0.116 / 02-04-2021

MedGui Reborn


MedGui Reborn is a frontend/launcher (GUI) for Mednafen multi emulator, written in VB .Net with Microsoft Visual Studio Community .





Most Recent Changes

  • Fixed a bug on search rom filter in MedClient

  • On textual menu, added a LED to notify if Autoconnect to Server is enabled or not

  • Added a Virtual Keyboard usable with gamepad to Search Rom

  • Changed beaviour of joypad button on the GUI

  • Added a "fast load" option to MedGui settings to improve the populations of datagrid list rom

  • Fixed a crash that occuring when MedClient FTP is not accessible

  • Increased the folder rom detection for extracted game to 40000000 byte (thx to Alien Grey for report the bug)

  • On Advanced menu added a option to rename a game name with a custom name (thx to Snacko for suggestion)

  • Added video.glformat parameter/option for 16bpp graphics Mednafen output support

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