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The Shadow over Hawksmill - A dark C64 Cthulhu inspired game gets its first footage

The last post today and one I think you'll agree is pretty decent, as thanks to a heads up on the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group via Icon64, we've been told 'The Shadow over Hawksmill' has just been teased with some very early footage. Yes indeed if you like a bit of horror in your C64 playtime, then you'll be pleased to learn that not only does the footage show off more of this Cthulhu based C64 horror, but it will be using the Legend of Atlantis engine but with far more action.

Sadly that's all we know about the game going by the fact it was announced recently, but The Shadow over Hawksmill wasn't the only game keeping us excited, as they also showed off some new footage for their in development Isle of the cursed prophet, as well as a very quick heads up that they may also be working on a Barnsley Badger 2; a possible sequel to an incredibly enjoyable platformer released sometime back on the C64.


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