2.3.29 / 23-11-2021

Steam Rom Manager





Steam Rom Manager is a bulk game importer and artwork manager for Steam. It's basically an app for managing ROMs and benefiting from what Steam has to provide. This includes using big picture mode, its overlay, controller management layout,  streaming options and much more..


Most Recent Changes


Fixed Issue 239



  • Allow exact gameid in search title override (also added documentation).



  • Automatic Preset Updating

  • New Icon

  • Search Title Override in Exceptions Manager


  • A stray parenthesis in a preset.


  • Potential error in GOG Parser when details are missing (for now it just won't add the game).

  • Fixed existing icons not populating from grids folder.



  • GOG Galaxy parser! 

  • Epic and GOG parsers have launcher and launcher-less modes! 


  • appid Field is now set correctly in shortcuts.vdf.

  • Icons no longer can be set to exes (which would result in those exe's being copied to grids folder).



  • Ability to override manifests directory in epic parser (so that for example the Legendary store can be used instead).


  • Totally refactored parserInputs in userConfigurations and presets to allow for less clutter and more varied parsers in the future.

This release requires you to go into settings and force re-download config presets



  • Epic parser in the case where manifests file doesn't specify executable location.


  • Better UI for enabling and disabling parsers. This can still be done from within the parsers themselves but in addition there are now toggles on the navigation bar on the right, as well as an "enable/disable" all toggle.

  • Documented issue discovered by Discord user @KiwiKitten that Steam parser only works for Steam games that appear in at least one category.



  • Fixed OS Version in About page


  • Migrated to new repository as part of SteamGridDB organization.


  • Fixed local icons

  • Fixed epic parser in the case that you had previously moved your epic library


Icon support! Icons are now on equal footing with other types of artwork and can be added from SteamGridDB.



  • Updated several backend packages (for example node version went from 9 to 14.18.1 LTS)

  • Removed bluebird.


  • Logos got broken by a previous update that was using an outdated version of steam-categories. That is now fixed.


  • A dumb thing I borked in 2.3.16. Steam parser should not try to pull images for tools, ie appids like xxx_yyyyyy



  • Enabled steamgriddb image provider by default in new parsers (previously default provider was set to none)


  • Totally reworked the way SRM keeps track of known steam directories. Should fix the issue some people have been having where the "remove all" button gets greyed out because SRM thinks there are no directories to remove from.

  • Fixed issue 232



  • Possibility of steam parser breaking because of slightly different possible key in sharedconfig.vdf (thanks「easy revenge! for pointing this out)



  • Fixed default image field calling backslashes invalid


  • Default behavior is to not auto-delete shortcuts for disabled parsers

  • To be imported soon...