Polymega's "Next Gen" Light Gun Controller Will Let You Play Duck Hunt On Your HDTV

Light gun-based video games are as old as the games industry itself – in fact, the very first consoles came with gun accessories which could be used to shoot objects on-screen. However, these devices were heavily-reliant on CRT technology found inside old television sets, and the move to flat-screen, LCD and LED-based screens has rendered them obsolete – until now.

Playmaji, the team behind the upcoming all-in-one retro system Polymega, has just revealed that it is working with Sinden Technology to produce a light gun "for the HDTV generation".

Dubbed the RGC01 – short for Retro Gun Controller – this unit will plug into the Polymega via a USB connection and will enable you to play all of the light gun-based titles available for the NES, SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis, Mega CD, Saturn and PlayStation. House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Point Blank, Duck Hunt, Yoshi Safari, Leather Enforcers, Snatcher... you name it, you'll be able to play it.