0.5.1 alpha / 13-05-2021





OmniScaler takes a windowed game or application, displays its window contents to a fullscreen view via Directx 11 with the benefit of causing Zero Latency. Rather than a memory copy or video stream of the window's contents, OmniScaler directly reads from the graphical output generated by windows.

  • True fullscreen. This is true exclusive mode fullscreen, not a window stretched out to fake a fullscreen mode. Negates latency from vsync MS Windows forces on windowed applications.

  • Directx 11. Reshade, SweetFX, Rivatuner, all work now.

  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10

There no front end, so please follow these instructions to make it work. 

Most Recent Changes

  • OmniScaler is now DPI Aware. Supports users who have windows set at DPI scaling higher than 100%.
    Improved efficiency of rendering code.

--0.5.0c alpha--

  • Fix Update: Detect games that go out of focus and lose input, bring them back into focus.

--0.5.0 alpha--

NOTE: All settings/shader files are now in the "omniscaler_files" folder. Please delete all older files and configure gamefs.ini in this new folder.

Major updates

  • Overhauled window clipping engine. Pixel offset edits in gamefs.ini are no longer required for 99% of situations.

  • Overhauled alt+tab, alt+enter logic.

  • Overhauled integer scaling and integer overscan scaling. In gamefs.ini, set using:IntegerScaling=1

  • Custom mouse pointer. If a game does not include its own custom mouse pointer enable this feature:MousePointerEnable=1
    NOTE: Custom mouse pointer is not compatible with overscan currently.

Additional features are available for the custom mouse pointer:

  • MousePointerLinear: Sets whether the custom mouse pointer is given linear interpolation, this is independent of the fullscreen linear interpolation.

  • MousePointerBig: Scales the custom mouse pointer based on the original window size of the game being scaled. Use if mouse pointer appears too small for certain retro games.

-- alpha--

  • Bugfix for Alt+Tab, close behaviour.

--0.03 alpha--

New features

  • Integer scaling

  • Integer scaling overscan (integer scaling needs to be set to 1)

  • Offsets now accept negative values

  • Alt+Tab and Alt+Enter support

--0.02 alpha--

  • Added option to enable / disable linear filtering.

  • Set this to zero for "pixel perfect" in gamefs.ini:

  • LinearFilter=0

--0.01 alpha--

  • Test release. No UI.

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