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New Super Mario Land - A SNES remake of the original Super Mario Land appears!

It was only just recently a new Super Nintendo game called New Super Mario Land had appeared on the net from an anonymous developer. When we first read that this was a remake of the original Super Mario Land with new amazing graphics and animations, plus 4-player support it was hard to believe that this actually was true. But it is, and the game is released and available to download right now!

We often see new homebrew games being released for old consoles like the NES and the Sega Megadrive/Genesis but its not as common to see new SNES games, apparently it's a bit tougher developing games for the SNES which makes New Super Mario Land so mind blowing. Whoever is behind this game is extremely talented and has put a tremendous amount of work into all of the details. The game is just gorgeous with a graphic style taken from the New Super Mario bros series we know from the Wii. We also see a lot of details in the backgrounds with great parallax scrolling and reflecting water effects and so much more! 

The game also supports up to 4-players with a multitap! All you have to do is press start on one of the other controllers to join the game and the character appears in a bubble just like in the Wii games. If you die when playing multiplayer you just appear in a bubble that one of the other characters can pop and you are back in the game again. I also like that you can help each other by bouncing on each other heads to reach platforms higher up. Oh and you can also wallslide/jump, a really fun addition that makes the game even more fun than the original!

The game has been tested and works great using and emulator or a flash cartridge on a real SNES. The Rom file is available to download here, be sure to download if before it gets removed :)


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