0.115 / 20-12-2020

MedGui Reborn


MedGui Reborn is a frontend/launcher (GUI) for Mednafen multi emulator, written in VB .Net with Microsoft Visual Studio Community .





Most Recent Changes

  • Added support for Compact File Set compliant images (https://pismotec.com/cfs/)

  • Change a bit the control pad code to make it compatible with medgui textual top menu

  • Now boxart background color is the same of the GUI

  • Add Tabpage tab colours change with background (code from https://dotnetrix.co.uk/tabcontrol.htm)

  • Fixed a bug with start and detection of a file with same crc

  • Added .ciso support

  • Fixed hide of snes enhancement chip rom in rom list

  • Added Spismo tool to convert cd image format into Compact File Set format (you need Pismo File Mount Audit Package installed on your pc to enable cfs support into MedGuiR)