Preview R18 v4 / 21-10-2020



SSF is a closed-source emulator known for its high compatibility and considered to be superior to Yabause and Mednafen. It's able to run most Saturn games without issues, but requires mounting ISO files in a virtual drive. To raise compatibility, you can try with "No Bios" enabled or disabled, and you'll want to start with the MaxCompatibility (slow) option, then try with the faster options (which doesn't always work).

SSF requires either an external virtual drive or a specific loader to read disc images. Close and restart the emulator (as it says in the Japanese dialogue popup appearing) whenever you modify the options for them to take effect. There also exist a Drag & Drop Loader made by a third-party which can be found here.

Even though it has a "No Bios" option, you'll sometimes need the BIOS files, of course specifying the correct region in the options.The emulator has a certain amount of input lag, though suggested solutions are to disable V-sync (emulator settings, causes tearing) and enable "VDP2 RAM write timing".




Windows: XP+ & 64-bit


GPU:  Direct X 9.0c+

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  • Added an option in the Program2 tab: New timing SH2

  • Addition of an option in the Program3 tab: Split Numbers

  • General fixes