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Polymega's "Next Gen" Light Gun Controller Will Let You Play Duck Hunt On Your HDTV

Light gun-based video games are as old as the games industry itself – in fact, the very first consoles came with gun accessories which could be used to shoot objects on-screen. However, these devices were heavily-reliant on CRT technology found inside old television sets, and the move to flat-screen, LCD and LED-based screens has rendered them obsolete – until now.

Playmaji, the team behind the upcoming all-in-one retro system Polymega, has just revealed that it is working with Sinden Technology to produce a light gun "for the HDTV generation".

Dubbed the RGC01 – short for Retro Gun Controller – this unit will plug into the Polymega via a USB connection and will enable you to play all of the light gun-based titles available for the NES, SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis, Mega CD, Saturn and PlayStation. House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Point Blank, Duck Hunt, Yoshi Safari, Leather Enforcers, Snatcher... you name it, you'll be able to play it.

To comply with the various regional regulations relating to the sale of imitation guns, the RGC01 will be available in two variants – one for North America and Japan and another for sale in the rest of the world.

The gun is based on the unit created by Sinden Technology, which was recently Kickstarted to the tune of £238,913. Playmaji expects the unit to retail for around $99 in the US.

Playmaji will be attending E3 next week and expects to show off the RGC01 at the event.


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