10.1 / 20-01-2020



Launchbox is a front-end wrapper for emulators. Not only does it automatically download box art for games, it also grabs fanart, screenshots, logos and more to create an immersive experience via BigBox.


It also supports arranging and filtering by genre, platform, ESRB rating, developer, publisher, genre, etc. It also includes automated import processes for your MS-DOS games, ROM files, and Steam in order to help get you up and running as quickly as possible. Game box-art and metadata can also be automatically downloaded from their Games Database or community-based online databases.


Most Recent Changes!

  • New Feature: The Clean Up Media tool has been overhauled to show the user what files were found to delete and allow you to keep some of the files if desired
  • New Feature: LaunchBox will now automatically create multi-disc M3U playlist files for emulators/cores that support it. You can enable this feature under Tools > Manage Emulators in the Associated Platforms tab. Known Retroarch cores that have m3u support are mednafen_saturn_libretro, mednafen_psx_libretro, and flycast_libretro.
  • New Feature: Background blurring can now be fine tuned to any amount (or easily turned off) under Tools > Options > Visuals > Backgrounds. Background blurring options are also now available for all themes, including the old default theme.
  • New Feature: The new dynamic box sizing features can now be disabled under Tools > Options > Visuals > Boxes. Extra empty space will be back in the boxes view, but scroll positions are better maintained when editing, deleting, and repopulating boxes.
  • Improvement: Performance for the new default theme is now on par with the old default theme. We're using a completely new method to blur the backgrounds, since the old method was causing performance degradation.
  • Improvement: Box shadows for the new default theme can be disabled under Tools > Options > Visuals > Boxes in order to improve performance on lowend systems
  • Improvement: Numbers sections of titles will now be sorted numerically by default, instead of alphabetically. For example, the new logic will sort 1, 2, and 11 as 1, 2, 11 instead of the 1, 11, 2 order that was used previously.
  • Fixed: In Big Box, the retro achievements game details web view can now be zoomed in and out with the proper bindings
  • Fixed: In some circumstances the boxes were jumping/jittering slightly while scrolling up in the boxes view with dynamic box sizing enabled
  • Fixed: The Big Box Retro Achievements Profile popup now fits everything and functions properly on a 720p screen