The future of video games: a prediction for the next 47 years

A reader imagines what video games will be like when gaming is twice as old as it is today, by comparing it to the evolution of cinema.

Yesterday I found myself thinking about the future of video games. I imagine that’s a common thing for gamers, especially with the next generation coming up, but rather than the next five years I started to wonder what things would be like in the next 47 years – when the industry is twice its current age.

At first I started by comparing games to cinema, which would be like going from 1915 to 1962. That takes you from Birth of a Nation (a vile film in terms of content but an undisputed landmark when it comes to cinematic technique) to the year Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. No were released. A lot obviously changed in that time but some films were still being made in black and white and if someone somehow time-travelled from 1915 to the ‘60s I don’t think they’d fine anything about the changes in cinema particularly shocking.