0.3a r851 / 21-02-2021



SuperModel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform which uses OpenGL and SDL library. It's still considered to be in "alpha" stage of development, meaning it lacks many planned features and does not yet have a user-friendly graphical interface, game compatibility remains low, and all CPUs are emulated using straightforward interpretation rather than fast just-in-time translation. 

Front-end UI available are either available SuperModel 3 UI or SuperModel Assistant.





Most Recent Changes


  • Just a few compile warnings


  • Fix project file


  • Build bot script.


  • Introduce new config keywords.

  • In xinput mode, lets the choice to have left and right gamepad motors vibrate together.
    XInputStereoVibration = 1 (both motors) [default]
    XInputStereoVibration = 0 (separate motors)

  • In sdl input mode, new control option to set minimum strength above which a Model 3 constant force command will be simulated on an sdl gamepad device.
    SDLConstForceThreshold = 30 [default]
    note : the vibration strength can be mod with SDLConstForceMax = [val]


  • The controls of bass/getbass games were no longer good, following recent rom set name changes in Games.xml.


  • Corrected game set names & game titles (Brian Troha)


  • Added rumble skipad in Ski Champ game.


  • Service menu activated in swtrilgyp.


  • Add -O3 optimization option for OSX and Linux.

UI Update Details (06-01-2021)

  • following recent rom set name changes in Games.xml 

  • Added – list view of all the supported games

  • Added – preview of each game (snaps).

  • Added – button of the roms directories.

  • Added – check Load button (Load Rom)

  • Added – all video options

  • Added – all sound options

  • Added – all control options (for the time being it uses the supermodel configurator (accurate and will never fail)

  • Added – system link options (preliminary) will only work with the only version created by Spindizzi