competition / 03-04-2021

Yaba Sanshiro




Yaba Sanshiro is a Sega Saturn emulator formally as UoYabause which that one was a fork made for ARM Android, but then the author started working on the windows version. Uo stood for "Un Official" and Yabause stood for "Yet Another Broken And Unstable Saturn Emulator".


Most Recent Changes


  • Fix: Sign in fail bug


  • Add Vulkan Graphics emulation core

  • Add Speed limit setting. you can select emulation speed from 1x, 2x, umlimited


  • Fixed several graphical issues in the Shienryu game.

  • Fixed the boot problem with the Actua Golf game.

  • Fixed shadow with VDP1 not working.

  • Fixed an issue with the VRAM buffer.

  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Linkle Liver Story game

  • Fixed starting issue with Duke Nukem not launching anymore.

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