt will appear to load defaults

  • Copy Diagnostics button added to Logs page for quick copy paste to Discord

  • Logs page can now be split into a separate Logger window via a button on the page

  • Tab you're on is not bold and underlined in the nav bar

  • Browse pages now display 'Searching...' text when searching, with a Fancy Animation spinner

  • FP_PATH environment variable included in env for launched games #359

  • flashpoint:// protocol support

  • flashpoint://open/<uuid> will show the game in the right sidebar

  • flashpoint://run/<uuid> will run the game as well as show in the right sidebar


  • Updated to Electron 17 and React 17

  • Changed to better-sqlite3 (Estimated 20% faster perf)

  • Preferences writing is atomic if the temp folder is on the same filesystem as the preferences. (Fourth time's the charm?)

  • Build: replace ttsc with swc for the frontend #351

  • Unsupported :flash: browser mode removed #358


  • Extensions: deactivation won't crash backend

  • Extensions: Input fields are now editable in Config

  • Extensions: Playlist functions correctly broadcast changes to frontend #353

  • Extensions: findTags now works when given no input

  • onWillLaunch events are properly awaited before returning result to frontend

  • Fixed logoset caching #342

  • Resizing sidebar no longer causes a search

  • Fixed empty preferences file hanging electron window #340

  • 'No Game Selected' now shows 'Game' or 'Animation' correctly depending on library

  • Browser mode now works on Mac and Linux #345

  • Mac: FP path is no longer canonicalized on startup #364


Mostly a maintenance patch (especially for Linux / Mac), feature patches will be coming at a later date.


  • Exec mapping now supports Wine overrides (independently for Mac and Linux)


  • Updated to Electron 17

  • Other dependencies updated to support Node 16+

  • Treekill has been swapped with a solution which supports closing Linux + Mac process trees better


  • Proxy env var properly applied to Mac processes

  • PATH env var is properly set for launched Mac processes

  • Wine processes should behave properly as a service (Play button state)

  • Various fixes to Mac pathing

  • meta.yaml files in nested folders will be ignored when finding the metadata in a Curation

  • Clicking links on the About page will no longer cause a crash

  • Window size has a minimum to prevent impossible to resize situations

  • Preferences no longer possible to wipe during certain process exit conditions (Third times the charm)

  • EACCES error when starting the backend will retry with a new port number


  • Hotfix updating dependencies to support SSL connections using the ISRG Root X1 root certificate.

  • Breaking: Pepper flash support for Browser mode is no longer supported.



  • Update Feed (Url specified in preferences.json, downloads and processes as markdown)

  • onLog API event

  • Tag Filter Groups can contain Descriptions

  • Fancy Animations setting (Currently affects checkbox slider animations and the color changing logo on the home page)

  • Can now add a Search Limit to results via the Config page


  • Notes and Original Description are hidden if empty

  • Headers can be clicked to sort by them instead of using the dropdown field

  • Tag Filter Groups have been visually updated to be more understandable

  • WebSocket, Electron, TypeORM and Axios have been updated to fix vunerabilities

  • Node typings bumped from v12 to v14 (Extensions should match typings)

  • Swapped category ID order in Tags page to ascending

  • Right Game Sidebar now has more predictable element locations


  • Logo Set images are centered correctly

  • The launcher backend will no longer close until preferences.json has finished writing

  • Preferences syncing is now throttled (Should help delays on the UI, especially with the Zoom slider)


  • Added support for many new plugins:
    * AXEL Player
    * Adobe Atmosphere
    * Alambik
    * AnimaFlex
    * Cult3D
    * DeepV
    * Hyper-G
    * LiveMath
    * Octree View
    * Play3D
    * ProtoPlay
    * REBOL
    * Xara Plugin

  • All new games are zipped by default, and many games previously in Flashpoint have been zipped. This results in the file count of this version being significantly lower than 9.0.

  • Updated the launcher to support Tag Filters and fix bugs.

  • Updated the Flashpoint Secure Player to support arrow keys better on certain titles.

  • Added the Flashpoint Super Hall of Fame playlist, an amalgamation of the micro-playlists, regular Hall of Fame, and other assorted recommendations, to serve as a new one-stop shop for new users of Flashpoint.

  • As such, the old Hall of Fame and most of the micro-playlists have been retired.

  • Added three new themes - Light, Steel Blue and Red Velvet.

  • Many games updated with one or two missing files.

  • The usual thousands of metadata fixes.

  • Check here for the complete update list of Games! 

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