0.112 / 01-04-2020

MedGui Reborn


MedGui Reborn is a frontend/launcher (GUI) for Mednafen multi emulator, written in VB .Net with Microsoft Visual Studio Community .


Most Recent Changes

  • Key shortcuts and joypad polling will be disabled if medguir form is not active
  • Managed password request added on UCI
  • Fixed any server message on UCI
  • UCI irc is now integrated with MedClient to better manage online session
  • Added notification icon on traybar for MedClient with details for online sessions opened and irc users connected
  • Added any common irc functions on UCI irc
  • Added EZNotification (popup widget) (https://github.com/clusterzx/EZNotifications) for opened online session, you can change theme on medguir notification icon on tray bar by right click mouse button
  • Added Discord announcement on MedGuiR > NetPlay Discord channel (https://github.com/Kowalski7/Discord-Webhook-Announcer)
  • Minor cosmetic change