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Nintendo Brings Back the Game Boy Color as a Retro Watch

Nintendo's Game Boy Color was released in 1998, and it was a huge hit that built upon the success of the original Game Boy. If you owned one, you probably have fond memories of it, and Nintendo is thinking that you might be interested in picking up this fun wristwatch version for only $25.99 with free shipping slated for June.

Ironically, the display on the Game Boy Color watch is monochrome, but the buttons actually function to set the time, date, and alarm. It also has less features than the original Game Boy watch with its D-pad backlight and Super Mario Land-themed alarm sound. You can grab the original Game Boy watch right here for $32.99 with free shipping, but your options for inexpensive novelty gaming watches doesn't end there.

As you can see, there's also an official Sony PlayStation watch that looks like a PS1. As far as we know, all it can do is tell the time. Yes indeed - the hottest novelty watch of 1995 is all new for 2019! You can reserve one of the PlayStation watches right here for $25.99 with free shipping slated for June.


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