MS-DOS Player for Windows





MS-DOS Player is a MS-DOS emulator running on Windows (32/64-bit) command prompt. Its 16-bit MS-DOS compatible commands can be executed on Win32/x64 environments.

Most Recent Changes

Currently unavailable

  • Fixed an issue where standard I / O handles could not be closed properly. For example, the problem that the output cannot be output to a file with the SYMDEB> command has been solved.


  • Whether to display control characters as symbols for each of INT10h, INT 21h AH = 02h / 06h / 40h, INT 29h,
    Treated as a control character or separated processing.
    Also, fixed the scan code when pressing keys other than letters while holding down Ctrl or Alt.

  • Fixed the process of reverting the code page when exiting not working properly.
    Also, the process to determine that it was started from the command prompt or Power Shell has been fixed.

  • Supported INT 16h, AH = 51h.

  • Added service to get the shift status of the AX keyboard, which was called by the Windows 3.1 installer.