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Sonic Adventure 2 gets a 2GB AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack

Modder ‘[Hazmat]’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for Sonic Adventure 2. According to the modder, each texture was upscaled using an advanced Neuro-Network AI, with the scale set at 4X for the level textures and 8X for the skybox textures.

This basically means that, similarly to all other AI-enhanced Texture Packs, this one increases overall detail and also stays true to the game’s original art style/aesthetics.

Do note that this initial version does not include Weapons Bed, Eternal Engine, Egg Quarters, Lost Colony, Cosmic Wall, Chao Neutral Garden, Boss Levels (except Big Foot) or in-game cut-scenes except the first two in Hero story. Thankfully, the modder aims to add AI-enhanced versions of these textures in the next release.

Those interested can download this new HD Texture Pack for Sonic Adventure 2 from here. The modder has also released some screenshots to showcase this Texture Pack that you can find below.

Have fun!


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