3.2.4 / 29-05-2020

Yaba Sanshiro


Yaba Sanshiro is a Sega Saturn emulator formally as UoYabause which that one was a fork made for ARM Android, but then the author started working on the windows version. Uo stood for "Un Official" and Yabause stood for "Yet Another Broken And Unstable Saturn Emulator".



Notes by Dev

In the investigation for issues like #679 and #664, I found strange behaviors in SEGA Saturn emulation of Yaba Sanshiro. DMAC(Direct Memory Access Controller) starts memory copy despite CD-ROM data is not read yet. The master CPU start copy to VRAM before the slave CPU finishes copying data to the source region. I write code that reproduces these behaviors and runs it on the real SEGA Saturn. it shows that memory access timing is the cause of this matter.