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This talented animator is making a Super Smash Bros. mini-series

When Super Smash Bros. Brawl launched on Wii fans quickly fell in love with the Subspace Emissary mode. This story campaign was packed with beautiful cutscenes featuring Nintendo crossovers. Unfortunately, each Smash game since has declined to include a similar mode. Nintendo still releases animated shorts for character reveals, but it’s just not enough for many players. That’s where creative fans come in! A talented modder and animator who goes by King Bob is making an animated Smash mini-series.

A Super Smash Bros. mini-series

King Bob has been hard at work for quite some time, and back in March 2018, he released the first trailer. It features beautiful and detailed recreations of famous Nintendo locations. Classic characters like Mario, Ness, Link, and Samus battle it out as an unknown threat looms. The fighting animation seems a little sluggish, but this trailer represents an older version. King Bob has clarified on Reddit that he was trying to work on all of the episodes at once and rushed some of the work to get the first trailer published. These days he’s taking things slower, handling episodes one at a time. His latest upload shows EarthBound protagonist Ness skateboarding through Onett, and it looks fantastic.

Subspace Emissary inspired King Bob to create his own animation, but he hopes to create something more organic. King Bob has been studying up on Nintendo lore, and he’s armed himself with mountains of Super Smash Bros. knowledge. He aims to tell a story that makes all of the crossovers feel natural and sensible.

We don’t know much about the plot at this time, but King Bob is planning more updates soon. He has confirmed that the early parts of the mini-series are set largely in the Mushroom Kingdom. Because of this, Mario characters will take a big role early on. We’ve reached out to see how many episodes are planned, but we haven’t heard back yet.


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