11.1 / 05-04-2021



Launchbox is a front-end wrapper for emulators. Not only does it automatically download box art for games, it also grabs fanart, screenshots, logos and more to create an immersive experience via BigBox.


It also supports arranging and filtering by genre, platform, ESRB rating, developer, publisher, genre, etc. It also includes automated import processes for your MS-DOS games, ROM files, and Steam in order to help get you up and running as quickly as possible. Game box-art and metadata can also be automatically downloaded from their Games Database or community-based online databases.





Most Recent Changes

  • New Premium Feature: The Big Box default wall view has been overhauled and is now much more flexible (with features such as item selections, row fading, and more)

  • New Premium Feature: There are now 4 different Big Box wall views that are available for theme developers

  • New Premium Feature: All Big Box wheel and CoverFlow views have been overhauled to allow for custom theme templates inside of each element in the wheel/CoverFlow. This means that theme developers can now use multiple images and other elements inside of wheel/CoverFlow items.

  • New Premium Feature: Videos in Big Box may now be easily used inside of wheel, CoverFlow, or wall view items (see the Default theme's Wall View 2)

  • New Premium Feature: Badges in Big Box may now be easily added to wheel, CoverFlow, or wall view items in Big Box (see the Default theme's Wall View 3)

  • Improvement: The initial Add Games window that shows up for new users has been overhauled with all of the new import options

  • Improvement: LaunchBox now utilizes a newer SSO form for Epic Games log in which should severely limit the amount of captcha's required to log in

  • Improvement: LaunchBox now has the ability to log out of Epic Games in the Options menu

  • Fixed: Issue that sometimes caused the same game to be found for several platforms when scanning for added games (introduced in 11.9)

  • Fixed: Issue importing MS-DOS games via a drag and drop that would incorrectly set the application path of the game (introduced in 11.9)

  • Fixed: Rare data issue that could cause corrupted playlists to throw errors on LaunchBox startup

  • Fixed: Error when importing ROM file names that end with "Disk" without a disk number

  • Fixed: Potential issue scrolling through PDFs in Big Box using a controller

  • Fixed: LaunchBox could throw errors while looking for an Epic Games Launcher installation

  • Fixed: Issue that could potentially cause LaunchBox to error when reading from the System Volume Information folder in the root of a drive

  • Fixed: Importing MAME ROM files via a drag and drop was not bringing up the MAME filters page; it is still highly recommended to use the MAME full-set importer instead, however

  • Fixed: MS-DOS Import wizard will no longer display games that have no valid startup files (was previously erroring out when attempting to import them)

  • Fixed: Rare error that could occur when right clicking a game in LaunchBox

  • Fixed: Potential issues launching games with the Launch With option in Big Box

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