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3.4.0 / 11-03-2024





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AntiMicroX is a graphical program used to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts and macros. You can use this program to control any desktop application with a gamepad on Linux and Windows. It can be also used for generating SDL2 configuration (useful for mapping atypical gamepads to generic ones like xbox360).


Most Recent Changes


Fixed bugs

Notable changes

  • Bump SDL version to 2.30.1

  • Updated translations

  • New translations: Croatian, Turkish, Persian, Vietnamese

  • Fix a lot of deprecation warnings and other code changes required to migrate to QT6 #446


Implemented enhancements

  • Update translations: Portugese(Brazil), Russian, Norwegian Bokmal

  • Add translations: Swedish

Fixed bugs

  • Fix and refactor adding default autoprofile #727

  • Fix GUI does not recognize super + action #749

  • Fix /dev/uinput static device node access pull 781 (by lnussel)

  • Fix building for SDL version between 2.0.12 and 2.0.16 #788

Notable changes

  • Build AppImage package on Ubuntu 20.04

  • Bump SDL version for AppImage and Windows from 2.0.20 to 2.26.5


Implemented enhancements

  • Add checkbox enabling numeric keypad in ButtonEditDialog #168

  • Add MSVC cmake support. #667 (by nitz)

  • Update translations: Spanish, Korean, Russian

  • Add translations: Rusyn, Portugese(Brazil)

Fixed bugs

  • Name mismatch in set selector list #655

  • Fix broken loading recently used profile for Windows 11 #632 (by nitz)

  • Shebang ignored in execute bind #699

  • Mouse spring mode not working in wayland session #521

Notable changes

  • Some code refactors and docs updates

  • Logs improvements


Implemented enhancements

  • Use proper theme-based color for tab text #583

  • Show joystick battery level in tab #596

Fixed bugs

  • Fix broken obtaining path of active window by auto profile #592

  • Fix auto profile dialog does not populate title and application fields

  • Fix misspeled __BIG_ENDIAN constant #609

  • Fix advanced settings dialog freezes when pressing join on Linux #609

  • Remove disabling Auto-profile title box #619

Notable changes

  • don't minimize to taskbar by default on Linux #611


Hotfix release reverting PR #555 which can cause segfaults.


Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs

  • Broken auto profile saving for Windows #492

  • Selection "None" Preset does not change button labels #513

  • Broken spring mouse Event on Windows #518

  • Multiple problems caused by invalid thread handling #573Saving PS4 Controller setup stops set toggle from working
    Saving Breaks Set Switching
    Saving config breaks turbo
    Warnings QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread

Notable changes

  • Fix some code warnings #497 #558 #559 (by pktiuk and Stefan-TU)

  • Remove some unused code #504 (by mmmaisel)

  • Limit number of logged events

  • Include Visual Studio Code config files

  • Some refactors and docs updates

  • Update SDL mappings database

  • Update translations: Korean, Ukrainian, Spanish


Release focused on implementing motion sensor support.

Implemented enhancements

  • Implement motion sensor support. #416 (by mmmaisel)

  • Allow storing calibration for multiple controllers in a profile #460 (by mmmaisel)

Fixed bugs

Notable changes

  • Remove unused "Game Controller Mapping" button.


  • Motion sensor support may not work on older Linux systems where classical packages are used (For example .deb for Ubuntu 20.04) due to older versions of SDL available in repositories.
    In this case, packages like flatpak or AppImage are recommended.


Implemented enhancements

  • Implement modifier button threshold zone - This allows mapping the analog range of a stick to walk/run in game without dedicated spring button.

Fixed bugs

  • Fix mouse calculations for multiple mice

  • Fix flickering JoyControlStickEditDialog layout

  • Implement proper offset and gain stick calibration

Notable changes

  • Increase minimum size of ButtonEditDialog

  • Fixes in translation utulitiesRename flag TRANS_KEEP_OBSOLETE to TRANS_REMOVE_OBSOLETE to improve readability
    Fix wrong argument for utility deleting obsolete translations

  • Update translations:Russian


Fixed bugs

  • Fixed bug: auto profile not saved when exe path is not defined

Notable changes

  • Added missing license for SDL_GameControllerDB

  • Many updates in translations:Added Finnish translation by heidiwenger
    Added Norwegian Bokmål translation bu comradekingu
    Updated German, French, Italian and Polish translations
    update translation files

  • Always show battery level in joystick status window (even when unknown)

  • Multiple refactors and cleanups removing deprecated code (kudos to mmmaisel).


Implemented enhancements

  • Add support for special characters in Windows log files #363

  • Change default working directory of launched executables #377

Fixed bugs

  • Fix typo (setting->settings) (by jose1711)

  • Random Crashes during longer sessions #133 - kudos to zpangwin for extensive testing and uploading great logs and to noisecode3 for finding the root cause of this issue.

