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Rare Early Footage Of Super Mario 64 And Super Mario RPG Resurfaces Online

Super-early footage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has resurfaced on the internet. The clips uploaded by the YouTube channel kukun kun, originally come from a '90s Japanese video game show hosted by Famitsu and are now being shared around by The Cutting Room Floor Discord channel and Nintendo subreddit.

Around the six-minute mark of the first video, you can see an earlier version of Cool Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64. The portrait for this build is a generic snow-covered hill, instead of the usual snowman illustration featured in the final version of the game. Placeholder voices for Mario are present as well. If you keep watching, you'll see a much younger-looking Shigeru Miyamoto and beta footage of Mario Kart 64, which has already been well documented.

The Super Mario RPG footage four-minutes in reveals Croco the crocodile bandit was originally green rather than purple. You can also see how the palace in Nimbus Land wasn't as overgrown and Yo'ster Island didn't have a race course around it yet.


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