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In the secret Hackaday bunker, we have some emacs users, some vi users, and some people who don’t really care. However, even the staunchest of our emacs supporters had to do a double take at [Vreeze’s] project that creates a GameBoy emulator using the venerable text editor. You can see [Alexei Nunez’s] reaction to the emulator in the video below.

The Eboy uses unicode characters to output the graphics. You can use emacs commands to load ROM images and use your keyboard to control the game.

[Alexi’s] video shows step-by-step instructions which differ a little bit from the official documentation. You can watch him start Tetris, although it wasn’t totally successful. Not every game works so far, and [Vreeze] notes it is a work in process.

This is possible, of course, because emacs is really just a Lisp interpreter that happens to have a lot of features aimed at providing text editor services. People have used it to do all sorts of things from e-mail clients to web servers.

We see a lot of GameBoy cases used to house things like Raspberry Pi boards. It would be funny if they were running emacs, but probably performance prohibitive. If you are into the badge life, you can get a Lisp badge, if you don’t mind a lot of parentheses.


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