  • File with gamecontroller mappings not found #364

  • Empty application path in autoprofile #371 - kudos to Zinggi

Notable changes

  • Enable checking for updates in Debian builds from GitHub

  • Log improvements and cleanup #336 #342

  • Daemon mode support removed #345

  • Remove unused "map" and "display" argument options #350

  • Remove unused files With icons, resources and pertially implemented importing utility

  • Use colourful antimicrox icon in tray by default #361

  • Update building docs #370 (by zpangwin)


Implemented enhancements

  • Add note about available update (enabled in Windows) #325

  • Add database of SDL gamepad mappings (more gamepads will be enabled by default) #296

  • Add proper printing information about connected devices to logs #282

  • Apply proper theme to Windows version of app #279

  • Add handling SIGABRT (with printing stack) #281

  • Set theme for Windows #317

  • Bump QT version used in Windows Release to 5.15 #326

Fixed bugs

  • Crashes linked with deleting child objects #320

  • Broken Auto Profile list on Windows #278

  • Auto Profile Wrongly Shows Languages #273

  • Missing .dll files after Windows installation #268

  • Missing autoprofile settings tab in Windows #277

Notable changes

  • Add note about lack of AutoProfiles for Wayland users #314

  • Add message informaing about solutions in case of problems with uinput #248

  • Log improvements #322 #336

  • Disable calibration for devices without joysticks #283

  • Clarification of names and --profile flag description #305


  • Update copyright date #334

  • Cleanup daemon launching #331

  • Make Changelog links clickable #327

  • Print descriptions of devices in logs #319

  • Add experimental support for clang #288 (avinal)

  • CI: Add concurrency and remove redundant lines #272 (avinal)

  • CI: Add CodeQL and infer static code analysis #289 #287


First AntiMicroX release supporting Windows!
Kudos for gombosg for starting support restoration efforts and for avinal for helping with one of the most problematic tasks.

This release should be considered a beta one for Windows users. Not everything may work properly yet.

Implemented enhancements

  • Prepare installer for Windows #237

  • Handle segfaults and other crashes in code #235

  • Create config for debug builds #218

  • Allow unhiding app window when second instance of AntiMicroX is launched #257

Fixed bugs

  • Typo in udev rule name: 60-antimicrox-uinput.rules instead 60-antimcrox-uinput.rules? #204

Notable merged pull requests

Pull requests restoring Windows support


Release focused mainly on fixing crashes and enabling comfortable usage for Wayland users.

Implemented enhancements

  • Wayland support for keyboard emulation 🚀 #32

Fixed bugs

  • Load save dialogue window won't show saved configs = can't open saves #123

  • Segmentation Fault when change profile from command line #76

Notable merged pull requests

  • Include Appstream information into AppImage Build #201 (pktiuk)

  • fix: Remove warning "QLocalSocket::waitForDisconnected() is not allow… #200 (pktiuk)

  • Crash-related fixes linked with memory management #194 #196 #198 (pktiuk)

  • refactor: Improve log showing gamepad name #195 (pktiuk)

  • refactor: Refactor executing commands #192 (pktiuk)

  • Allow regular users using uinput #188 (pktiuk)

  • feat: switch from xtest to uinput when wayland is detected #186 (pktiuk)


Fixed bugs

  • Saving logs into file doesn't work properly. #78

  • Doesn't save my configurations/Wont auto load #70

Notable closed issues

  • Refactor logging system #177

Other merged pull requests

  • Add new logs associated with loading profile files #182 (pktiuk)

  • Refactor arguments parsing #174 (pktiuk)

  • docs: Add information about commandline for flatpak packages #173 (pktiuk)

  • Added openSUSE instruction #158 (Mailaender)


Notable closed issues

  • Migrate DEB packages to antimicrox #87

  • Integrate builds marking with docs cmake and CI #143

Other merged pull requests


Implemented enhancements

  • Remove qglobalshortcuts #106

  • File cleanup #104

  • Cmakefile fixes #102

  • Add dark tray icon #66

  • Icons overhaul #61

  • Automate generating changelogs #10

Fixed bugs

  • Clear shortcut not working #116

  • Assigning Text Entry to button doesn't assign proper string. #79

  • The uninstallation leaves several folders and files behind (cmake) #68

Notable closed issues

  • Remove antilib shared object because it's not really shared! #98

Other merged pull requests

  • feat: improve mime type definition #132 (Janfel)

  • docs: update building and installation instructions #129 (pktiuk)

  • feat: antimicro config migration #120 (gombosg)


Fixed bugs

  • ARM build failure #80

  • AntiMicroX system tray icon not appearing in flatpak package #58

  • Icons in tray menu only showing up as "X" #56

  • Outdated information in the "Credits" tab in the "About" window #67

Notable closed issues

  • Consistent style of code #25

Other merged pull requests

  • Icons overhaul #73 (pktiuk)

  • Fix: Use system icons in common cases to avoid incompatibility issues #62 (pktiuk)

  • General cleanup of repository #18 (pktiuk)

Kudos to @AriaMoradi who helped with bug hunting and issue submission for this release.


Fixed bugs

  • Right click - Turbo and Clear not working properly #7

  • Wrong order for setting sets #6

Notable closed issues

  • Fedora resubmission #29

  • Flatpak packaging #9

Other merged pull requests

Show Previous Changes


  • AppStream XML file revision

  • New screenshots

  • Add 128x128 icon

  • Prepare for Flathub submission


First release on this repository

  • Updated documentation connected with migration to new repository

  • Add instruction and config for building Flatpak packages - #9

  • Multiple improvements of packaging for Debian/Ubuntu

  • Ensure consistent naming across entire project #26

  • First official AppImage release

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