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5.2 / 26-06-2022





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A7800 is a fork of the MAME Atari 7800 driver, with several enhancements added.

  • Support for emulation of Proline Joysticks, VCS Joysticks, Lightguns, Paddles, Driving Controllers, Keypads, Trak-Balls, Amiga Mice, and ST Mice.

  • Maria DMA timing has been improved further, with the addition of accurate DMA hole penalties.

  • Improved saturated/normalized colors with palette selection.

  • Streamlined UI including menu options to have an Atari 7800 system focus.

  • A bug in the existing RIOT emulation has been fixed.

MAME compatibility and syntax has been maintained, to allow for the reuse of MAME configuration files and front-ends.


Windows: 32-bit+

Linux: 64-bit binary

Mac: 64-bit binary

Note: You need to find Atari 7800 BIOS. Not necessary, but you might also want to obtain the Hi-Score Cart BIOS image.

Most Recent Changes


  • pokey poly9 sequence correction

  • pokey init state corrected to match real hardware


  • pokey emulation updated for better two-tone mode accuracy

  • fix for cart format supergame+ram+pokey@800 crash


  • graphical register updates made mid-scanline are now displayed mid-scanline.

  • bankset bankswitching support added.

  • pokey emulation quality improvements.

  • improved lightgun emulation accuracy.

  • a7800dev and a7800pdev machine targets added, which display DMA usage per-scanline.

  • balanced palette brightness and saturation.

  • pokey@800 added for non-banked, supergame, and bankset formats.

  • os x build now defaults to opengl video. (bgfx video may not work on recent os x releases)


  • Implementation of XM control registers updated.

  • SALLY (CPU) and MARIA (Graphics chip) performance adjustments.

  • Additional display options and enhancements.

  • Audio indication of no ROM loaded silenced.

  • corrected ST and Amiga mouse button behavior.

  • 7800 bios files made optional. (with warning when absent)

  • minor POKEY audio emulation improvements.

  • framerate update to 50Hz/60Hz.

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