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Mike Tyson mocks Mr. Dream being in NES Online Punch-Out!!

The Punch-Out!! franchise began life with an arcade cabinet in 1983 in Japan, but its 1987 entry on the NES continues to be the most widely known. Part of the reason is that the game was branded Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, featuring the Baddest Man on the Planet as the final boss. However, after the license to include Mike Tyson expired, the game was rereleased as simply Punch-Out!!, and Tyson was replaced by a new character named Mr. Dream.

Well, Mike Tyson doesn’t think much of Mr. Dream, apparently.

Yes, in the above tweet, Tyson implies that the version of the game heading to Nintendo Switch Online should be none other than Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. And frankly, I agree. But that would require a new licensing deal, and it’s probably a headache Nintendo can’t be bothered to deal with for an almost-32-year-old video game. So, let’s just agree with Tyson, shrug our shoulders, and carry on with our day.


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