0.3a r787 / 05-01-2020



SuperModel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform which uses OpenGL and SDL library. It's still considered to be in "alpha" stage of development, meaning it lacks many planned features and does not yet have a user-friendly graphical interface, game compatibility remains low, and all CPUs are emulated using straightforward interpretation rather than fast just-in-time translation. 

Front-end UI is available here!


Most Recent Changes!

  • tweak value so the map indicator still works at the start of spikeout
  • Fix the sky in harley in first person mode where pixels in the sky are culled when they shouldn’t be with
    the quad renderer. Basically we were running out of precision in a rare corner case. Doing the maths with
    double precision and casting back to float was enough to fix the issue.