2.0 / 13-01-2022






ROMsorter is basically capable of organizing and renaming either ROMs or games. While, it mainly supports Windows, it does have a Librarian for other platforms. It can also detect duplicates for removal, catalog files into folders, interact with ZIP and handle CHD formats.


All OSes require NET 6 to be installed before running.

NEW APP: Librarian

  • Librarian is the command-line version of ROMSorter. It supports all of the commands the GUI app does, but runs on all platforms.

  • Librarian on Linux/Mac will require you to provide an appropriate build of chdman from MAME in order to use the chd commands. The executable should be in the same folder as Librarian. The Windows version includes a working chdman.exe.

  • Librarian has been tested less than ROMSorter, but the core logic is shared. Please report any issues here on github.

New Features

  • chd command support brought in via chdman application from MAME.
    ** Create CHDs from all .cue and .iso files in a folder
    ** Extract CHD files back to .bin/.cue files

  • Make a DAT file from a folder, if you want to use other ROM managers on your folder for some reason.

  • Supports MAME export.xml files now as a DAT file (but may not work correctly on single-file renaming)


  • ROMSorter buttons now lock out during operations and unlock once completed.

  • No longer throws errors working on files over 2GB

  • Catalog files now includes a header row

  • Should keep file extension when renaming single-file games now.

  • Should be significantly faster at identifying files than before, though it may be hard to tell on small files.


  • Zips everything in the selected folder

  • Unzips everything in selected folder

  • Identifies and renames single-file entries in the folder if supplied a dat file

  • Detects duplicate entries in a folder

  • Catalogs files in a folder by their hashes to a tab-separated values file

  • Reads that catalog later to confirm files have not changed.

None additional needed.